Monthly Goals, September 2016

August is over and the end of summer is in sight!

I’ll admit it, I am not sad to see August go. The last 4 months of the year are always my favorite. January-April is bleh, May – August is only tolerable because of all of our pool visits, but September – December?! Those are my happy months. All things fall and Christmas are just around the corner. I can hardly wait!

September goals

August was a busy month. It was full of plans, surprises, and transitions. I am amazed at how much I was able to do given the hecticness of the month. Let’s take a look.

* Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
* Grow Pinterest to 1300 followers. *Take two*
* Reformat 20 blog posts since my WordPress transition. *This IS the month*

Okay that’s it, I give up. These goals of reformatting blog posts just have to go because clearly it’s not going to happen. I think I did about 5 this month. My priorities are just other places. 

I did keep the blog going and have been working ahead any chance I am given. I also reached my Pinterest follower goal. I have been TRYING to devote at least 10 minutes every day to pinning and I think that is helping.


* Celebrate “Back to School Eve”
* Family movie or game night
* Go on a family bike ride
* Trip to Mo-Kan drag strip

Check, check, check and check! We had so much fun finishing out the summer with our girls this year.


* 4-5 workouts a week
* Eat a healthier breakfast 6 days a week
* Run 4 miles twice

I actually ran 4 miles 4 times plus I got my workouts in! Maybe that makes up for the healthy breakfast thing? I am doing much better but we had a few weird days around here that threw things off.


*Start a prayer journal with the girls 
*Make an effort to plug into church more
*Devote part of my morning to focusing my heart on what matters

The girls and I have been praying more. Watching them and listening to their prayers has been so awesome. We attended a class for new people at church AND we’re looking into getting plugged into a small group! I’d call that progress. Mornings have been good. I have been trying to be productive and take the time to meditate on a scripture or song. I would love to grow even more intentional in this though.


Home School-
Get lesson plans for co-op finalized.
* Start the school year with a smile
* Take time to prep for the school week on Sunday nights. 

We had a great start to our year, school weeks have all been planned on the weekend and some how Anna and I miraculously finished co-op lesson plans. I feel SO much better now that we have that done. I was starting to get a bit worried and panicky over it.


* Work on our summer bucket list
* Plan some things to do on our vacation
* Go to a car show
* Try a new recipe
* Get my hair cut for the first time in over a year, ACK!
* Celebrate our 9th anniversary

The bucket list is nearing completion. I still think we might be able to wrap it up. Vacation adventures are planned, we went to three car shows and tried three new recipes! Marissa and I both got our hair cut and boy does it feel amazing to have my stringy hair gone. Russ and I also celebrated anniversary #9. We didn’t do anything crazy, but we had fun.


When I sat down to make my September goals I reminded myself to give plenty of grace and keep some areas simple. With a vacation planned this month I don’t want to stress myself out before during or right after our trip. Here is what I have planned.

* Have several blog posts scheduled so I can take most of the month “off”
* Host or Co-host a giveaway
* Start working on updating my About Me page
* New head-shot

* Have the very best time enjoying our vacation together
* Wrap up our summer bucket list

* 4-5 workouts a week 
* Cut myself slack on vacation
* Run on the beach
* Run 5 miles twice

* Continue praying for specific things with the girls
* Get connected to a Bible study or small group at church

Home School-
* Continue having the week prepped on Sundays
* Get out of the house with our school work twice
* Attend home school skate

* Try a new recipe
* Decorate for fall
* Use a one photo a day app
* Wear more lipstick
* Drink more water
* Doodle at least two chalk boards

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What goals have you made for September?

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