My Month In Numbers, June 2016

So yesterday I ended up scratching this post so I could share a great big piece of my heart and talk about hard things. I thought that was my last chance and this post just wouldn’t happen this month. But a last minute reschedule on sponsored content left me super happy that I hadn’t deleted this post from my drafts yet. #procrastinationwin

I love these posts. I am always left with a smile when I add up all of the little things that make up a month.

June in numbers

14 ~ Trips to the gym
22 ~ Blog posts wrote
22 ~ Weekdays off school
17 ~ Trips to the pool (not counting swim lessons)
8 ~ How many years Marissa Turned
1581 ~ Files in my May photo folder
213 ~ Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
19 ~ Days of 90+ degree weather (and that is just the temp)
4 ~ Days of VBS attended
8 ~ Swim lessons taken
2 ~ Levels Emily moved up at swim lessons
1 ~ Level for Marissa
36 ~ Weeks of school planned for
100+ ~ Times I wanted to cry about going back to school
2 ~ Eye appointments for Emily
8 ~ Fathers Days Russ has celebrated
3 ~ Family bike rides with the girls
15 ~ Times I consumed ice cream

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Currently, June 2016

Currently June
It feels like it’s been forever since I have shared about our life currently style.
So today is all about catching up on things big and small.

Listening to //

The sounds of summer! Splashing water, kids laughing, crickets chirping, birds singing. I love it! I only wish I could still open all the windows up again, but it is WAY to hot for that now.

Eating //

Grilled pizza, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, grilled burgers. You grill it, we’ll gladly eat it. 

Drinking //

All the water, iced coffee and I have been buying Simply Lemonade from Sams Club lately too. Nothing says summer like lemonade

 Wishing //

That summer would slow down. I know it feels like it just started but these two months of pure bliss go faster than any other two months of the year and I just want to soak up all the fun and memories that I can. 

Looking Forward To //

Marking things off or our Summer Bucket List!

Missing //

I’m honestly not really missing anything right now but my girls are missing VBS something fierce.


We are having the BEST week at #VBS. #collegeheights #mindcraft #trainachild #NewmanSummer2016 #prek #crafts #CHCC

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 Counting //

The days hours until Marissa turns 8… TOMORROW! And the number of times we’ve gone to the pool. Without checking I am pretty sure we have gone about 12 times since May 29th.

Praying //

For wisdom and direction in so many areas. We are still feeling super confused about Emily’s eye stuff and could use some direction. The biggest questions we have involve the cost. Therapy is EXPENSIVE and comes with no guarantees of working. The least thing we want to do is scrape together $4,000+, devote a year or more to working on this, and it not working. That would be AWFUL.

We also are back to looking for a new church again. We thought we had found one we liked, but it in the end it just never felt right for us. We are attempting to plug-in somewhere new  now. I still can’t believe we have been floundering around trying to find a new church home for 15 months (since our old church closed). 

Learning //

Memory verses with the girls. I love when they learn scripture and we all pick it up from the constant recitation.

 Enjoying //

Not wearing my teacher hat all the live long day. It is nice to have the summer break so I can just be mom. 

Planning //

Mom-cation with Anna. We are thinking about a quick weekend get-a-way to Eureka Springs. A VERY quirky town in AR (where Russell and I got married) I actually haven’t been back since so going with Anna will be kind of fun/ funny.

I am also neck-deep in lesson planning too. Home school for two girls AND lesson planning for 20 weeks of Kindergarten co-op. If we do make this mom-cation happen I am pretty sure our books and home school planners will go too. We have A LOT of work to do. 

Wearing //

Bathing suits, sundresses and shorts. It suddenly got HOT here in Missouri and the pool is the only way to stay cool. Which really has me wishing I had another bathing suit that I loved, preferably another Tankini or something similar to THIS.

 Watching //

Did anyone ever watch Super Market Sweep FOREVER ago? As a younger me I LOVED that show and honestly if you tell me where the reruns are I probably would still love it. Well, I found a show on Netflix call Guy’s Grocery Game. It was the perfect combo of the show I loved and a cooking competition. So fun. 

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What have you been up to currently?

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Weekend Recap: Bike Rides, Ice Cream & Friends

Hello Monday!

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love summer weekends?!
They are simply the best and I wish they could last forever.

Having said that I want to share all the little bits and pieces that made this weekend great. 

Friday was…
*Pool time
*Family bike rides
*Ice cream

Saturday was…
*An early morning run
*Morning smiles
*A trip to the shooting range
*A lazy afternoon
*Grilled pizza for dinner
*Time outside
*Ice cream on the trampoline with my girls.

Sunday June
Sunday was…
*Silly photos
*Watching the news
*A summer rain shower
*Blog work
*Dinner with friends
*Birthday cake
*Disappointment that tomorrow is Monday

The only bad part about a summer weekend is when it comes to an end. 
What was the best part of your weekend?

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The Kids Behind The Blog, June 2016

It’s once again time to turn the spotlight to the girls for my favorite monthly link-up, The Kid(s) Behind The Blog. Once a month I have a sit down interview with the girls to ask them random questions and hope their answers don’t rat me out or cause DFS to come visit our home. I would like to point out that I STILL can’t believe that Emily said my favorite thing to do was take naps. I swear I hardly ever take naps!

The unfortunate part is this month’s interview results were compromised. I usually interview Emily first but Marissa was begging to go first and apparently Emily who was supposed to be playing in her room was actually listening in on our conversation. When she started saying the same exact answers as sister for some most of the questions, I became VERY suspicious.

tkbtb1 tkbtb2 tkbtb3
Let’s take a look.

