Turning Nine, A Birthday Recap

This past weekend my sweet girl turned 9,  😥 . I was a little sad over just how quickly she is growing up, (Aren’t all mama’s sad about this on their child’s birthday?) but I put my brave face on and we celebrated all day long. Today I wanted to recap our birthday adventures so you can get a glance at how a 9-year-old girl might choose to celebrate her birthday.

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Weekend Love, April 2017

Another very busy weekend comes to an end! This season of life has felt so busy! I know that has been greatly impacted by the house craziness we are in the midst of. But with the house going on the market THIS WEEK and all of our activities coming to  an end for the year. I am naively optimistic that we will soon have a little more free time to relax and just be. 

Let’s take a look at this weekends happenings. 

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Our Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a weekend for the girls. The husband went to Arkansas on Friday morning for a work related fishing trip. That meant that the girls an I had nearly the entire weekend (and the start of our spring break) to ourselves. So what are the girls to do when left without a Mr. to keep them in line? PLAY! And that is exactly what we did. 

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Weekend Recap: A Baby, Family, Friends

I find it funny that last week I planned to put together a weekend recap, but I couldn’t because we were too boring. Then this weekend I didn’t expect to write one up, but the weekend was so eventful that I felt like I had to.

If I had to pick three words to summarize this weekend they would be… a baby, friends, and family. I feel like those three things are what our weekend was completely wrapped around. And the way that those three words blurred together as one thing is nothing short of beautiful. I am so very thankful for the friends we have in our life and the friends that our friends have, that have become our friends too.

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Labor Day Weekend Recap 2016

It was the four-day weekend that I have looked forward to for weeks… and then the great allergy debacle of 2016 happened. At first it was one sneeze followed by another. Next came itchy eyes and an itchy throat. Then my nose poured like a faucet, I lost the ability to breathe and in desperation I turned to a medicine that might end up giving me nose bleeds. All of this while praying for even the slightest bit of relief to come. 

This is so not what I had in mind when I thought about our weekend. But it wasn’t a total bust. Life carries on and things get done, in between the sneezes that is.

Labor Day

Here is a glimpse at what our weekend looked like.

Friday collageFriday was:
No school
Grocery shopping
Working on travel books
Finding the perfect utility vest
A family movie night
And an impromptu dance party

Saturday collage

Saturday was:
An earthquake
Being able to fall back to sleep after said earthquake
Scones for breakfast
Yard work
An afternoon date
A new swimsuit
Dinner out with Russ’ parents
And co-op supply shopping

Sunday collage

Sunday was:
A pre-lunch run
A very, very lazy afternoon
Ravioli for dinner
Allergy medicine when things got desperate
Time with friends
And back yard movies


Monday was:
Sleeping in
Catching up on all things blog related
Cleaning my friends salon room
A smoothie for lunch
A new nose ring
Clearance earrings
Finding a black and white striped tank on clearance
Bike rides
Ice cream
And snuggles on the couch

I definitely didn’t feel on top of things this weekend, but I am pretty sure that things couldn’t have possibly gone any better outside of not having the worst allergy attack of my life. Pray this passes soon friends. 

How was your long weekend?

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Weekend Recap: Bike Rides, Ice Cream & Friends

Hello Monday!

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love summer weekends?!
They are simply the best and I wish they could last forever.

Having said that I want to share all the little bits and pieces that made this weekend great. 

Friday was…
*Pool time
*Family bike rides
*Ice cream

Saturday was…
*An early morning run
*Morning smiles
*A trip to the shooting range
*A lazy afternoon
*Grilled pizza for dinner
*Time outside
*Ice cream on the trampoline with my girls.

Sunday June
Sunday was…
*Silly photos
*Watching the news
*A summer rain shower
*Blog work
*Dinner with friends
*Birthday cake
*Disappointment that tomorrow is Monday

The only bad part about a summer weekend is when it comes to an end. 
What was the best part of your weekend?

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