Spring Break Recap, 2017

Last week the girls and I took our very first spring break! It may have been a couple of weeks later than we expected it, but it definitely turned out for the best. If we hadn’t waited our break would have been cold, rainy, and gross. Instead we had sunshine, warm weather and best of all, it finally felt like spring. Before our break began the girls and I sat down together and I let them create a Spring Break Fun List and today I am happy to report that we were super close to crossing everything off!

Let’s take a look!

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Our Spring Break Fun List

Our official spring break count down is down to 3 days! But to be even more technical, as soon as we finish our school work for the day on Thursday our break can begin. I am thinking that will either be the perfect motivation or epic failure and we will have the longest school day known to man.

Last week I shared all about our plan to create amazing spring break memories. One of the tips I shared was to make a mini spring break bucket list. Recently I sat down with my girls and put together one for our family.

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How To Create Amazing Spring Break Memories

We are on official spring break count down mode. It goes something like 10 days, 240 hours, or 14,400 minutes, not that we are counting. This is our first ever “official” spring break. In the previous 3 years of homeschooling we (I) have chosen to bypass a spring break so we could wrap up our school year sooner. However, now that I am schooling two children instead of one, and with the addition of long division, I think a break is a must. 

When I think about our very first spring break I have naively high hopes. Today I want to share with you my plans to create some amazing spring break memories. 

How to create amazing spring break memories.

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