Our 2017 Summer Fun List

Every year we make a summer bucket list packed full of fun activities that we hope to complete. From trips to the pool, projects of all sorts, and yummy treats. We try to include a little bit of everything. Over the past four years I have watched our list change drastically. There are some things that we have grown out of  😥 , but others that we have grown into  😀 .

However, no matter how our list evolves and how much my sweet girls grow, every year I find myself saying we had the best summer ever. I have no doubts that this year will be any different.

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4th of July 2014 Recap

Hello Monday. We are on weekend recovery this morning, which is depressing and kind of nice to be getting back to “normal”. Plus, we actually don’t have much planned this week so I am hoping to get caught up on some baking and things around the house.

Let’s talk about the 4th. We spent our morning sleeping in. Ah, that was the PERFECT way to start the day after our date night. Girls at Mimi and Papa’s, mom and dad catching up on some sleep. I picked them up around 10:30 and we really didn’t do much. We went and bough some “obligatory” fireworks and just chilled out. 

Dinner on the grill. There is something so nice about an entire meal cooked on the grill.

Fourth of July Jello.

A few boxes of poppers. 

Plenty of trampoline time!

Ice cream, with festive sprinkles and strawberries.

A backyard movie at a friends house.

And fireworks. 

Yup, our fourth was pretty awesome.

How was yours?

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Summer Play Date

It is the 3rd of July and we are cruising through our Summer Bucket List!

Check out our progress!

I say we are making pretty good progress!

Speaking of progress, yesterday we marked two things off of the list. We did some multitasking and invited some friends over for a play date where we happened to have a water balloon fight. It was Fun, chaotic, and a bit crazy. 

I spent my morning filling about 100 water balloons

We swam in the old kiddie pool, they packed in that little thing like sardines.

We played on the trampoline, with the sprinkler!

There were pirate adventures that involved rescuing a sleeping mermaid.
And the water balloon fight. All that time filling up those balloons…

For a 1 minute balloon fight.
 It is kind of funny really. Half of the balloons were dropped or thrown on the ground. The others seemed to bounce off kids and break on the ground. My favorite part is the whole thing happened like this, withing a 6 foot radius of the balloon tub.

It was funny and so worth it.

When all the balloons were gone there were a few tears. And nothing cures a broken heart like a popsicle! Bomb pops, of course!

Fun, chaotic and a bit crazy indeed. 

Thanks for coming to play friends!

Did you make a summer bucket list?

How is your summer bucket list going?

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It’s The Little Things/ Summer Movie Express

One of our favorite parts about summer so far has been the summer movie express hosted at a local movie theater. $1 movie tickets to see family friendly movies. Some of the movies are newer, and some of them have been out for some time. But I can’t remember going to a $1 movie since I was 12, so it is a bargain in my books!

Yesterday we met up with some friends to see Rise of the guardians. This was a new movie for us, the girls and I LOVED it. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

Two moms and 5 kids in tow, we were ready and excited.

On Tuesdays with your loyalty card you get a ticket for a $2 bag of popcorn… or you can upgrade to an unlimited refill bucket for $4. With 7 people which option do you think we chose ;).
5 little ducks in a row. 

 After the movie and they are still eating popcorn. Greasy hands, faces and water bottles. Emily was hooked on that popcorn. We lost track of exactly how much she ate but it was an impressive amount.

Emily and her buddy David in their plaid shorts and matching boo boo’s that they just happened to get on the same day.
Obligatory post movie group photo attempts.

$1 movies, gotta love summer! 

We can’t wait to go again!

Does your local theater offer summer movies?

Five On Friday/ Pirates, Summer and More

Friday… again.

I really, and I mean REALLY like Fridays but they are coming and going WAY to fast this summer. This summer has been loads of fun but WOW, the weeks pass by like crazy leaving me thinking how is it Friday again. And how is there only 6, yes SIX weeks left before we start school.

This weeks FIVE!


Photo-booth pictures

Remember our first sleepover post from Monday? I took the girls to a photo booth and posted this picture. 

Well, yesterday the pictures that were taken were finally posted to the photographers website.

Haha, Oh my what cuties. They were all pretty shy about it. Can’t wait to take the girls back next month and see what the theme will be then. 


Pirate Princess

While we are on the subject of dress up my girls have became obsessed with this movie

Marissa received it as a birthday present and naturally days later it was released on Netflix. I think the girls have watched it 4 times in about a week. We have always loved Tinkerbell movies and this one just may be our new favorite. It is also the first Tinkerbell movie that little boys would probably enjoy as well.
Marissa has taken a strong liking to Zarena the pirate fairy and can be seen roaming around like this most days.

If you haven’t watched it yet, do it! 


Hello Canva, where have you been my whole life. I may sound a bit slow. But, I JUST discovered Canva yesterday morning. It is an AMAZING tool and bloggers best friend. You can EASILY create beautiful Pinterest friendly/ Blog images.

I made both of these in about 15 minutes yesterday.

Check Canva out!


Coors Summer Brew

My favorite new beverage of summer, I love this stuff. I am not a huge beer drinker. But man this stuff is amazing. 


Pool time

Last weekend Russ was away so the girls and I spent some time at my parents little pool. It was awesome. We need to go back again soon. 

What are your weekend plans?

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It’s The Little Things/ Trampoline Fun

Marissa received a trampoline for her birthday a couple weeks ago. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a surprise to the Mr and I. My parents had asked about it months before and after we did some thinking we decided to give the green light. It may just be one of the best decisions we have ever made. In  just over two weeks the girls have spent hours on it. Sitting, prancing, laying, somersaulting, rolling, JUMPING and having so much fun. I have laughed so hard at them playing, playing with them and watching them play with Russ. It has been AWESOME.

A few random thoughts on trampolines

1) Best place to sunbathe…. EVER

2) How did we not break every bone twice BEFORE a genius became a millionaire with the cage invention.
3) Why did I never think of putting a sprinkler underneath one as young kid.

Last night they were playing, while Russ and I were working and doing some watering in the yard. They kept BEGGING me to spray them but I was pretty focused on finishing up the watering and didn’t. When I was done Russ and I did some plotting on a way to surprise them with the hose and these pictures are the result.

They were SOAKED!

This is how summer memories are made!

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