How I Styled It: Plaid

Today I’m teaming up with Becky, Meghan, and Whitney again. The last time we collaborated was for my first official fashion post that included me playing “the model”. I felt like I was in WAY over my head, but y’all were so encouraging and sweet. I instantly knew that more fashion posts would be in my future. Just typing those words still feels kind of weird and I am still wrapping my head around the whole idea, but that’s okay. This blog has turned into several things that I never imagined it would. 

This time around we chose to style plaid.

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Where Comfort And Fashion Collide, Go Comfy

Over the past year I’ve been working on a few things: I’m trying to be more patient, making an effort to drink more water, and forcing myself to find motivation to get out of my sweat pants. I think I’ve been doing pretty good on all of these, but that last one recently became so much easier.

Where fashion and comfort collide. Four outfits you'll want to live in this winter #ad #gocomfy @Kohls @CuddlDuds

I’ve learned that being fashion forward and trendy doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice comfort. After all, how much do you get done when you’re uncomfortable? I’m going to guess its somewhere in the neighborhood of not much and hardly a thing. When you feel great you have the confidence to tackle anything and get things done. Why not wear clothes that let you “Go comfy’.

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Fall Fashion With JORD + Giveaway

This post is sponsored on behalf of JORD. I was given this product to review in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Fall is in the air.

The winds of change are beginning to blow and the weather around here has finally taken notice that it shouldn’t be 90 in October. I’m pretty sure that must in the Bible somewhere, HA! With the cooler weather finally here, I’ve had a chance to wear a few of the new things I grabbed while dreaming of fall… like THE vest. But, my new fall fashion goes one step further than a few new pieces of clothing.


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How I Styled It: Utility Vest

Today I am teaming up with Becky, Meghan, and Whitney to show you some fall fashion. Specifically how we’ve been wearing our utility vests lately.

Before I say anything else I want to take a second to tell y’all how much I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this post. When Meghan reached out to me with the idea I quickly agreed without much thought. It wasn’t until the day I went to take photographs that I had the “what in the world were you thinking” thoughts pop into my head. I can’t even tell you how awkward and uncomfortable I felt standing there… in a random alley… with a tripod, my girls, and a camera remote. I totally have a new-found respect for fashion bloggers who do this all the time.

Okay, moving on now.

A long, long time ago (aka 6 months) there was a girl who wanted a utility vest. She searched high and she searched low with no luck. She had almost lost all hope until one day, by a random chance, she stumbled across the perfect vest at Sam’s Club. It was a happy, happy ending indeed.

In an attempt to make me feel less awkward about this post I am trying to make light of it. But seriously, I still can’t believe I found the perfect vest for under $20 at Sam’s. I had almost settled for another vest when I finally found exactly what I wanted in a very unexpected place.


I chose to style my vest in three different ways. All three ways are wearing the same jeans (there was no way I was changing pants in that creepy alley) but each look is unique in its own way. 

fashion1-4 fashion-3-2
Jeans / Vest *Sams Club*/ Top / Shoes *Walmart*

Look #1

I kind of just want to point out a couple of things that are HUGE for me #1 I am wearing mustard #2 Hello baby step into pattern mixing. Both of these are really big fashion moments for a girl who only wore gray not even a year ago. 

fashion1-2 fashion1-3 fashion1-1
Shirt / Boots

Look #2

My girls were both insistent that I took this shirt along. I have shared it on the blog before and I still love it just as much. The floral pattern and baseball style scream fall and look perfect with the vest. I see myself wearing this outfit A LOT this fall. 

Shirt / Booties

Look #3

I think of all the looks this was my favorite. I had meant to bring a scarf along to show another layer, but I totally forgot to grab one. This shirt is amazing, the fit, price, and softness are unbeatable. This is also the first pair of booties I ever purchased and now I am convinced I need more.

So there you have it, 3 ways I plan to live (yes live) in my vest this fall and these are just a few ways I can wear it with jeans. I haven’t even got around to leggings, dresses or skirts yet?!

Make sure you check out how Becky, Meghan and Whitney styled theirs.
They are bound to be more inspirational than myself :P.

Thanks for letting me play fashion blogger today friends.

Have you hopped on the utility vest bandwagon yet?

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Fashion Lately, I’ve Changed

First off I’d like to make it totally clear that I AM NOT a fashion blogger, nor am I trying to become one. I am just a girl who had an extremely boring wardrobe who has made an effort to change. Change has been slow, very slow. Like one super cheap find at a time slow, but it is happening. Today I wanted to share some photo proof that things are getting better.

