When Sick Gets Real

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If there is one thing I have learned time, after time, after time again, it’s that you can’t choose when sickness strikes your house. And there is something about the holidays that make being sick so much worse. Because the thing worse than missing one of your favorite holiday events, is being a parent that has to tell your child they can’t go.

I remember breaking the bad news to Emily one year that she was going to have to miss out. It broke her little heart and she insisted that she had made a “miraculous” recovery and was perfectly fine. But the fever she had and the look in those tired eyes told me otherwise. I’m not sure who cried more that evening.

In our home we go to great lengths to try to keep the germs away, but our attempts aren’t always successful. No matter how hard we try to fight and defend our home from germs, sickness showing its unwelcome face is eventually bound to happen. Having a sick kid is hard, so hard. But there are a few things we’ve learned throughout the years that help to make things a little more manageable.

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Spread a Little Comfort and Cheer

If there is any thing that can ruin the upcoming weekend fast, it is getting sick. Trust me, I would know. After battling headaches for days, things took a turn for the worse. 


My first cold of the season had officially arrived. 

(I snapped this photo in the car before co-op Friday morning when I realized just how terrible I felt.)

I immediately tried to find the bright side, I love an optimistic point of view.

 *I didn’t have any important plans that weekend.

*I’d be better in time to celebrate the holidays.

*And most importantly, no school on the weekend.

3 good things was all I could think of.


Being sick stinks.

 That’s when I decided this year I would be more proactive to show others that I care.

A simple, inexpensive gift that says I know being sick stinks, I’m thinking of you, get better soon.

After all, sometimes the little things mean the most.

The first thing I needed was Kleenex®, especially knowing how my nightstand has looked over the past several days.

And where is the best place to buy Kleenex, Sam’s Club! I love Sam’s Club, especially for the essentials. Because let’s be honest am I going to use 12 boxes of tissues in the near future. Yes, I am! Sam’s Club let’s me stock up on the products I need saving me valuable time and money.

Plus it has quickly became the girls favorite place to shop. 

I was able to pick up a Kleenex® Anti-Viral club size pack with 12 boxes of tissues.

These 3 ply, soft tissues kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses, which is reassuring to this mom who is constantly finding dirty tissues lying around #momlife.

Then I grabbed a few other inexpensive products.

 Think hand-sanitizer, chap stick, cough drops, vitamin C & tea packets.
I tied up my Kleenex® Care package with string and placed a simple tag on it.

Such a kind and simple way to #SpreadKleenexCare this cold and flu season.
I plan to keep a few of these around (maybe I should even keep one in my car) so I can brighten someone else’s day when they get the sniffles.
How will you spread comfort and cheer this winter season?

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