What’s Up Wednesday, June 2017

The last Wednesday of the month means What’s Up Wednesday. (How is it possibly the last Wednesday of June?!) It’s the day I share all of the ins and outs of our life lately. And trust me we may appear boring on the surface level, with no big trips or exciting adventures, but this summer has been anything but boring. We just have SO much life changing stuff going on behind the scenes. Let me see if I can give you a peek when I share what’s going on in our world currently. 

What we are eating this week…

Nothing unless I got to the store. Kidding… kind of. This week is full of simple meals. The girls started swim lessons on Monday so now that we need to be out the door at 6:00 4 days a week, dinners have to be early and simple. Lots of summer staples like grilled burgers or margherita pizza will be happening and some meals that offer leftovers will be planned too. 

What I’m reminiscing about…

I spent a lot of time reminiscing over Marissa right before her 9th birthday. I know that by now I shouldn’t be surprised over how fast each year goes by, but I am. It makes me sad and I want to freeze time and soak up this summer. 

What I’m loving…

Any and all things summer. But I haven’t even glanced at our summer bucket list, eeekkkk!!! I guess I should take a look so we can get to work on it. I’d hate to not be able to cross something off .

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The Kids Behind The Blog, June 2017

It’s the second Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time for The Kids Behind the Blog. Every month I take a few minutes to interview my girls. I love taking these moments to sit down and talk with them one and document the big and little things that they have to say. They always leave me with a smile on my face.

This months questions are about all things summer. Because, what else would they be about?!

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Monthly Goals, June 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Share a few more house related posts: construction, home tour, cleaning schedule.
* Plan out blogging for the rest of summer, scaling posts back to 3 days a week on most weeks.
* Do a fashion post.
*Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
*Choose a long-term goal.
*Start planking again. I used to be able to hold one for over 3 minutes.
* Balance attending church where we currently attend & a new small group.
* Finish our year out by May 4th.
* Complete lesson plans for the 2017-2018 school year.
* Plan out summer learning activities.
* Try 1 new recipe.
* Promote the sale of our home several times weekly.
* Get our pool pass purchased.
* Call Stephanie just because. She is always saying she calls me, not this time

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My Month In Numbers, June 2016

So yesterday I ended up scratching this post so I could share a great big piece of my heart and talk about hard things. I thought that was my last chance and this post just wouldn’t happen this month. But a last minute reschedule on sponsored content left me super happy that I hadn’t deleted this post from my drafts yet. #procrastinationwin

I love these posts. I am always left with a smile when I add up all of the little things that make up a month.

June in numbers

14 ~ Trips to the gym
22 ~ Blog posts wrote
22 ~ Weekdays off school
17 ~ Trips to the pool (not counting swim lessons)
8 ~ How many years Marissa Turned
1581 ~ Files in my May photo folder
213 ~ Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
19 ~ Days of 90+ degree weather (and that is just the temp)
4 ~ Days of VBS attended
8 ~ Swim lessons taken
2 ~ Levels Emily moved up at swim lessons
1 ~ Level for Marissa
36 ~ Weeks of school planned for
100+ ~ Times I wanted to cry about going back to school
2 ~ Eye appointments for Emily
8 ~ Fathers Days Russ has celebrated
3 ~ Family bike rides with the girls
15 ~ Times I consumed ice cream

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Currently, June 2016

Currently June
It feels like it’s been forever since I have shared about our life currently style.
So today is all about catching up on things big and small.

Listening to //

The sounds of summer! Splashing water, kids laughing, crickets chirping, birds singing. I love it! I only wish I could still open all the windows up again, but it is WAY to hot for that now.

Eating //

Grilled pizza, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, grilled burgers. You grill it, we’ll gladly eat it. 

Drinking //

All the water, iced coffee and I have been buying Simply Lemonade from Sams Club lately too. Nothing says summer like lemonade

 Wishing //

That summer would slow down. I know it feels like it just started but these two months of pure bliss go faster than any other two months of the year and I just want to soak up all the fun and memories that I can. 

Looking Forward To //

Marking things off or our Summer Bucket List!

Missing //

I’m honestly not really missing anything right now but my girls are missing VBS something fierce.


We are having the BEST week at #VBS. #collegeheights #mindcraft #trainachild #NewmanSummer2016 #prek #crafts #CHCC

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 Counting //

The days hours until Marissa turns 8… TOMORROW! And the number of times we’ve gone to the pool. Without checking I am pretty sure we have gone about 12 times since May 29th.

Praying //

For wisdom and direction in so many areas. We are still feeling super confused about Emily’s eye stuff and could use some direction. The biggest questions we have involve the cost. Therapy is EXPENSIVE and comes with no guarantees of working. The least thing we want to do is scrape together $4,000+, devote a year or more to working on this, and it not working. That would be AWFUL.

We also are back to looking for a new church again. We thought we had found one we liked, but it in the end it just never felt right for us. We are attempting to plug-in somewhere new  now. I still can’t believe we have been floundering around trying to find a new church home for 15 months (since our old church closed). 

Learning //

Memory verses with the girls. I love when they learn scripture and we all pick it up from the constant recitation.

 Enjoying //

Not wearing my teacher hat all the live long day. It is nice to have the summer break so I can just be mom. 

Planning //

Mom-cation with Anna. We are thinking about a quick weekend get-a-way to Eureka Springs. A VERY quirky town in AR (where Russell and I got married) I actually haven’t been back since so going with Anna will be kind of fun/ funny.

I am also neck-deep in lesson planning too. Home school for two girls AND lesson planning for 20 weeks of Kindergarten co-op. If we do make this mom-cation happen I am pretty sure our books and home school planners will go too. We have A LOT of work to do. 

Wearing //

Bathing suits, sundresses and shorts. It suddenly got HOT here in Missouri and the pool is the only way to stay cool. Which really has me wishing I had another bathing suit that I loved, preferably another Tankini or something similar to THIS.

 Watching //

Did anyone ever watch Super Market Sweep FOREVER ago? As a younger me I LOVED that show and honestly if you tell me where the reruns are I probably would still love it. Well, I found a show on Netflix call Guy’s Grocery Game. It was the perfect combo of the show I loved and a cooking competition. So fun. 

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What have you been up to currently?

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