The Kids Behind The Blog, May 2017

Today is another edition of one of my favorite monthly linkups, The Kids (or in my case, girls) Behind the Blog. Every month I giggle, nod, gasp, and lol my way through these posts. I love the sweet innocence of complete and brutal honesty that the kiddos so willingly dish out.

This month questions did not disappoint. But, when you ask a 6-year-old what their favorite childhood memory is you are bound to get a confused look and a silly answer.

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The Kids Behind The Blog, April 2017

It’s the second Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time for The Kids Behind the Blog. Every month I take a few minutes to interview my girls. I love that it guarantees me a few minutes of one on one conversation with them and it has been a really fun way to document their personalities over the past year. 

This months interview is about all things spring from flowers to Easter!

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The Kids Behind The Blog, March 2017

It’s another month of interviewing my favorite girls!
This months questions are a mix of spring and St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly some of these were kind of odd for my girls seeing we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They really didn’t have a clue about wearing green and getting pinched if you don’t. Maybe that would be a good history lesson for this year? They have been asking what St. Patrick’s Day is lately…

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The Kids Behind The Blog, February 2017

For one year I have been interviewing the girls for a monthly series, The Kids Behind The Blog. It’s the perfect way to shift the focus onto my little ladies and remember the only reason I started this blog, to document my girls. There are a whole lot of perks to “a bloggers life” that I never expected when starting out. This blog started out more like a journal of my life as a mom and the things I did with my girls. Posts that remind me of those early blogging days always make me smile. 

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The Kids Behind The Blog, January 2017

Happy almost Friday friends!

Today is the 12th edition of one of my favorite monthly linkups, The Kids (or in my case girls) Behind the Blog. It’s hard to believe it has been a full year, but it has. Over the past 12 months I have giggled, nodded, gasped, and cried happy tears from laughing so hard over the things our kids have said.

Thank you! 

Laughter is good medicine friends. I hope you’ll continue linking up with us in 2017, or maybe consider joining us for the very first time. You can find all of our 2017 dates and next months questions at the bottom of this post. 


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The Kids Behind The Blog, December 2016

It’s The Kids Behind the Blog, Christmas edition!
I have been so excited for this months interview and the question options. So excited that I decided to ask the girls all 10 questions! I just couldn’t help myself. I needed to know their thoughts on Santa’s sleigh, reindeer, and all things Christmas.
I decided to try to snap a few photos of the girls by a tree and it felt like I forgot how to take good tree photos (not that I ever had it figured out). Do I use my fancy flash, do I not use a flash at all, If I turn my ISO way down they tend to be blurry, If not, they are grainy. Where should the source of light be? I really could use an in home lesson from a pro to help me out. (any takers?). So, I picked the best of the grainy & blurry to share with you. Because when one sister decides she wants to give the other sister an unwelcome kiss, things get a little silly.
1.) Which reindeer is your favorite?
Marissa // Rudolph! Because he is the most famous one, has a glowing nose, and I don’t know anything about any of the others.
Emily // Rudolph! Because he has a glowing nose.
2.) What do you want for Christmas?
Marissa // The Lego Friends Adventure Camp
Emily // Skating Minnie Mouse
3.) What would you do if you caught Santa at your house?
Marissa // I would take a video of him and talk to him. 
Emily // I would ask him what I got for Christmas.
4.) What if Santa got stuck in your chimney?
Marissa // I would help him get out and not tell anyone. 
Emily // I would tell my daddy and we would go help him.
5.) Do you want it to snow on Christmas? Why or Why not?
Marissa // YES! Because we never had any snow last year and I really want to go sledding. 
Emily // Yes, because then we could go play in it and have hot chocolate.
6.) Have you been naughty or nice this year? Why?
Marissa // Nice! Because I have tried to be nice. 
Emily // I can not answer that question… uhhh! Really, I don’t know what to say. Seriously, I don’t know which one to choose. I asked her what she would say if Santa Claus asked her and she said… NICE! Because I play with my sister even when she is mean to me. Oh my word y’all, I was crying from laughing by the end of this. 
7.) If Santa asked you to fly in his sleigh with him would you do it?
Marissa // Yes, but only if he would bring me back home at the end. 
Emily // YES!
8.) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Marissa // I can’t choose…(intense thinking) Polar Express!
Emily // Santa Paws
9.) If you could change the color of Rudolph’s nose what color would you make it?
Marissa // I wouldn’t want to change it. 
Emily // Rainbow colored.

10.) Sing me one Christmas Carol

For this question I thought a video would be more fun. I also wanted it to be spontaneous so I warned Marissa with 10 seconds to start singing. Naturally, like most of my plans, it backfired. Marissa warned Emily before she made her way to me. Emily then went into a complete panic over what to sing. It was probably the only time I have ever had trouble getting that girl to sing her whole entire life. We worked it out though. 

Marissa //
Emily //

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Next months questions are…

What’s your favorite thing to do or play inside?
Have you ever seen or played in snow?  If so, what’s your favorite snow activity? 
What was your favorite Christmas or holiday gift you received? 
What’s your favorite winter vacation you went on? Why?
Would you rather live where it’s warm all year round or have the seasons?
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