It’s the little things/ Park Adventures With Early Risers

Yesterday morning we were up ready and around by 8:00. That isn’t really a rare occurrence since the husbands hours are earlier now and I am an early bird by nature. It seems that our children have inherited the early riser trait from me. The best part about being early risers in the summer time is the opportunities to do things before it gets to hot.

So we headed to the park.


This isn’t a new park, but it is a new to us park. It is a playground at a nearby school and since it is summer time we were able to sneak over there and explore.






















































Hands down this was their favorite part. Once Emily finally got up the nerve to try it she just kept saying “I do it again” over and over and over.


We explored the map and looked for a few different states.


And we took some selfies. 
I obviously need to work on my 3 person selfie taking. Any pointers anyone?

After we played we headed to hobby lobby for some craft supplies and home to get creative.
Check back tomorrow to see what we made!

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  • The map is awesome!! I also like the chiefs stuff 🙂

    The early rising? Not so much!

    • Haha, c'mon, latte up and go! It is a fun "park". They used to have this crazy spinning apple thing but it is now gone :(.

  • That state map is so cool! That playground looks really fun! I kinda can't wait for school to get out to check out some new parks. I hear you about early risers and the summer. Callie being an early riser like mom really helps me get my runs in and then still have time to do toddler things 🙂

    • It is fun isn't it?!

      Ah yes, you are an AMAZING lady. I can't imagine running with a dog let alone a dog and a jogging stroller, wow. I am seriously impressed, I would die, or fall probably both. I wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 just to have my runs alone or get my gym time in.

  • Love your daughter's sunglasses! Adorable!

  • We are not a family of early risers. Aria is usually never up before 8. But, it would probably be a good thing if we got an early start so that we could beat the Florida heat. It is pretty miserable when we take the dogs out for their morning yard tromp and that is still pretty early. yuck yuck. What is that thing they are standing on, the favourite part pic?

    • Never up before 8?! Wowzer, I am so jealous. All the things I could do if my kids slept that long, Haha!

      It was this little "elevator" thing. You step out onto it and it slowly goes down and when you get off it goes back up on it's own. It is the only one I have ever seen at a park and they LOVE it.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Ooh that map is so cool! And in the summer, going to the park early is my favorite. That or after dinner.. Any other time is just too hot.

    • Yes. Yesterday we hit up the park at 10:.30 and it was so humid it was almost no fun. Crazy how quickly it got SO warm.

  • Oh my goodness how the girls have grown!! Love these pictures!

    • Isn’t it just crazy?! Two years changes so much.