Fall Family Photos 2017

So many families are good about taking family photos every single year, sadly we are not one of them. It’s not that I don’t want the photos, (Because if you really know me, you should know how much I LOVE photos.) but it has been more of a budget/cost thing. The least thing I have wanted to do is to spend “big bucks” for a limited amount of photos, that I may not love, when I have a perfectly capable camera in my very own hands.

Usually every other year I realize the photos really need updated, suck it up and book an appointment. But this year we chose to go another route. Instead of paying someone to take photos for us, we decided to trade with a friend. I’d take pictures of her family, she’d take them of mine. Worst case scenario they don’t turn out and neither of us lose a thing.

We picked a day, picked outfits and met on a Sunday for family photo shoots. I took the photos of mine that I could, she did hers and we took photos for the other person as well. It was perfection. We both got some really great shots and it only cost our time. 

Here are a few of my favorites

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Family Photos 2015

They are done!!!

Last Tuesday was picture day and today I am officially unveiling the new blog design and sharing our 2015 family photos with you guys. Maybe today won’t be the typical Monday that I usually dread.

We are so lucky to have a great friend who also happens to take amazing pictures.

Here are some of my favorites from our recent photo session with Aaron Wilcox Photography. Local friends, if you need some family photos done please check this guy out! He has skills, is a super great guy and is affordable. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Monday Friends!

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