JOMO Wall Crawl

I am so excited to finally be sharing this post with you. I’ve been wanting to take the girls on a wall crawl for months now, maybe even closer to a year. But we had one huge problem, too much sun. Most of the murals in Joplin all face the south. That makes photos in front of them on a sunny or overcast day nearly impossible. My blue-eyed babies don’t enjoy standing in the heat with their squinty eyes and wrinkled noses. I knew if we were ever going to do a wall crawl it would have to be on a summer evening.

While Russ was on a business trip to New York, the girls and I finally made my wall crawl dreams come true. I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of work. So many trips in and out of the car, so many photos to sort through, and two little girls that were feeling done with the process by the end. Once we finished I rewarded them with milkshakes and all the “work” was quickly forgotten.

The moral of the story is this: If you have little ones and want to do a wall crawl, break it up over several days to keep your sanity. Remember to bring treats with you or plan to celebrate after… both would probably be best 😆 ! 

When I first started planning our photos I thought I would be lucky if we managed to find 10 murals. I was pleasantly surprised to discover we probably could’ve shared closer to 20. I guess I never realized just how many there are. The vast majority of them can be found in the downtown area, all within an approximate 1 mile radius.

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May 22nd 2011, My Story…

Not a year passes that May 22nd doesn’t stir up all the feelings. Deep inside it still haunts me and sometimes I still find myself wondering if it is going to “break” again.

6 years ago today, we experienced something that changed us forever. I’ve blogged about the aftermath of that day a few times before, but I have never really shared about what happened in the moments before and at 5:41.

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Making a House a Home

My sentimental side sometimes gets the best of me and lately it has been a battle.

When we put the for sale sign in the yard, exactly 5 years from the day that we moved in, my mind flooded with memories and my eyes filled with tears. I want to sell our home, I want to move on, I really feel like we are going after a dream and there will be no regrets. But the emotional connections we have to this home are strong and the memories here will never be forgotten. Since this dates back to my pre blogging days, I wanted to tell the story of how we made this house our home.

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

First off I want to say a huge thank you to the men and women who sacrifice so much to defend our country.
Happy Memorial Day!

Last year Joplin welcomed a minor league baseball team, The Joplin Blasters. Joplin had been without a home team for YEARS. We were so excited to be there on the opening day of the inaugural season. So this year when the opportunity presented itself to go again, just hours before the game, we jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so cooperative. We showed up and during the very first inning it began to sprinkle which switched over to rain just a few innings later… so we left. 

That was disappointing.

But lucky for us Russ had more tickets for Saturday and this time we got to sit in our beloved box. Plus the weather could not have been any better AND our home team won. I say that definitely made up for opening night not going so well. 

IMG_7661 IMG_7679 IMG_7694
I snapped plenty of photos and Russ once again refused to cooperate with a selfie. He is pretty sweet though. 

Baseball Cow Baseball Blue
We hung out with a few different mascots. Saturday was Mascot Mania and there were plenty of odd and oh so familiar favorites to take photos with. We stuck with what was familiar, Blue and the Chick Fil-A cow, of course! 

Baseball Towel Wave
We cheered our boys on. Marissa just LOVES waving her towel around like a maniac. She may or may not have whacked me with it more than once.

Russ kicked back to relax, even if it was just for a bit.

The girls and I walked around and enjoyed the ballpark.
We had such a great time.

I love having a hometown baseball team to cheer for.
It may still be spring but it definitely feels like we are well on our way to making some 2016 summer memories already. The girls are already asking to go back and I have a feeling we’ll definitely be back soon.

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Have you made it to a baseball game this year?

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