My New Fall Dress

I was shocked and thrilled when I received an email from eShakti inviting me to try one of their dresses.

I am pretty sure I spent the next 2 hours staring at the computer going through page after page of options that I had. They were all stylish, beautiful and not your everyday department store dress. After MUCH deliberating I finally chose one

A color blocked wine and plum dress with a retro twist. I have always been a fan of things with a vintage flare and this dress was everything vintage that I love. But, it was still so modern and current at the same time.

Now let’s talk about the fit. eShakti has their sizing done perfectly. You can order a dress in a size, or you can order a custom fit.

Custom fit? What?! 

A huge reason why I don’t already own any dresses like this is because they NEVER fit. I can never find a balance in length, shoulders and chest sizes. This dress was made from MY measurements making it a perfect fit for MY body. 

It fits like a glove, a beautiful glove at that. 

The only thing that makes me a bit sad is how memorable this dress is. It is one that won’t easily be forgotten. Which means people will notice if I decide to live in it. Which I am half tempted to do.

And did I mention this dress has pockets? Pockets guys. I LOVE a dress with pockets!

Definitely a new wardrobe favorite.

Thank you so much eShakti for letting me try out and share your amazing company.

If you would like to give eShakti a look you can use coupon code “ourprettylittlegirls” to receive 10% off your first purchase

Everyone needs a dress that makes them feel beautiful.

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  • It took me forever to decide too!!!! But I love your choice, that's a great color on you!

  • Pockets area favorite!! Such a cute dress, nice pick.

  • YES! Your dress!!! It's perfect!!!

  • I saw you wear this dress on Sunday and I thought it might be a eShakti dress. I own one as well and I love it. Pockets!!! 🙂

  • this dress is super cute, and the pockets! YES PLEASE!!!

  • That is gorgeous! Hardest part was definitely picking. They are too many amazing option. You picked awesomely. And, yeah that one won't be forgotten.

  • pockets?!?! that's awesome!! Your dress is totally awesome! Love the colors and the cut!