Picture Perfect Project V8: July 2016

19 months ago I started taking one photo a week of our girls and documenting them on the blog once a month. It is a way to track growth, remember hairstyles, outfits, bruises and bad moods. But mostly it is one of my favorite ways to watch them grow. Even if it sometimes breaks my heart. 

This years challenge has gone so much better than my first year. I have been editing my photos and keeping them neatly organized. I am feeling pretty confident the extra work will really pay off at the end of the year. At least I hope so.

Here is a look at weeks 27-31

July 2016

Week 27

The day before the Fourth of July and it was spitting rain. I somehow convinced them to stand on the porch and pose for a quick photo. After all they did look so cute in their patriotic best :). I’d also like to mention they spent all weekend going back and forth over whose turn it was to wear the patriotic earrings. Clearly we need another pair #andsoitbegins.

IMG_9704e IMG_9679e
Week 28

Everything was wet from all of the rain. I mean it is mid July here and look at our grass! Our lawn has never looked so good and in return we have to mow it like every 3 days. I love the print on Marissa’s dress but I think this will be the last time it is a dress. That poor kid outgrows all of her dresses length wise WAY too fast. 

IMG_0021e IMG_0013e
Week 29

This was the week I was on mom-cation with Anna. I knew I needed to make-up our photo when I got back home, so I challenged the girls to pick out an outfit they love. Emily insisted that in the spirit of her shirt we leave her hair in its natural, crazy state. 

IMG_0734e IMG_0722e
Week 30

Another week and two more pretty dresses on two pretty little girls. I was just talking to a friend (hi Stephanie) about how I always wanted a little boy. I never in a million years would have imagined myself a girl mom. But it is so good friends. God knew just what I needed. 

IMG_0490e IMG_0486ee
Week 31

The clothes were flying this week because Marissa couldn’t find anything that she wanted to wear. Ten minutes later she proudly exclaimed how much she loved the outfit she chose. Drama, drama! I also trimmed about an inch of Em’s hair since she has been BEGGING me for a hair cut. You can’t really tell in these photos though. 

IMG_0867e IMG_0861w
Year number two of weekly photos is more than half way done! 

Just for fun let’s take a look back at July of 2016.

I think two things. On the shallow side I think “Man I really should have edited my photos”. But on the serious side I think “Goodness gracious little girls, slow down”.

But they just keep growing up. 

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Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Whitney // Work It Mommy

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Picture Perfect Project V7: June 2016

It’s time again for my ‘Picture Perfect Project’ post.
That was a lot of p’s! Go ahead and try to say that five times fast.

I love these posts! I love seeing how the girls have grown and changed. I love seeing all the cute clothes they wear. I love that it documents them, together, side by side. I started taking weekly photos 1.5 years ago and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. Mama’s of littles, taking the time to snap one photo a week is a choice you will never regret.

This month my plan derailed. Up until this month I had taken all of my 2016 photos in the same spot (except the one week we were out-of-town). I just couldn’t do it any more friends. I think finding the best possible lighting inside is a great idea for the winter months. But with perfect picture taking weather outside, I was done. So I scrapped the idea of one location.

Here is a look at weeks 23-26

June 2016

Week 23
VBS week! We came home from church on Sunday and I intended to snap a photo, but didn’t remember until that evening. Ooooppps! Knowing VBS week was here, I decided to put it off. I thought it would be a fun way to mark a summer highlight. 

IMG_8483e IMG_8478e
Week 24
The week we moved the photos back outside. I have always been a fan of Marissa’s “Cinderella” dress and I love that she chose to wear a flowered headband with it. She is so much cooler than I am. I also love that Emily actually looked and smiled at me, for once. 

IMG_8838e IMG_8825e

Week 25
We played hookie from church this week and caught up on some much needed rest. So here they are in their normal summer attire. After a comment on last months post, I wondered if people think we are always dressed up or if they realize I take most of these photos on Sunday mornings before church? Trust me when I say we are far from everyday fancy around here. 

IMG_0164e IMG_0151e
Week 26
Such a fun and summery photo with bright and colorful sundresses. Plus those sandals, so cute. Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to dress a little girl? It’s pretty stinking awesome. 

IMG_8596e IMG_8587e

Four more weeks done, just 6 more months left in year number two!

I usually review the year as a whole but I thought it would be fun to do something different.
Let’s take a look ALL the way back to the beginning with the first weekly photo I took. 

Week 1
Oh how quickly they grow.

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Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Desiree // Macke Monologues
Elizabeth // Chasin Mason
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Whitney // Work It Mommy

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Picture Perfect Project V5: April 2016

Another month is gone and four more photos of the girls have been taken. I love that this challenge is less of a challenge and more of a habit now, a good one too. I also love knowing that I will have these photos to look back on some day. The girls will say things like “I wore THAT?!” Any of you who were children of the 80’s are nodding your head in agreement with that statement… but we were so cool! Man, I really need to dig up some old photos. 

My new method of keeping tabs on my 2016 photo project has turned into a routine and I can already see that it is saving me LOADS of time. Things are much more organized and easier to find now. Confession: I LOVE organization but my photo files on the laptop can be a bit of a hot mess at times. 

Here is peek at April and weeks 14-17!

April 2016

Week 14

The week of no chalkboard art. Other than Minnie Mouse, this might just be the most perfect shirt for Emily ever!

 Week14 HE Week14 VE
Week 15

Looking at these photos I think how much Marissa’s dress looks like a sack on her. Maybe I should take it in a bit. Emily chose last years Easter dress and a super big cheesy smile :). 

Week15 HE Week15 VE
Week 16

This was the first week I almost didn’t take photos, the day Emily eye became stuck. No she’s not looking away, her eye is crossed. I probably ugly cried after snapping these photos. It is so hard seeing her like this. The bottom photo looks a bit better. I was trying everything I could to make it look not so crossed. 

Week16 HE Week16 VE
Week 17

Another week and her eye was still stuck. I love Marissa’s dress that I grabbed on clearance at the end of last year and Emily’s hair was extra fluffy that week. 

Week17 HE +

Week17 VE
I hate ending things for the month here because a couple of days later Emily got glasses and things are going MUCH better. She still has some esotropia (eye turning) happening, but it isn’t nearly as severe as it had been. We just keep working on things at home and praying.

Let’s review!
2016 so far…


February collage

March Collage
Are you staying on track with your photography goals for 2016?

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Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Desiree // Macke Monologues
Elizabeth // Chasin Mason
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Whitney // Work It Mommy

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