Currently, July 2016

Currently July
Wishing //

That the start of the school year wasn’t 11 days away. How in the world is it ONLY 11 days away?! Where did our summer break go?!

Looking Forward To //

Celebrating anniversary #9 with the Mr. in less than a month. 9 years have gone by so quickly. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. 

Listening to //

I can not get this song out of my head. 

Drinking //

Water, water, water, coffee and Gold Peak Green Tea.

Eating //

WAY too much junk food. I remember saying “Oh it’s so much easier to eat healthy during the summer” I guess I set out to prove that wrong this summer. It probably has something to do with the pounds of ice cream I am consuming…. oops!  

But, I am FINALLY starting to get some good crops from the garden. Maybe that will help!

Counting //

The days until school starts
The days until the HAMB Drags
The days until vacation 
The days until fall starts
AND the days until it is time to decorate for Christmas!

I am counting… a lot!

Praying //

For so much.

Emily’s eyes, peace through hard situations, the upcoming school year, and that we would make connections at church. I feel like those things just barely scratch the surface. 

Missing //

Is it okay to be missing long summer days before they are even over?

As much as I hate to admit it, I do miss having a routine. But I need to add in some getting out and about to our routine this school year to avoid things feeling like Groundhogs Day.


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Learning //

How to do vision therapy exercises with Emily. It pretty much consists of just playing “games” with her but it really takes up time in our day and she doesn’t always love to do it either. 

Planning //

The 2016/2017 school year. I just wrapped up lesson plans for our school year and I am pretty excited! There are so many new things to do with the girls this year. I know we are going to have a blast playing and learning together. 

Enjoying //

All things summer!!!

Summer time with my girls is my favorite. All of the special days and nothing days add up to some pretty great memories that are impossible to beat or forget. 


Cow Appreciation Day is always a MOO-arvulous time 🐄! #chickfila #cowappreciationday #moo #NewmanSummer2016 #cow

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Watching //

We are currently in the awkward Netflix limbo. We watched and finished Better Call Saul and we FINALLY watched the new season of House of Cards *woah!* Now we just sit and search the que, unable to find anything we really want to watch. First world problems, right?!

Wearing //

More color and patterns all the time. I even did my first ever fashion post yesterday! Although in the spirit of honesty I’ll confess that most day are spent in work out shorts or bathing suits. Oh how I love you summer!

I have also been wearing this AWESOME hat I found at Wal-Mart.

What have you been up to currently?

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Fourth of July Weekend Recap {2016}

It’s early Tuesday morning after the long Fourth of July weekend. As I lay here in my bed, regretting not starting this post Saturday afternoon, I can’t help but have a few thoughts. Thoughts of sadness that the long weekend is over and Russ is already at work instead of laying beside me. Shock that summer is going by SO fast, tiredness because some people think fireworks past 10:30 is a fine idea, and joy because we had a really great weekend as a family.

Wanting to do a weekend recap post, without writing a novel, I decided to summarize our Fourth of July weekend. Let’s take a peek.


July 1Friday was:
Daddy coming home for a long weekend
TV on mom and dads bed
Popsicles before bed time


July 2Saturday was:
An early morning workout
Muffins for breakfast
Home Depot work shop
Lazy time around the house
Grocery shopping
Freddy’s for dinner
Root-beer floats
Watching the NASCAR race


July 3 July 3-2Sunday was:
Cleaning the house up
A very long afternoon nap
Making festive foods
Firework shopping
Grilling dinner out
Spending time with friend
Everyone going to bed after 10:00


July 4
Monday was:
Everyone sleeping in past 9:00
Scones for breakfast
Red, white, and blue everything
Seeing family
Endless piles of laundry
Grilling dinner
Ice cream outside

It was the perfect balance of rest, fun and ice cream. I can’t believe we start school in just over a month. There is still so much we want to, NEED to get done before our summer break comes to an end. 

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What was the best part of your Fourth of July weekend?

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Monthly Goals, July 2016

The year is halfway over.

Did you really let that sink in?
Halfway over!

We are only 4 short months from me going full-blown crazy Christmas and putting up my 6 Christmas trees? … I think it’s 6, I forgot exactly how many I own but needless to say, it’s a lot. The Fourth is over, school starts in just over a month, and I am definitely feeling some sort of denial about how fast the year is going by.

Why must time pass so quickly?

July Goals
Like it or not, time flies.

With the end of one month comes the beginning of a new one.
That means it is once again time to look back on my goals.


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Post one photo a day to Instagram and grow to 1600 followers
*Reformat 25 blog posts since my WordPress transition.

Posts were written, IG followers are sitting around 1630 but the post reformat… yeah I might as well hang that up until summer is over. Do you want to know how many I did? One. Yup, just one single post #pathetic.

June goals 2
*Celebrate Marissa’s 8th birthday
*Go swimming as a family
*Try something new together

Marissa had an amazing 8th birthday, We went swimming together twice and as for trying something new, we recently started taking family bike rides. We’ve been going about 3 miles at a time and the girls are doing so awesome. I can’t wait until we can go even further. 

