Holiday Ornament Exchange

Hello my name is Beth and I have a Christmas tree problem.

It started out slowly, innocently. We had just moved into our new house. From the moment I knew we would have tall ceilings, I envisioned a BIG tree. So we bought a gorgeous 9 footer and to this day I still look at it and smile.  The following year I convinced Russ that the play room (now school room) would make the perfect place for smaller tree just for the girls. But what should I do with the old tree we still had up in our attic from years earlier?! Put it in our bedroom of course! What started out as 3 trees, which was already a lot for some most people, has now morphed into 6. I think they are multiplying in my attic. If I am being completely honest, sometimes I sneak a tree up there mid July. How many more do you think I can add before Russ notices? I’m guessing zero.

My love for trees translates to my love for Christmas decorations and ultimately my love for Christmas.


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