Fashion Lately
I don’t have a large wardrobe packed full of trendy styles. My shoe department could use a few additions and I hardly have any accessories. I say all of this to say working with what you have can sometimes surprise a person. What if instead of focusing on what we don’t have we focused on what we do. That attitude change alone can make getting dressed so much easier and avoid flashbacks to 16 years old, clothes EVERYWHERE, crying on the bed (probably in your underwear) because “I have nothing to wear”. Some days the glass half full approach is harder than others, but I am trying.

Here are a few outfits that I have been wearing lately.

outfit 1
Shoes/ Shorts/ Shirt

This is a good example of an everyday go to look for me. I could live in tanks, short and my Chacos. The top is a great kelly green and this was my first ever pair of patterned shorts. I can’t wait to find some more.

Outifit 2
Shoes/ Shorts/ Shirt 4.88 at Wal-Mart

When Becky shared an outfit post a few weeks back I literally found myself running to Wal-Mart that same morning. I was on the lookout for a shirt I was never able to locate. But with the 4th just around the corner I decided to grab this shirt instead.

Can I just take a moment to say how awesome Becky is. I can Snapchat her photos while shopping and she is always so helpful. Plus she keeps coming up with cute outfits that challenge me to branch out even more.

Shirt/ Skirt

This is a long time favorite tank of mine that I used to wear with everything, all the time. But now I am super excited to pair it with this Lula Roe skirt…. that I won! I LOVE the color and pattern. I wore it once to Wal-Mart after church and received tons of compliments. Their maxis are UH-mazing. 

outfit 5
Shirt Wal-Mart 4.88 / Pants Old navy

I owned absolutely no floral so after buying the polka dot tank above I decided that for less than $5 I NEEDED another one. So glad I picked this pattern. 

outfit 6
Shirt/ Jeans

I tried this shirt on fully expecting to hate it and it quickly turned out to be one of my favorites. The fit, the style the colors. I love everything about it.

outfit 2
Shorts/ Shirt JCP no longer available online

Another shirt I didn’t think I would buy when I tried it on. The pattern is so much fun and it is light weight making it perfect for a hot summer day.

outfit 4
Shoes/ Skirt *similar

I liked the idea of wearing converse with dresses so putting this look together with a simple skirt and a graphic-tee was one of the first things I wanted to do when I got my chucks. 

I said I would change and I think I have.
Bye-bye boring wardrobe. Hello color, pattern, and fun!

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So my day as a wanna-be fashion blogger is over. But if you are looking for more style inspiration here are a few ladies that do an amazing job sharing about clothes and fashion advice

Becky // BYBMG

Sarah // Foxy’s Domestic Side
Deena //  Shoes to Shiraz
Meghan // The Adventure Starts Here
Shelly // The Queen In Between

What is your go to summer look?

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My Favorite Hidden Gem, Kushyfoot

I received these products free in exchange for my review. See my disclosure statement. 

One of my clothing pet peeves has to be shoes without socks. From tennis shoes to dress shoes, I just can’t. It is uncomfortable, sweaty, and often the experience ends in blisters. So many pairs of shoes just sit in my closet simply because I just don’t have the right socks to comfortably wear with them… until now. I could not have been any more excited when Kushyfoot sent me a variety of products to try out.

There were athletic socks, anklet socks, cushioned heel socks and peep toe socks too! Peep toes socks?! Where have you been all my life. If only I had found you sooner. 

I instantly ran to my closet, gathered all the shoes that had been annexed to the back of the top shelf and put Kushyfoot to the test. 

My lowest cut pair of pointy toe stilettos were instantly made comfortable with cushioned heel foot covers.

So discreet, so secure, so comfortable.
Sheer Anklets would be a perfect match with dress pants… or alone if you’re feeling a bit flirty.

Kushyfoot peep toe socks have me ready to commit to the next pair of peep toe shoes I find.
But I saved my favorite for last, athletic socks.
After 2+ years of running I would consider myself to be an athletic sock snob.
The combination of materials, comfort and style are such a hard balance to nail. Kushyfoot no show athletic socks have done it.

I have never had a pair of no show athletic socks that I would actually go for a run in until now.

Kushyfoot has the perfect sock for just about any shoe.

Be sure to check them out!

Thank you so much Kushyfoot for sponsoring today’s post and letting me share your fantastic products with my readers.

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