June goals 1

*Pick a new event to train for this fall
*4-5 workouts a week
*Kids Classic 2016 for the girls

I found an event I am really interested in, a duathalon, but I have yet to register for it. I also logged 17 workouts so I can check that off my list. Then I dropped the bomb. I wrote the wrong day for the Kids Classic on my calendar. I assumed it was on Sunday since it is always on a Sunday. Not this year. By the time I realized that, it was over. I am so thankful my girls didn’t cry when I told them what I did.

June goals 6
* Summer morning devotions with girls
* Read a book of the Bible
* Attend VBS

I have been working through and ABC devotional book that my MIL gave us in the mornings and I read through Ephesians. VBS was loved by all, which is exactly what I expected. I think they are already counting the weeks until next year.

June goals 4
Home School-
* Continue lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Shop for some used curriculum that I still need
* Start lesson planning for the Co-op Kindergarten class I’ll be teaching

Lesson plans for next year are SO close to being done since I now have all of the curriculum I need (boy is it a big stack). Anna and I have decided on a plan for next years co-op class. We just have a few more things to put together before I begin to share some details with you.

June goals 3
* Finish our spring bucket list
* Create & Start our summer bucket list
* Girls Night Out WITH Marissa
* Go to a cruise night
* Try a new recipe
* Swim lessons

Done, Done, Done, Done, Done and DONE!

Boy was I close to finishing everything this month. Maybe if I wouldn’t have bombed on the Kids Classic I would’ve reformatted those posts just to cross it all off. There is always next month I suppose. 

June goals 5
All in all June was a great month and I feel pretty happy about that since June also felt like a very busy month too.

Now for new goals.


* Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
* Grow Pinterest to 1300 followers.  
* Reformat 25 blog posts since my WordPress transition.*Take two*

* Go swimming as a family
* Have a movie night with the girls
* Go on a family bike ride

* Register for an event to train for this fall
* 4-5 workouts a week
* Eat a healthier breakfast 6 days a week

* Continue summer morning devotions with the girls
* Read a book of the Bible
* Attend VBS round 2 *Marissa only*

Home School-
* Finish lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Finish a language book we’ve been wrapping up from last year
* Get lesson plans for co-op finalized

* Work on our summer bucket list
* Mom-cation with Anna
* Go to a car show
* Try a new recipe
* Build a desk for me in the school room

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What is your number one priority for the month of July?

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It’s your turn to link-up for this weeks Tuesday Talk!
I’d like to say a HUGE welcome to our 3 new co-hosts: Justine, Liz and Meghan.
We are SO excited to have you ladies join us!
New Tuesday Talk

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Happy Independence Day {2016}

Happy IndependenceDay_edited
Happy Birthday America!

Today I wanted to share a few photos I took of the girls while getting ready for the ‘Star Spangled Kids’ link-up. Cute, patriotic, and an out-take that I just had to share. Don’t forget to link up your posts and tag your photos on Instagram now through July 7th! #StarSpangledKids

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fourthE Fourth3  FourthM

May we reflect on this great country that we call home today as we pray for her future and remember her past.
Happy Independence Day!

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Star Spangled Kids 2016

Hello Friday!

Today’s highlights are a special 4th of July edition in preparation for this weekends holiday. I LOVE the Fourth of July. The middle of summer being marked, staying up way too late, ICE CREAM, and fireworks are a few of the things I think about when I think of this weekend. I can’t wait

I am also co-hosting a link-up that starts today!

Starting today through the 7th of July you are invited to link up photos of your little firecrackers wearing their patriotic inspired finest. You can also tag your photos #StarSpangleKids on Instagram too. 

patriot 1
{Red, White & Blue Fashion}

It’s the week before the 4th and that means we break out every bit of red, white, and blue we can find. 

4th clothes
I have been amazed at exactly how many outfits we’ve been able to put together, and these aren’t even all of them! From Walmart racks, garage sale finds, Old Navy, and a few pieces that just happen to be the right color scheme. We are feeling ready for the weekend. 

Patriot 2
{Patriotic Wreath}

If your looking for a last minute decoration, look no further.

Untitled design_edited
I made this wreath a couple of summers ago and I still love it. It is inexpensive, festive and looks great inside or outside the home. 

Patriot 3
{2016 Plans}

This years plans are pretty laid back. Swimming on Friday. Saturday will be spent catching up on things or “going wherever the wind blows us” Sunday is church and a party at a friends house, and Monday will be a car show. Or everything could get cancelled because it rains all weekend. Im trying to be optimistic, but it’s hard.

Speaking of that party we hope to attend. Our friend Steve has a pretty loud “cannon device” he sets off every year so we made him this meme the other day. 

Steve Cannon
A 3 year old screaming Marissa and Steve’s cannon have absolutely no relation to each other…. but it does make for a good laugh. EVERY time I look at that picture I crack up that a silly frog firework caused that. Am I a terrible mother?

patriot 4
{Festive Food}

One of the best parts of the 4th is the food.
Here are some of my go to favorites and a few new ones I can’t wait to try as well.

