First Day of School {2016}

Last week our summer officially ended and we went back to school.

I feel like I say it every day, all the time, but really…

How in the world are they getting this big?!

I sat down to edit these photos and I nearly choked up. I was looking at those little faces and the amount of growth just left me speechless. You know how every once in a while you can see a glimpse of the older version of your child in a photo. A small peek at what they may look like when they are several years older. That is how these photos feel, especially for Marissa. She is looking less and less like a little girl all the time. 

Marissa is a third grader this year. 

She gets to learn about chemistry, finally study the life of Christ, move up a level in Awana, learn to write in cursive, and read all of the Little House on the Prairie books. She is 8 years and 2 months, 4′ 7.40″ tall and weighs 66 lbs, tall and skinny!

I asked her…

What are you most excited about this school year? // 
Learning to write in cursive.

What are you least excited about? //
The speed drills and tests in math.

Is there anything you want to learn how to do that you can’t do now?
I want to learn how to do cartwheels.


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Emily started Kindergarten this year. 

She gets to learn about creation, really work on learning to read, start Awana, begin learning more about arithmetic, and learn more about the world around her. She is 5 years 6 months, 3′ 11″  and weighs 44 lbs, tall and really skinny. 

I asked her…

What are you most excited about this school year? // 
Making my little books.

What are you least excited about? //
I don’t have an answer for that. I love everything.

Is there anything you want to learn how to do that you can’t do now?
I want to learn how to spell words.

Another school year.
Another adventure with my girls.
Another time to be thankful for this home school life that we share and remember that it almost never even happened.

Take a look back at our other first day of school photos.
2014 / 2015

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It’s the Little Things: First Day of Pre K

It’s hard to believe that Marissa and I just started our 4th week of school! It seems like just last week we were back to hitting the books with her first day of first grade. Time has quickly passed by, labor day weekend is over and the time has come to take on the task of schooling two children.

Yesterday Emily had her first day of Pre-K.

Oh that Emily, she does NOT like to look at the camera.

We are planning to do two years of preschool so this years schedule is going to be pretty laid back. However, first thing today I discovered that I may have to step up my game a bit for this lady. Emily was begging for more school to do all day long and pouting when I said she was done for the day.

She worked on letters.

Love the wide open mouth, intense focus look on her face here. 

She was able to play on the computer, one of her favorite things to do.

Then played some games with me.

One day down and she is going on and on about how fun school is, her “special pencil” and doing more work tomorrow. 

First day success?

 I would definitely say yes!

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It’s The Little Things/ 1st Day Of 1st Grade!

Monday was our first day of school. We began our second year as a homeschooling family excited and ready to take on first grade.

First grade, seriously how did this happen guys?! I can’t believe she is old enough for this. I look at her growing into a beautiful young girl and it feels like someone is smashing my heart with a hammer.

 So big, so pretty, so forever and always my baby girl no matter how big she gets. 

2012 Pre-K

2013 Kindergarten

2014 First Grade

I couldn’t be more excited about going on this first grade journey with her. It is such a privilege to be her mom and her teacher.

Here is to a great school year!

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