Celebrating The Day of Love, Our Valentine Plans

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love! 

In all honesty we haven’t always done a lot to celebrate Valentines Day in previous years, but we have tried to step up our game recently. Why? Because we have little girls! Just because I’m not a “mushy” romantic doesn’t mean that they won’t be. I want them to know that love is worth celebrating (and not just on Valentines Day). So today we celebrate because those sweet little girls are watching and showing them a good example of marriage is always something we find ourselves working to do.

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Saying I Love You

I received this plant from ProFlowers to help inspire this post, all opinions are my own.

There are countless ways to say I love you this Valentine’s Day. From grand gestures to the littlest details, it is a day meant for celebrating love and showing others how much we care. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to say I love you.

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Valentines For Our Girls

Valentines day

I have to be 100% real with y’all we aren’t really big Valentines Day people. Of all the holidays it is definitely at the bottom of my favorite list. Typical traditional Valentines things just don’t work for me and I don’t buy into “Hallmark” holidays. Maybe I’m complicated or overly frugal, probably a combination of both. Whatever it is I would be completely fine with just skipping Valentines Day. 

But we don’t. 


 Our girls.

Sure I may not be much for the mushy valentines romance but who’s to say they aren’t or won’t be? I want my girls to grow up in a home where love is shown in a way that speaks to the heart of others.

After all isn’t that what Valentines day should really be about?

So we celebrate love, we celebrate loving others and we remember the one who loves us most.

We decorate

Love the wreath? Katie from Sweet Little Ones also made one a few years back and has a great tutorial on how to put one together!

We craft and work on art projects. 

Here are a few I have my eyes on. 

Coffee filter hearts by Keepin Up With The Smiths




We spend time together and show love for others.


Every day I have been adding a heart to the girls doors and writing something I love about them on it. Here is a sneak peek at Emily’s

I also have planned a couple individual date nights with the girls. It is so fun taking them out alone and spending one on one time with them.

And of course sending Valentines to spread the love to others.

Intentional time, acknowledging love and making things together… 

maybe Valentines Day isn’t so bad after all.

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