What do you like doing with Daddy?
Marissa // Going on bike rides.
Emily // Playing Memory

What was Daddy like as a little boy?
Marissa // Happy, He liked to play with Legos & look at cars.
Emily // Four? Happy. He liked boy Legos. 

What’s Daddy’s favorite food?
Marissa // Lasagna
Emily // Lasagna

What does Daddy do at work?
Marissa // Bring people the stuff they order.
Emily // Get people the things they need. Oh! He works on cars… wait no he doesn’t.

What is your favorite memory of Daddy?
Marissa // When we went to Springfield (See this post)
Emily // Springfield! Playing with my Minnie stuff with him.

So lesson learned, ALWAYS interview Emily first or use ear plugs on her. Maybe I need a sound proof booth?! I’ll see if I can work on that for July ;).  At least when I did ask her, she fessed up. You can see that in her interview video below.

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Next months questions…
1. What  2 things do you like to do outside in the summer?
2. If you could go anywhere this Summer where would you go and why?
3. What is your favorite thing about summer?
4. If you could pick any way to spend a hot Summer day, how would you spend it?
5. What is your favorite Summer treat?

Plan now to join us on July 13th!

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I can’t wait to read the posts you share!

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Monthly Goals, June 2016

Just like that, May is over.

June Goals
And what a month May was! It was our first month of no school. That alone seems crazy. Have we really been out of school for a month already?! We went to a NASCAR race, ran a half marathon and spent a weekend out-of-town. May felt a bit like a whirlwind to say the least. With the busyness the past month brough,t it didn’t leave much time for working on the goals I set. Let’s see how thing went anyways.


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Work on my Pinterest strategy and growing followers to 1,000. (Take two)
*Reformat 50 blog posts since my WordPress transition.

I was WAY to ambitious on that reformat goal. I managed to do about 25 and sure there were days *cough* weeks *cough* that I didn’t do any at all. But hey, its pretty much summer. I’ll get them all done in… about 2 years.

When I wrote this I had 1,050 followers on Pinterest. So unless I have a massive un-following I seriously kicked that goals butt buy gaining 103 followers this month.

May Blog
*Go to a car show.
*Family milk shake or donut date
*Do something spontaneous?!

Done, done and done. I say deciding to go to a baseball games an hour before it starts and running a half marathon with little to no training are spontaneous enough!

May Family

*Complete half marathon #5
*4-5 workouts a week.
*Get diet in strict check this month.

The race is over. My workouts have been going great, but I wouldn’t call my diet strict. Better, but not strict. 

May Fitness

*”Summer” morning devotions with girls. 
*Continue reading.

And now is when you hear the massive explosion of failure go off. Mornings have been totally unorganized around here. I have to get a grip on this one folks.

May spiritual

Home School-
* Start lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Shop for some used curriculum that I need

Lesson plans are underway, more on that later this week. I also have almost everything I need for school next year. I have about 4 more books I need to gather and I am praying I can find some of those used too.

May homeschool
*Work on our spring bucket list
*Date night.
*Get out of town
*Two Girls Nights

I’m a bit shocked that all of these happened, but they did! Our spring bucket list has 4 things left on it and hopefully we’ll cross a couple more of those off this week. I really think we could actually finish the whole list by the weekend with a little bit of luck.

May Random
All in all May went a lot better than I expected it to. I really missed the mark in some areas but did pretty well in others. Now to set some new goals for the month of June. It took every thing I had to not just stop with go to the pool. 


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Post one photo a day to Instagram and grow to 1600 followers
*Reformat 25 blog posts since my WordPress transition.

*Celebrate Marissa’s 8th birthday
*Go swimming as a family
*Try something new together

*Pick a new event to train for this fall
*4-5 workouts a week
*Kids Classic 2016 for the girls

* Summer morning devotions with girls
* Read a book of the Bible
* Attend VBS

Home School-
* Continue lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Shop for some used curriculum that I still need
* Start lesson planning for the Co-Op Kindergarten class I’ll be teaching

* Finish our spring bucket list
* Create & Start our summer bucket list
* Girls Night Out WITH Marissa
* Go to a cruise night
* Try a new recipe
* Swim lessons

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Tell me a goal you have set for the month of June?

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Project Sunday {June}

The year is more than halfway over and so is my 2015 photo project. I set a goal to take a picture of my girls every Sunday. Has it been challenging? Of course it has! But some how I am still at it and my only regret is that I didn’t start taking weekly photos sooner.

Let’s take a look back at the first five months. 
Now onto our June photos.
I just love summer, especially as a girl mom. Sandals and sundresses are simply the best. The vibrant summer colors are pretty fantastic too.

Marissa’s dress was a birthday present and it quickly became a new favorite. It is the perfect combination of Elsa meets Cinderella with sparkles. What little girl doesn’t love to sparkle?

Fathers Day weekend. Why I didn’t think to throw dad into this weeks photos is beyond me. We had just got home from vacation late the night before so we stayed home from church and spoiled Dad.

Emily was positive that she was Minnie Mouse this week. She even rocked some Minnie Mouse earrings. That girls obsession is still going strong for 3 years now. I never imagined a “phase” lasting this long. The girls also wore some bracelets that Marissa made them. She is quite the crafter. 
Yup, this photo project might have been the best idea ever.

After all what mom say “I wish I didn’t take that picture.”
I’ll give you a hint I am pretty sure it must be NONE :). 

Happy Monday friends!

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