Our Thanksgiving in Numbers

By now I know we are all knee-deep in Christmas, but I have yet to recap our Thanksgiving #fail! Good thing my running motto around here seems to be better late than never. I’d hate to miss out on documenting a holiday spent with family. To recap this Thanksgiving I decided to think outside of the box and do things a little differently than I have in the past. I decided to document our Thanksgiving according to numbers. 


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Thanksgiving {2015}

Thanksgiving 2015 was a great one!

We spent most of the day at Russ’ parents house celebrating all we have to be Thankful for, which is a lot!

Russ’ sister came to town with her family. It is a rare moment that all 11 of us are together, but when it happens we always have fun.

The cousins played and the adults rested. We drank coffee, ate more food than I care to mention and then we had dessert.

To mark the occasion I even snapped a few photos of the family. I must have been tuned into the weather because soon after we finished the sky clouded over and the rain came. 

And of course!

It was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.

How was your Thanksgiving?!

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Their Thankful Lists

At the beginning of the month I shared about our thankful tree.

Every day this month I have asked the girls what they are thankful for. Some days have been easy others harder. I have wanted to challenge them to be thoughtful with what they choose. There is a big difference in liking something and truly being thankful for it, so I often ask them why they are thankful for what they chose.

Our little tree went from an empty stick, to overflowing with words of thanks.

Today I wanted to share the girls lists with you.

We have SO much to be thankful for.

Tell me one thing you’re thankful for?!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Wishing you and yours a


Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for…

* A husband who works so hard so I can live out my dream job.

* The privilege of being a homeschooling family, I get to be mom and teacher. This journey is so worth every sacrifice and more rewarding and difficult than I ever imagined it would be.

* A beautiful house that I get to call home. A home that I never imagined would be ours and the unexpected events that made that happen.

* A family that loves, encourages and supports me. From parenting, faith, home school and my even running. Having a good support system is huge. 

* Friendship in person and online. God has blessed me with some amazing friends.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  

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