{DIY} Pallet Pumpkins

So remember those pallet pumpkins I had my eyes on last week? 

With some help from the hubby and a bit of creativity on both of our parts we made our own version this weekend.

I just so happen to have a “lovely” hidden (thank God) corner of our yard that is full of pallets, wood scraps, bricks and of course a few car parts. It is quite the eye sore but it stays hidden now and gives me access to all kinds of materials when needed so I don’t complain.
Saturday morning the husband dug out an old pallet and my friend and I got busy cutting it up.

After I cut the boards up I needed to get them screwed together. So I laid them out in a pattern that worked, drilled some holes and put the screws in.

Random Beth fact: I LOVE using power tools. 
Next up I was ready to draw the pumpkins out. I used a piece of sidewalk chalk and roughly sketched out three different sizes.
Then the hubby got to work cutting them out with a jig saw. 

This is his, “your not going to take pictures of me the entire time” face.

After we finished up we did need to add a few more screw and/or glue a few pieces back that weren’t a bit loose or had come unattached.
For the finish I took some acrylic paint that I had and made a VERY watered down wash. I wanted the pumpkins to look like orange wood, not wood painted orange.
 I applied about 2 coats and let them dry.
After they were dry I attached some broken pieces of pallet boards for stems and they were finished.
Total project cost $0.00!
I am so happy that my fall decor is now more than a wreath on the door and and a few pretty leaves.
Have you worked on any fall projects lately?

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  • yay!! I'm so glad you did this! they turned out awesome!! yay for hidden scrap piles! 🙂

  • Those look like they came straight from Garden Ridge for 30+ dollars!!! So fancy!!!! Bravo!!

  • Those look awesome! Good job. The number one thing I'm looking forward to in having my own place is decorating for the seasons and holidays. 🙂

  • BETH! Those look amazing!

  • These are AWESOME! I love them. You've got the eye! They are perfect! Send me a set! And, my gosh I know that face – I see that face alllll the time. Yes, I will be taking your picture. Deal with it =)

  • super cute

  • OMG these are so cute!! Love how they turned out! I am so inspired to use some of my pallet stash now!!

  • Beth! You kill me! What a fabulous DIY. You don't mess around.. you just take care of business!

  • These are so awesome! They turned out AMAZING!!

  • Super cute! I may need to go out to our scrap wood pile and see if I can make some pumpkins too! I recently threw together a fall wreath using some of my fabric scraps.

  • These are great! I can't wait to share these! Thanks for linking up with WYWW! 🙂

  • Coming over from Blogging on the Side group 🙂 Love this idea!

    • Thank you so much!

      They were a blast to make and the longer they sit in my living room the more love them!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • So cute! I love pallet projects and pumpkins.

  • Adorable!

  • So glad to have found your space! Excited to share this post! Happy Fall!


    • Thank you, Thank you!

      Happy Fall to you to! I am so glad that it is finally here and that it actually feels like fall with a 62 degree temperature today!

      Thanks for coming by!

  • They are AWESOME. I love the color of orange you chose…rustic and very fall-like. I wish my hubby could do stuff like this, but he'd be so overworked because I'd have him knee deep in projects. LOL. Thanks for sharing on WYWW!!!