$10 at Target, Emily’s Birthday Edition

Typically once a month I head to Target, photograph a whole bunch of things I love, and share my finds with you, leaving the “big reveal” of what I actually bought for the very end. Not this month. This month I took one of my favorite sidekicks to Target with me for a little pre birthday shopping trip and what we had turned out to be more of an adventure

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$10 at Target (January 2017)

I feel like this post has turned me into a liar and that is solely because I spent way more than $10 at Target this month.

I’m going to take a second to be honest with you. I haven’t always been that in love with Target. I know, you are gasping right now. Track with me for a minute I felt this weird pressure that I should be head over heels for Target. I mean, don’t “all” bloggers love Starbucks and Target?! I wasn’t fitting into the mold very well. The thing about me is I don’t really like molds. Actually molds kind of tick me off. There are a gillion molds out there and people spend far too much time trying to squeeze themselves into them so they will be “cool” You thought we left high school years ago, but I honestly think the mentality never goes away. 

Back to my point… I wanted to join this linkup for the “me time”, not because I was a Target fan. I knew the money was in the budget and I needed that once a month escape. I never expected or intended to become even more #basic by falling for Target. Fast forward 12 months later and I have actually discovered a love for the bulls-eye. My visits there are growing to be more frequent, expensive, and enjoyable. I wanted to fight against it at first, but I finally just gave in.

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$10 at Target (December 2016)

Last month I talked about all my Target dollar spot woes. I am happy to report that the Dollar Spot did end up coming through for me. I made several trips the last few days of November and I picked up several goodies that I was looking for. Although, I never did find the North-pole crate that Crystal shared last month. You can’t win them all I suppose.

This months Target trip was frustrating in an entirely different way. I went on a weekday thinking it wouldn’t be too busy… WRONG! That place was crazy. I should have done $10 online at Target instead (maybe that’s not such a bad idea?!?!) I honestly don’t mind getting out and about but the post Thanksgiving weeks leading up to Christmas are the worst. I think I’ll avoid shopping for anything until mid January (I wish).

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$10 At Target (November 2016)

Dear Target,
You’re kind of being a pain. I mean that in the best, nicest way possible.
Love, Beth

This, this has been the story of my life the past couple weeks. I’ll admit it, I don’t hit up Target on a regular basis. I am guaranteed a once a month visit (thanks to this blog series) but I sometimes go a whole month in between visits. However, lately visits have been up to 3 & 4 a week. This is a problem! Both for the sake of the budget and my sanity. Every trip I make to Target, the dollar spot is half stocked. I find myself going back again and again just to see if they put out something new, something I need, something we can’t live without. #GiveMeAllTheChristmas I haven’t been dropping $20’s on every trip but $2 here, $5 there can add up fast. 


So long story short, it took me two Trips to get my $10 post and some of the photos from this post might even be from a 3rd trip. Goodness, I’m a mess.

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$10 At Target (October 2016)

Once a month I like to play a little shopping game called $10 at Target. The idea is to go to Target, walk around, and see what you find. Sounds easy enough right?! The real trick is the goal of only spending $10. I know what you’re thinking right now, it can’t be done. But I assure you that with some self-control and focus it is possible. Shocking, I know.

On my $10 trips I mostly just walk around and see what I can find. I usually snap lots of photos and I try and keep my rule of not “wasting” the $10. To help out I ask myself: What do we need, what have I been looking for and what is too good of a deal to pass up. Then on the third Monday of every month I give all the details about what I found and extend the challenge to you.


This months trip was a little nontraditional, (I’ll explain more later.) but the girls did join me for a chunk of it.

Let’s take a look at October’s finds

I think my Target did a restock in the Dollar Spot. There were LOTS of cute Thanksgiving options.

  • Stamps $3, Could be fun for crafting
  • Banner $3, I have been looking for a fall banner
  • Pie Boxes $3, Cute, but I probably wouldn’t use them.
  • Leaf Stickers $3, I bet someone could do something super cute with these.

There was lots of stuff for the girls and Santa should probably go back soon and do some shopping. Marissa LOVES crafting kits and Target had LOTS on clearance pretty cheap.

  • Scented markers $4.88, We need some new markers and I bet they would LOVE scented ones.
  • Craft kit $8.48, Perfect for Marissa.
  • Pool rings $1.48, Because we live at the pool in the summer. 
  • Timer/Bookmark $4.48, This would be great for the girls, especially in the summer.
  • 4th of July Earrings $3.98, They did fight over our one pair all weekend last summer. 

Lastly I’ll share the randomness. Target had LOADS of randomness this month but I narrowed it down to a few favorites

  • Mechanical pencils $1, I love having mama pencils around and these would be fun.
  • Golden Rhino $6.48, Because why not :P!
  • Strawberry huller $4.24, I always wonder how much I would use something like this. I do love kitchen gadgets.
  • Open toe booties $26.58, Not exactly in budget, but too cute not to share.

So in the end what did I pick?


I had to get the banner because I have been looking for a fall one and it’s plaid. The other two shirts are to put away for Emily next summer. Emily has a nickname, ‘Hand Me Down Emily’. The poor kid rarely gets new clothes of her own but when she does, they almost always have Minnie on them. I couldn’t pass up these super cheap finds. 

How did it add up?

In the spirit of honesty, I kind of cheated. I had grabbed the shirts for Emily just days earlier off the clearance rack. My first thought was “Oh, I should make this my $10 at Target post!” But I realized I was too short on time to snap photos. Plus Russ was with me and would tease me mercilessly for my photo snapping anyways. So I went back another day and “finished” shopping.

But just to prove I was good, here is my break down.

Gray Tank $1.80
Minnie & Mickey Tank $4.48
Banner $3.00

Total $9.28
Discount -5%
Tax +8.0750%
Grand Total 9.53

Another month well under budget!

I can’t even wait for next months trip I plan to hit the stores up as soon as the Dollar spot is stocked with Christmas goodies! Plan now to join us on November 21st!

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