4th Food
Patriotic pancakes stack by Modern Parents Messy Kids
4th of July Jello by Six Sisters Stuff
American Flag Pretzels by Everyday Savvy
Fourth of July Layered drink by In Katrinas Kitchen

There are so many amazing ideas out there, but I am really loving these ones. 

patriot 5 
{Fourth Flashbacks}

While looking for old fourth of July photos I kept coming up short. I think that is because we pretty much failed to consistently celebrate the 4th of July with our kids until Marissa was 5 #TrueStory. After that even when we did celebrate I didn’t do the best job of taking photos. But I did find a few to share.

4th of July (2)
Marissa’s first 4th

Emily’s first 4th
Yes that is the only “good” picture I took #fail.




I haven’t always loved the Fourth of July, but I do now.
This weekend is all about making memories and hopefully taking some great photos too. I guess we’ll see how well that goes when I try to put together a recap next week.

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Have a great, safe weekend friends!

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Monthly Goals {July 2015}

And just like that, the year is half way over. It is now officially July which means in just over 4 months I will be putting up 5 Christmas trees! I am perfectly aware just how crazy some of you may think I am for bringing that up. But I could care less. Falala la la I can’t wait!

June was rainy, fun, busy and HOT! Let’s see how we did on last months goals. 


*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.

*Try out a new link up or two.
*Write more posts on the weekends, when I can, freeing up my week days.

Done! I posted 6 days a week a few times. Linked up with Heavens To Betsy for her The Guy Behind The Blog and did a pretty good job working on posts ahead of time. 


*Create and share a Summer Bucket List.
*Go swimming.

*Family trip to the Frisco trails.
*Celebrate Marissa’s 7th birthday.

The bucket list was made and shared. We went swimming 6 times in one week alone and Marissa’s 7th birthday was celebrated on more than one occasion.

Family trip to the trails. It was either raining, or too hot. Maybe I should save this one for fall. 


*Exercise at least 5 days a week.

*Complete or almost complete stage one of the “New Rules” program.

*Keep my nutrition plan on track.

*Run a 5K with Russ…. again.

BAM! Exercise has been great. I did get a bit off during vacation and my nutrition wasn’t so great while we were gone either but I am so happy with the progress I am seeing. I am set to finish Stage one by early July and should be almost done with stage 2 by the end of the month. 

Our 5K on the trail was HOT but a blast. It was no PR but in that heat I can’t complain. Plus the chance to run with (and beat) this guy. I will never pass that up. 


*Help at VBS while the girls attend.

*Read more this month than I did last month.

*Plug in more to the church we have been attending.

VBS was AWESOME. The girls and I had an amazing time and are already excited for next year. 

The other two, meh. I would love some prayers especially for the last one. For those of you who don’t know our church closed back in March and we have been struggling with that for months now. We still haven’t committed to a new church and are feeling pretty confused on that topic in general. We know God is good and has a good plan for us. We are trying to be patient and wait for his guidance on where He wants us.

Home School-

*Work on math facts with Marissa.
*Finish lesson planning for the 2015/2016 school year.

The past couple of weeks we began working on math problems and an English book. Our lesson plans for next year aren’t completely finished but they are so close. I worked SO hard on them during June. Currently all I have left is too look for supplemental resources for our Science and History lessons then I am all ready for August 10th. 


*Make Finish a new pallet sign.

*Have a yard sale with my mom.
*FINALLY go to Silver Dollar City.
*Start on playroom to schoolroom remodel.

Pallet sign, still blank. Silver Dollar Trip was rained out again.

But I did have a yard sale with my mom which cleared out the future home school room and gave me some money to get started on the remodel. Step one, repaint!


*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.

*Grow Instagram to 700. I seem to be stuck.
*Rework a few old posts with better pinnable images. 


*Work on crossing things off our bucket list.
*Lots of pool time (best goal ever).

*Fun run with the girls.
*Family donut or ice cream date, maybe both :).


*Exercise at least 5 days a week.

*Finish stage one & most of stage 2 in “The New Rules” program.

*Keep my nutrition plan on track.

*Run a solo race.


*Read Gods word.
*Pray that God would guide our family. 

*Worship more with our children. They love to dance and sing it is always so good for my heart when I join in.

Home School-

*Work on math and English with Marissa.
*Complete 2015/2015 school year lesson plans.
*Complete or almost complete home school room.


*Make Finish a new pallet sign.

*Date night with Russ.

*Try a new recipe or two.

*Have a girls night with a friend. (Any takers out there?)

July *sigh* I have such mixed feeling about July. On one hand it is the peak of summer and I love summer fun. On the other with the end of July comes August. Early August means back to school for us. How is that even possible? I guess for now we are going to just plan on packing as much summer fun into July as we possibly can, stay on track with our goals and we’ll deal with August when it gets here. 

Do you have any goals/plans for July or summer?

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