It’s The Little Things/ Nature Walk

Monday felt like the only real “day off” we had on our four day weekend. We wanted to get out of the house. But more than that we needed to get out of the house!

We are finally reaping the benefits of having two kids that don’t take naps any more. I know some of you are thinking how could there be benefits to that?! But trust me there are. For starters we left the house at 1:00, typically what I associate to be the start of most kids nap time. Secondly, they didn’t get all grumpy and cranky on us because they weren’t sleeping like they are used to. I see those as two major perks it really feels like our little family is more “mobile” now and I am loving it. We ended up taking a drive out to an old bridge that is now a scenic area with several trails around it. 

Our amateur photographer daughter snapped this one, not to bad really!

After our time on the bridge we decided to go for a walk on a trail. Which turned into us being super paranoid about poison ivy and the girls touching any 3 or 5 leaf plants.

I really need to educate myself in the poison ivy identifying department.

It was a great time and nobody got poison (added perk)! 

We got home just in time to relax, watching the rain from our porch and a movie.

I love days like this. Definitely the highlight of our weekend.

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  • I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, it was so beautiful and a perfect weather for a walk. 🙂

  • haha, love that you didn't want them to touch anything leafy with 3s or 5s! I'm the same way…just don't touch any of it!!! I should probably brush up on the identifying too.

    I like your no nap pluses. Those sound really great. I really love our nap time when we are home all day, but we have annual passes to Disney and figuring out a nap time in the middle of the day at a busy park has been challenging. It will be nice when she can skip the nap and not be a huge fuss pot.

    • That's it I am obviously not the only one I should devote a whole blog post to identifying poisonous plants :D. Hehe!

      Annual pass to Disney!? Oh my goodness that sounds like heaven, seriously I am so jealous!

      I just think it is nice to point out that there actually are a few perks to kids that don't nap any more. A lot of mama's I know are dreading the day that it comes. If we are home we still do about 30 minutes of quiet play time in their rooms but it is s nice to not feel "tied down" to the house anymore.

  • M took an awesome picture of you three!!

    And yeah, walking around a friend's farm this weekend, one of the guys was like "watch out for all that poison ivy" and I was like "huh??" I didn't even have the slightest idea to watch out for it. So yeah, I need to brush up on that as well.

    • Not bad huh?! E wasn't looking but that is NOTHING new, HA!

      So glad I am not the only one. We should take a class or something. Maybe Aaron W. could help us out.

  • I really appreciate you pointing out the positive of no more naps. I cherish nap time and hope she naps until she starts school! BUT I do also feel tied down on activities we can choose. C has always been a good sleeper but only in her crib! We are braving a trip to Chicago at the end of the month and hoping to get away with skipping her nap one or two days and just plan for an early bedtime. I love that trail and the bridge! Such great photos and looks like a fun family afternoon! Your daughter took a great picture!!!

    • Definitely nap as long as you can! My oldest napped until the summer before she started K. So we had a GREAT run. I think E just was worried that she was missing out on something and she just stopped. I tried to force the issue but if I got her to nap she would stay up until 9:30 or 10:00 in her bed awake, no bueno. It is nice that there is an upside to the whole situation. Good luck in Chicago, I bet with all of the excitement she will do great! I have always found when we are out of our normal situation my girls seem to be a bit more flexible with stuff like that.