Picture Perfect Project V3: February 2016

Another month of photos is done.
Goodness does it seem like the year is flying by with the first two months of the year already over. 
Today I’ll be sharing February’s photos for our 2016 Picture Perfect Project.

I kept things the same as last month. I love the idea of taking my photos in the same spot every week but the lighting in that room is proving to be a challenge and wanting to cause some unpleasant shadows in my photos and that is really starting to bug me. So I’ll either get over it or pick a different location.

Let’s take a look!

Week 6
Emily has been quite the over smiler aka sarcastic smiler lately. It has made for some “Interesting” photos.Oh and look, a Minnie Mouse dress!

Week 7
These photos have made me VERY aware of how often I just let the girls wear headbands and don’t really fix their hair. So this week I braided M’s bangs and gave sister some pig tails. 


Week 8
Emily’s birthday week and she wore the best Minnie Mouse dress ever.
It’s like a Minnie lovers princess dream come true!



Week 9
 The shadow and lighting was especially terrible this day.
This was the morning of our overnight get away.
The girls just “HAD” to pose with their new Build-A-Bear friends. 


And that wraps up February and 9 of 52 photos.
2016 so far…
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Elizabeth // Chasin Mason
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Whitney // Work It Mommy


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Picture Perfect Project V2: January 2016

Today is month two of the Picture Perfect Photo Project.

Last month I shared my collage of photos from 2015. 52 photos for 52 weeks and boy oh boy the end result was a hot mess. I was proud that I managed to take 52 weeks of photos, but a bit embarrassed by the end result. 
But with disappoint comes a chance to do improve. I made some goals to organize, edit and watermark my photos and this month I have done just that. I also picked a new photo location and plan to use it for the entire 2016 year. Not only will this help things to look more uniform but it will be neat seeing my chalkboard designs in the background too.
So far I already feel like I am doing a better job compared to 2015…. 
but since we’re only one month in I won’t get overly confident.
January 2016
Week 1
Happy New Year, unfortunately Marissa was feeling a bit under the weather this week. A mom can always tell a kid who isn’t feeling well by the look in their eyes. I also must point out Emily’s adorable new Minnie outfit :).

Week 2
Marissa wore her very first infinity scarf that I decided to “store” for her in my closet ;). 

Week 3
I found a “new” Minnie shirt at the top of the closet. I am pretty sure my mom bought this for E two years ago and it just now fits. I chose this photo because of those faces. How could I not choose the goofy one?!

Week 4
This week was a sunny one. I was a bit disappointed with the photos but they could’ve and have been worse. Emily wore a sister hand me down. Marissa wore this for her Pre-K photos when she was her sisters age. Memories like that always make me smile.

Week 5
Somehow before I escaped to IKEA I got both girls dressed and ready for church with daddy. Plus I actually remembered to take a photo! Emily was feeling pretty sassy this particular morning. 

5 Sundays down, 47 left to go! 
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Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Desiree // Macke Monologues
Elizabeth // Chasin Mason
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Whitney // Work It Mommy

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Picture Perfect Project Link-Up Announcement

I am pretty sure that I have been anticipating this day for about 3 months now #notevenkidding.
In January of 2015 I challenged myself. My challenge was to take one photo of our girls every Sunday. Rain, shine, snow, no matter what I’d snap a photo. After about 10 months of photos this is what I have to look back on.

BEST challenge ever. 
Some weeks my photos have been frame worthy, other weeks I totally blew it, but I kept taking photos.
This little challenge has turned into a year of photos that I know I will always cherish.

The only pictures you regret are the ones you don’t take.

Month after month your comments would come in about how much you loved this idea and one day it occurred to me, why not ask you to join in? I reached out to some fellow picture loving blogging pals and invited them to co-host a monthly link up with me.

Just like that the Picture Perfect Project was born. 

In 2016 we want you to create your own photo challenge.
Once a month, every week or every day. However many photos you want to take & whatever you want to take them of.
The point is to set a goal and use your camera. 
On the 2nd Thursday of each month we invite you link up with us.
You can share your photos and post about your photo challenge progress (or failures) from that month. You can also check out what other bloggers are taking photos of and maybe get some great ideas or photo tips.
Challenges are always more fun when we do them together.

Think about your ‘Picture Perfect Project’ for 2016 and make a plan.
Then set a date to start, grab our button and mark your calendar to join us on January 14th!

 We can’t wait to see your photos!

Our Pretty Little Girls
Our Pretty Little Girls
What will your 2016 picture challenge be?!

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