The Girls’ Christmas Wishlists, 2017

Thanksgiving week is already here! If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, I am guessing you might this weekend.

In our home we do our best to try to keep presents an after thought, not the reason for Christmas. We love buying gifts for our girls, but we never want Christmas to be about them.

Having said that, every year I share our girls’ wish lists. Things they have been saying they want, things I think they’d want and things I maybe even have already picked up for them too. It’s a fun way to give others gift ideas and document the things they are loving.

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Marissa’s 9th Birthday Wishlist

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Marissa’s 9th birthday is less than two weeks away! Ever since she turned her calendar to the month of June, she has been talking non-stop about her upcoming big day. It’s actually pretty adorable. She’s old enough to totally get the hype and the fun, but young enough that she isn’t annoying 😆 .

This birthday is kind of tricky. We will officially have a “tween” and are starting “the awkward years”. The age that says I’m too old for this, but I’m too young for that. But I think we’ve been pretty fortunate so far. Marissa seems to be in no rush to grow up and still loves playing all kinds of games with her sister. However, I find myself bracing for impact and wondering when the winds will change. With any luck, it won’t be this year!

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The Girls’ Christmas Wishlists, 2016

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It’s the last day of November so the odds are if you haven’t started (or finished) your Christmas shopping yet, you probably will soon. Every Christmas I say the same thing, we don’t focus on presents around here. Never have, never will. But we do love buying a few presents for our girls. The older they have grown, the more appreciative they have become and that makes Christmas morning with them so special.

2016 Christmas WIshlists

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Our Girls’ Wish Lists 2014

Last week I posted my Christmas wish list. Since I had so much fun making mine and I have had a few people asking about present ideas for the girls, I decided to make a wish list for them to. 
*Disclaimer they didn’t make their list!
 I did.
 I did ask them what they wanted for Christmas. Emily replied “MINNIE” and Marissa said she wanted panda bear baby. I did include those items then I added some things I think they might be interested in based upon sheer mommy instinct.
Notice a theme here? This girl is SO in love with all thing Mickey and Minnie. We have already purchased item #1 and #2 on her list for her. 
1. Figaro Pet Carrier Play set – We purchased
2. Minnie Mouse Logo Sweatshirt – We purchased

Marissa’s list is kind of a stab in the dark. The girl is rarely very specific about presents that she wants. She could look through a toy book and pick out just about everything in the book. Russ and I are kind of getting “toyed”out though. At what point does one have enough dolls and Barbies? So knowing her interests I picked some craft supplies, books and games and of course the one toy she is begging for. We have already purchased items #1 and #7 for her
1. Fur-real Panda – We Purchased
7. Ariel DS Game – We Purchased
So there you have it. Two lists full of toys, books and games that would make two little girls VERY happy. 
What did your kids put on their list?

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Vacation, In My Dreams


Just the thought of those words simultaneously makes me smile and want to cry. I smile at the thought of actually going on a real vacation. I cry because I know it just isn’t going to happen this year. In an attempt to tame (or tease) my travel bug a bit I put together a list. 

If I was going on vacation here are 5 places that I would love to visit.

1. Walt Disney World.

I know, it is pretty classic and not exactly a relaxing get away. But I have only been one time and before we came home I tearfully made Russ promise me we would go back. Hopefully that will happen late 2015 or early 2016. 

Disney vacation November, 2011

2. Denver

Mountains, beautiful weather, and so much to see and do. Did I mention the Coors Brewery is that way to. Yeah, I am pretty sure we would have plenty to do in Denver. 

3. California

The beach, my grandparents & family, San Francisco, So-Cal, Disney Land. It would be awesome and really hard to squeeze it all in. We might need a few weeks for this one. 

4. Road Trip ~ The Mother Road, Route 66

Okay call me a nerd but the hubby and I dream of traveling Route 66 start to finish. Plus it would get me to Chicago for the start of the trip and take me all the way to California. Downfall this trip seems more like something that would be more enjoyable when we retire or become independently wealthy, whichever happens first ;).

5. International ~ Fiji

Who wouldn’t want to go here, seriously?! Now that looks like the relaxation that I could really use. Fiji take me away.

Okay so if you didn’t already have a travel bug I am guessing that you do now.

The Travel agency in your dreams is now open. Tell me some places that you would like to visit if you could go anywhere. 

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