Weekend Recap/ Shorts, Cinnamon Rolls and Sledge Hammers

Well it’s Monday already, a rainy one at that. That was a bit of a surprise and a disappointment. I had my alarm set for a morning run today but with it raining and the radar showing heavier rain coming I had to cancel. To make things worse I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym and get back before the hubby has to go to work. 


I guess I will YouTube some random workout video so I can try and salvage something from todays work out plans. 

Lets do a little weekend recap.

I had a great 6 mile early morning run.

This was not a good day for our phones. My GPS signal was weak and didn’t log my whole run and my partners said she only burnt 256 calories…. ummm NO!

Then I came home and baked the most delicious cinnamon rolls I have yet to make. They were SO GOOD! Sometimes I feel like I run just so I can guiltlessly eat. 

Next we headed to Old Navy. With a good sale and some coupons the hubby and I both got new shorts. Plus I bought a new stretch pencil skirt and stocked up on some really cute tights that were on sale for .97! And with tax it was $40 and some change.

We then came home to do responsible grown up things. You know, yard work and fixing broken things… like my car.

Turns out nobody wants to pay for our car. We aren’t shocked. We are a bit sad about it though. It is really unfortunate that we got drug into something that was unavoidable yet somehow we are getting stuck with the bill. Russ is refusing to file a claim because with a deductible and rates going up we won’t save ourselves that much money. So he put on his body man hat and went to work.

It looks MUCH better and works great for now until we get some parts ordered and painted. He literally was taking a sledge hammer to the metal trying to get things in place again back behind all that plastic. That guy is amazing.

M finally got to play in the rain. She was SOAKED and so, so happy. 

Then we ate dinner put the munchkins to bed and watched a movie.

Sunday was Church, NASCAR, and grilled pizza, aka perfection.

What a great weekend really! Not to boring, not to uneventful.

How was yours?

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  • I'm always in shock and awe at people that can fix/repair cars. Cars are so far above my head and brain capacity that it never ceases to amaze me when other's can fix them!!

    • Crazier than that is the car that is behind him in this picture… he built it! Crazy that he built and entire car. So super duper proud of him. That deserves a whole blog post someday in the future :). But yeah, I don't really get it either and I consider myself to be a pretty car smart gal.

  • ooh yes, not too boring or too eventful…that is the key. Do just enough things to be entertained but not burnt out.

    mmm cinnamon rolls, now that is a good addition to any weekend. Looks yummy. I enjoy making cinnamon rolls but haven't found just the right icing recipe yet. and, good job at Old Navy – love some good deals. Bummer about your car, hopefully you guys can whip it into some sort of shape. That's the one area my husband just isn't good at, he is pretty good at being handy with other what nots around the house.

    • YES, balance! It is all about the perfect weekend balance.

      I am an icing snob. I don't want it to make my teeth hurt (to sweet), and I don't want it piled on an inch thick. I really like caramel sticky bun type frostings, cream cheese is okay. Generally I just do a glaze, this one was maple and I just put it on after I dished them up.

      Yes the car, ugh. It will get all squared away eventually. We just have to decide how much money we want to spend to get it to whatever we decide we are okay with.

  • the rain has been coming down here too! THAT cinnamon roll!!!! WOW!

    • I feel bad complaining about the rain seeing we are in a drought. But it is hard when it ruins your plans. Yeah, it was pretty WOW :).

  • You might have had me at cinnamon roll!! Yum! I too love that running lets you enjoy some guilty pleasures like sweets!! Playing in the rain = so much fun. 🙂

    • I am definitely a carb lover and it doesn't get much better than cinnamon rolls really. So true to be about to enjoy something that you know is bad for you. The day I ran the half marathon I said "I will eat ANYTHING I want today, and I refuse to feel bad" haha!

  • You really have to share the recipe for those rolls. They look amazing!