Five Things Friday, October Joys

It’s the third month of ‘Five Things Friday‘ on the blog today!

Once a month, on the fourth Friday, I talk about five things that are bringing me joy. It’s a great way to count my blessings and practice a little bit of optimism in a pessimistic world. It does my heart so much good to focus on what is making me smile and getting me through my days. Because let’s be honest, some days are harder than others and finding those little joys in life can make all the difference!

Here are my October 5!

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October Currently, 2017

Hello Friday!

As of today we are 25% of the way done with our school year. WOW! The first quarter has really flown by. We have always started back to school a bit on the early side, but this past year it was done with more intention than ever before. After all, I would be foolish to think that building a home won’t require us to adjust our expectations and calendar a bit.

Today I am breaking away a bit from the typical Friday Five and sharing a bit about what is going on currently. I’ve recently realized that just because I post on a Friday, it doesn’t mean I have to share a “Friday Five” style post. I know it sounds like a “duh” thing to say, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in what the majority is doing, or what I have always done, that I forget that I don’t have to do the same thing.


Fall outfits and photos.

The weather has been in a constant limbo and ultimately we’ve only had about 4 fall like days. Other than that, it still feels like summer. But that hasn’t stopped me from switching things around in my closet around and dreaming up some fun fall outfits. I’m also starting to think about photo outfits for this year too. I need to look at what we wore last year and make sure I go a different direction. 

I’ve also been taking some styled recipe photos, which reminded me that I really enjoy taking photos of food #nerdalert. I have several props and a collection of place-mats and such… most of which are packed away #fail. But I am making what I have on hand work and wondering why I don’t share recipes more often.

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My Monthly Goals, October 2017


Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Join Stephanie for Dresstember and photograph 10 dresses.
* Plan and announce a mini fall photo challenge.
* Participate in a mug swap & giveaway.
* Create a fall fun list and start working on it together.
*Have a movie or a game night, twice.
* Workout 14 times.
* Complete weekly long runs. (This months long runs will all be 9+ miles!)
* Complete ‘The Big Red Shoe 15K’.
* Begin official marathon training. 
* Start attending Rooted Church on their first Sunday, September 10th.
* Work on making some connections in the new church.
* Finalize lessons before my co-op class starts.
* Get out of the house with our work 4 times.
* Be patient while waiting on the build to FINALLY get started 😉 . 
* Take stock of the girls closets, what they have and they need.
* Buy all of the pumpkin things. #butreally #reallifegoals
* Read 1 book.
* Participate in the fall consignment sale.

And what I didn’t …

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Monthly Goals, October 2016

Hello October, Hello Fall!

When I was putting my goal post together last month I was so excited that summer was almost over. Now, it feels like we are knee deep in fall. It is crazy to me how much can change in single month. 



I knew with 8 days of vacation that September was going to be “rough”. What I didn’t know is the whole week before said vacation I would feel like I got ran over by a bus. My September just wasn’t what i hoped it would be goal wise.

* Have several blog posts scheduled so I can take most of the month “off”
* Host or Co-host a giveaway
* Start working on updating my About Me page
* New head-shot

For almost half of the month I didn’t write any blog posts and it was fantastic. This gave me the time I needed to pack for and enjoy vacation while keeping things normal around here. It was also really nice to be ahead when I had that HORRIBLE allergy attack. With sickness and vacation the updated About Me and head-shot just never happened. Maybe next month.

* Have the very best time enjoying our vacation together
* Wrap up our summer bucket list

Vacation was amazing. I am still in the middle of blogging all the details. You can check out recaps one and two here. We also finished our whole summer bucket list. I still can’t believe we did it all.

* 4-5 workouts a week 
* Cut myself slack on vacation
* Run on the beach
* Run 5 miles twice

Can you say epic fail? I can. 

When I was sick I didn’t go to the gym all week and then I was gone the next week. I tried to make it up by going Monday – Friday for the last two weeks of the month but that still only gave me 12 visits. Running on the beach just didn’t happen. I spent my early mornings with Marissa and much after sunrise it was just to dang hot. We did chase each other around though. And the 5 mile runs… nope.

However the cutting myself slack part. I totally nailed that.

* Continue praying for specific things with the girls
* Get connected to a Bible study or small group at church

Hooray, success. I love that the girls both have big hearts that want to pray. It has been a fairly new development and so awesome to watch. We also finally found a small group… then we found another. The first one wasn’t quite the right fit but I feel pretty good and abundantly thankful for where we are now.

goals6Home School-
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Get out of the house with our school work twice
* Attend home school skate

I have been writing all my lesson plans down on Sundays which does help to make my dreaded Monday morning easier. Outside of that when it came to school, we just got it done. I suppose that is enough though.

* Try a new recipe
* Decorate for fall
* Use a one photo a day app
* Wear more lipstick
* Drink more water
* Doodle at least two chalk boards

Apparently the randomness was my thing this month. Maybe I should make all my goals totally random from here on out?



For my October goals I would be totally content just working on our fall bucket list, baking and cooking all the fall foods, and trying every single pumpkin spice food item I can get my hands on. But I should probably be a little more ambitious than that?

* Host or Co-host a giveaway
* Start working on updating my About Me page
* New head-shot

*Work on our fall bucket list
*Attend the Hot Rod Reunion
*Have a movie night

* 4 workouts a week 
*Eat more protein
*Find some new workouts to try

*Work with the girls in their AWANA books
*Attend small group
*Find a daily devotion and do it!

Home School-
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Get out of the house with our school work once
* Work with Marissa on memorizing multiplication facts

* Try 4 new recipes
* Decorate for Halloween
* Use a one photo a day app
* Pick out Halloween costumes
* Sort through the tubs of kids clothes in the attic
* Doodle at least two chalk boards

What goals have you made for October?

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All Things Pumpkin {Fall Link-up Announcement)

The arrival of October is pretty routine around our home. We start getting serious about planning Halloween costume, I put up our “spooky” decorations, and the weather finally catches on that fall is here so we sort through piles of clothes seeing what fits who. But my favorite yearly “ritual” is seeing how quickly I can drive Russ crazy by making ALL the pumpkin things. In past years I have succeeded in less than a week, but he seems to be growing a little more tolerable each fall. Pumpkin desserts, pumpkin breakfast, pumpkin smells, pumpkin crafts. If a pumpkin twist can be added to anything, I’ll gladly try. When I was asked to co-host a link up that featured ‘All Things Pumpkin’, I couldn’t possibly say yes fast enough. 


I’m a little embarrassed to say…. (No, scratch that, I have no shame.) I have been planning new content to share through the month of October since early summer! But, let’s not forget some of our older ‘posts of pumpkins past’.

Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup {Recipe}

Easy Pumpkin Bread {Recipe}

{DIY} Pallet Pumpkins


The idea is simple, link up posts that feature any and all things pumpkin!
Kids activities
Or anything else you can think of.

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If you are proud to call yourself #basic and can’t get enough pumpkin spice this fall, plan to join us every Tuesday through the month of October!

We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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