How To Clean & Purge Like a Boss

When spring cleaning meets a house that needs to be “market ready” you learn a thing or two about how to spring clean and purge the right way, like a boss. I have been working on our home for just over a month now and today I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have learned from the process. 

#1 Clean & Purge vs Clean then purge

Knowing the order on this can be tricky, but I found a simple method that worked great for me. If I was purging the inside of a cabinet I did both at the same time. But any other kind of cleaning (base boards, door frames, touching up paint) I saved til our purging was complete. Rooms take less time to deep clean if they have been decluttered.

#2 Start fresh

If you’re purging your Tupperware drawer, empty the entire drawer. If you’re sorting through your closet, take everything out. Not only will this help you to clean more thoroughly, but you will look at things differently if you physically have to put them back instead of just sorting through the clutter.

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Spring Fling, A Springtime Photo Challenge

Springtime has officially began!

The trees are budding, the sun is shining and those warm rain showers have finally made their way to Southwest Missouri. Although parts of me find it hard to believe, I think winter really is officially over. 

With all things spring on the brain it is the perfect time to try my luck on hosting (and completing 😛 ) another photo challenge. Once again I am teaming up with Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me to bring you a ‘Spring Fling’ photo challenge. We tried to choose prompts that wouldn’t stink. You’ve all seen those challenges right?! We put our heads together and feel like we came up with a really great list.

April 2017 Spring Fling Photo Challenge

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Our Spring Break Fun List

Our official spring break count down is down to 3 days! But to be even more technical, as soon as we finish our school work for the day on Thursday our break can begin. I am thinking that will either be the perfect motivation or epic failure and we will have the longest school day known to man.

Last week I shared all about our plan to create amazing spring break memories. One of the tips I shared was to make a mini spring break bucket list. Recently I sat down with my girls and put together one for our family.

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Spring Photos {2016}

One of the things on our spring bucket list was Spring photos. I never had intentions of hiring to have actual family photos taken, however I did want to do something more than the random snapshots that I constantly take of the girls. So I picked a morning, woke them up early, and had us out the door and picture ready by 7:00 a.m. Thank God my girls are morning people. We drove about 3 miles away to a little church I spied earlier last week and spent about 10 minutes taking photos. It was cool, the grass was soaked and my girls were troopers. The photos may not have turned out as good as they could have, but I am pretty pleased with the end results and today I decided to share them with you.

m&E 8
M & E2 M&E 6 M&E 5
Me2 EE1 m&E 7 M & E
I love how great these turned out for the little time I spent on them. I also love how they pose themselves. It has definitely made picture taking easier, even having to work around E’s glasses. 

Such great memories of these sweet sisters together.

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I need to be more intentional to take frame-worthy shots more often and who know, maybe I can even attempt some family photos some day.

Happy Monday friends!

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Spring Bucket List 2016, TT:V17

I was this <> close to not putting together a spring bucket list this year.

Bucket lists are always a seasonal favorite and typically every year we have list after list from Spring until Christmas. But this year life happened. Busy schedules, early Easter, endless Dr. appointments and wrapping up our school year, I had just about given up hope. But then I realized at 12:00 noon on Friday we will officially be out of school! What else do we have to do until June 20th (the first day of summer) arrives?! So I sat down at the computer and put together a list, AKA something to keep us busy until the pool opens. 

Spring Bucket List with Free Printable

Grab your printable copy of our spring list HERE

Fun Run
Spring Photos (of the girls)
Bonfire & S’mores
Go On A Hike
Make A Craft
Weekend Get-Away
Date Night
Attend A Cruise Night
Bake Something
Picnic With Friends
Library Trip
Try Geocaching

It looks like we now have plenty to do, and plenty to blog about!
What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

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