$10 at Target, June 2017

Last month I confessed that I almost hung up my hat and quit the $10 at Target team. With our current housing situation (BTW, we officially sold the house last Monday!) and the major purging we’ve been doing over the past several months, plus the uneasiness over what the next few months are going to look like… Do I really need to keep going to Target and buying more stuff?

Then I snapped out of it. I mean, can you ever really quit Target? I’m fairly positive the answer is no. So instead of giving it up I decided to come up with a new game plan. I hereby promise to shop intentionally for things that we actually need. It seemed like a fool-proof plan, but old habits die hard. Would I really be able to change my strategy?

Spoiler alert: This month Target got the best of me.

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$10 at Target, May 2017

I almost called the $10 at Target posts quits friends  😯 . I know, you are shocked, right?! Truth be told I just have been so busy and after WEEKS of purging I was thinking the least thing I needed to do was go to Target every month and buy more stuff. But then I thought about all of the reasons I love Target and learned that this super fun link-up now has 14 hosts!!! I just couldn’t walk away from my happy place 😆 . I decided to just become more intentional with my purchases (starting next month 😉 )! I can totally do that!

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$10 at Target, Emily’s Birthday Edition

Typically once a month I head to Target, photograph a whole bunch of things I love, and share my finds with you, leaving the “big reveal” of what I actually bought for the very end. Not this month. This month I took one of my favorite sidekicks to Target with me for a little pre birthday shopping trip and what we had turned out to be more of an adventure

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$10 at Target (January 2017)

I feel like this post has turned me into a liar and that is solely because I spent way more than $10 at Target this month.

I’m going to take a second to be honest with you. I haven’t always been that in love with Target. I know, you are gasping right now. Track with me for a minute I felt this weird pressure that I should be head over heels for Target. I mean, don’t “all” bloggers love Starbucks and Target?! I wasn’t fitting into the mold very well. The thing about me is I don’t really like molds. Actually molds kind of tick me off. There are a gillion molds out there and people spend far too much time trying to squeeze themselves into them so they will be “cool” You thought we left high school years ago, but I honestly think the mentality never goes away. 

Back to my point… I wanted to join this linkup for the “me time”, not because I was a Target fan. I knew the money was in the budget and I needed that once a month escape. I never expected or intended to become even more #basic by falling for Target. Fast forward 12 months later and I have actually discovered a love for the bulls-eye. My visits there are growing to be more frequent, expensive, and enjoyable. I wanted to fight against it at first, but I finally just gave in.

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$10 at Target (December 2016)

Last month I talked about all my Target dollar spot woes. I am happy to report that the Dollar Spot did end up coming through for me. I made several trips the last few days of November and I picked up several goodies that I was looking for. Although, I never did find the North-pole crate that Crystal shared last month. You can’t win them all I suppose.

This months Target trip was frustrating in an entirely different way. I went on a weekday thinking it wouldn’t be too busy… WRONG! That place was crazy. I should have done $10 online at Target instead (maybe that’s not such a bad idea?!?!) I honestly don’t mind getting out and about but the post Thanksgiving weeks leading up to Christmas are the worst. I think I’ll avoid shopping for anything until mid January (I wish).

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