Curb Appeal

As the day grows closer and closer to putting a for sale sign in our front yard I have started noticing a few things. Like the siding that really needs power washed, our dirty windows that should probably be cleaned, and the landscaping that you might say I have slightly neglected. Lately the phrase curb-appeal has been going through my brain on repeat. I know we need to make every effort to set us apart and enhance the charm & character that our home has.

One of the biggest eye-sores in our front yard is a flower bed. About 4 years ago I built some beautiful, curvy, stone beds in the front of the yard. It was a labor of love that took an entire weekend but after I planted them… I let them go 😳 . A few of the plants didn’t survive the first couple of years and I never bothered to replace them. I knew a simple way to add more curb appeal to our home would be bringing new life to this very sad flower bed. 

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In Our Garden Grows…

After a life of repeated plant killing, I was very surprised to discover that I have a green thumb. I guess it happened in my late 20’s. Maybe it just took years to ripen or mature. I have never been one to do very well at keeping plants alive, and if I am being honest my green thumb only seems to apply to plants that live outside. I can kill almost any houseplant within a week.

When we moved into the new house I knew that I wanted a garden. I wanted Tomatoes, peppers everything needed so I could preserve my own salsa’s and sauces. It gives me such joy to go out to the garden and return to the house with arms full of fruits and veggies that I grew. If I could talk Russell into it our whole back yard would be a giant garden, maybe someday.

This year was a new adventure for me, I started my plants from seeds. I have always purchased the plants already grown. Growing from seeds promises that you know exactly what has happened to the plant and is a more cost effective way to garden. The future plan is to preserve my own seeds so I can plant next years garden with them. Now that is cost effective!

From seeds we ended up like this.

Then we planted.
One Month Later.

Today. It is a total jungle out there. The winds a few weeks did a number to the plant but they are LOADED with produce.

The cantaloupes will be ready any day now. When they grow up high over pavement one must get creative so they don’t crack when they release. Here are 3 examples of my contraptions.

This guy is my biggest. Marissa keeps asking me when it will be ready.
 I have TONS of peppers. I joked on Facebook that I have peppers coming out my ears. Some days it feels like I do.

Bells, Anchos, Bananas and Jalapeno’s. Nothing is really turning pretty colors yet. I blame the weird weather that this summer has brought.

Here I am growing green beans and I just planted some carrot seeds!

And finally my precious tomatoes. After weeks of wondering if they would ever ripen they finally are. I have to keep bird netting on my plants otherwise a mocking bird starts destroying things.

Todays harvest!

In the next few weeks the garden should reach it’s peak and that will mean lots of work for me in the kitchen but I couldn’t be more excited.
Thanks for checking out the garden with me. 

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It’s The Little Things/ Garden Time

This weekend I planted my garden.


I could spend every day out there. Perfection is a cool summer morning with the sun coming up and the birds singing. Me pulling weeds, harvesting crops and watering.

It is my happy place.

Such truth in those words.

Here are a few pics from last years garden.

It felt great to get out there and get my hands dirty again. 

All winter long I have been looking out my kitchen window at my empty garden beds and it has been a bit depressing. To see plants living and growing out there again is awesome.

This years garden was a whole new exciting adventure. I grew all of my own plants, from seed. It all started back in February when my AWESOME husband built me this grow light table.

After months of growing I ended up with some amazingly healthy plants to plant. I am super proud but don’t take much credit because I really just think it was a bit of beginners luck.

I can’t wait to watch the growth and enjoy the harvest in the coming months. 

Here is where we started. Let’s see how things change over the next few months. 
What color is your thumb?

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