2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #1

About a month ago I shared our 2016 Fall Bucket List. I feel like I scheduled that post and then just kind of forgot about it. When ‘the old’ blog planner showed an update penciled in for today I had a small panic attack. Thankfully, much to my surprise, we’ve done a pretty good gob so far at crossing things off. There are still A LOT of items left to go, but we have over a month left.


Here is what we have done so far:

Visit a pumpkin patch

After making it to the patch late last year and finding bare bones, we went MUCH earlier this time. We called it a field trip and went on a Thursday afternoon. The weather was lovely and so were the girls. I hate that our patch is rather boring compared to so many I see. There is nothing much to do around there. But, it is kind of nice to have a no fuss place to go to. 

img_4146 img_4167 img_4197
Navigate a corn maze

We did this one, twice! Do we get bonus points? We took one trip with Russ to Pathways Corn Maze and one trip with our home school co-op to Right Choices. Both were so much fun and hot. Why is it every time we plan a fall activity it decides to be 90 degrees.  

img_4462 img_4487
 img_5046 img_5049
Have a pumpkin Spice Latte

I have had one, ONE! Something about this just isn’t right. When I have an urge to get one I can’t leave the house OR it’s hot. I simply can not drink a PSL when the weather is hot. It just feels wrong. I don’t know how you warmer weather girls do it. 

img_20160924_184306 img_20160926_154219
Go on a hay ride

Two trips to the corn maze also meant two hay rides AND two barrel train rides too! We also did hay mazes, corn canons, corn pillows and more but I’ll spare you all the photos.

img_4456 img_4459


Try a a new pumpkin recipe

With the ‘All Things Pumpkin’ Link-up going on there has been NO shortage of pumpkin treats around our house. 

honey-cinn-butter Pumpkin Spice Oreo Truffles. So good, so easy, and you only need 5 ingredients! mummy-pies

Attend a fall festival

I maybe cheated by just attending the car show portion of the festival. I think I just chose the best part. Last year we attended the parade too, but I was really frustrated by the ridiculous amount of SCARY spook house floats. I said we’d never go again. I hate when events don’t consider keeping things family friendly. 

img_4780 img_4765 20161015_131807

So we’ve only marked 6 things out of the 24 we have listed. I’m almost tempted to panic, but completing our list is never the goal. The real goal is to be intentional about making memories together. And I think we are doing a pretty great job doing that. 

How is your fall bucket list going?

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Fall Bucket List Wrap-Up 2015

We did it, we did it!
Is anyone else singing the Dora song now?

Is Dora even on any more? 

Oh the memories. Marissa was obsessed!

Last week we finally finished our 2015 Fall Bucket List.

You can take a peek back at our first, second and third check ins, but here is what we have been up to recently. 


Play In The Leaves

Since the 2011 tornado the middle of town has very few trees, specifically mature ones. In the fall if we want to play in the leaves we have to find others to take pity on us, or we scoop up a pile wherever we find them. 

Which is exactly what we did this year.

Carve Pumpkins

We ended up carving one pumpkin right before Halloween. I usually get all fancy with stencils and such but I just didn’t have time for that this year. We went back to the basics using a simple Sharpie and a knife. The girls had just as much fun as they usually do if not more.

Go Trick or Treating

I shared the details last week, so let’s just say trick or treating was a huge success.

Nature Walk

Last week on our “hookie day” we went for a walk. It was beautiful to be surrounded by nature. The girls are already asking to go back to the trail and I am hoping we can before it gets too cold.

Our 2015 list is complete!

Of all the bucket lists we put together fall might just be my favorite one. Is it bad that I am already thinking about next years list? I think we need to go bigger since we easily marked everything off our list this year.

Enjoy the rest of your fall friends!

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Fall Bucket List Check-in #3

Last week we only managed to cross off one thing on the bucket list so I spared myself the embarrassment and skipped the bucket list post. However, I am back for redemption today. We miraculously managed to put a pretty big dent in our list and it looks like we just might be able to finish up our list after all.

Here is what we have checked off our list since check-in #1 and check-in #2 

Bake a Pie

They were so excited to dive in and get busy. Their flavor of choice? Pumpkin of course!

Fall Themed Craft With The Kids

We probably could have already crossed this one off but with a few bigger projects done we’ll make it official. 

 I picked up a 2 pack of paintable pumpkins and some metalic paint at Hobby Lobby.

Then Saturday morning Marissa and I spent some time working on this. I had most of the supplies on hand already so it was a simple fun way to add some Halloween flare. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Here we are again for for our yearly trip to Fredrickson Farms. In my oppinion the Joplin area is REALLY lacking a good pumpkin patch. Maybe I should buy some land and become a farmer? The pumpkin selection here was less than impressive. 

See what I mean?!
So we bought a couple baby pumpkins then went to Aldi and picked these guys up for $2.69 each.
Whatever works right?!

Caramel Apples


I know I said caramel apples and technically we had caramel apples. We just chose to go the easy to eat route.

It started with homemade salted caramel sauce and ended with some very sticky hands and fingers. It was SO good. The best part is we have LOTS leftover so we can keep using this stuff all through the holidays. Making caramel was WAY easier than I expected, I will never buy caramel dip ever again. 
Watch a Halloween Movie

Friday night after our caramel apple dip the girls and I sat down to watch a Halloween movie. The movie of choice? 


Marissa wanted to watch something else but I think she got so nervous that it would be spooky that she chickened out and went with something familiar.

Fall fun that wasn’t on our list…

We went to the Maple Leaf Parade.

Then stopped by the Maple Leaf car show. 
Mo-Kan’s Hot Rod Reunion is always an October highlight. 
Another super easy chalk board creation of mine.
Silly hat day at co-op, #nailedit
As of October 26th this is where we are on our list 11/15 done!

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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Countdown to Halloween, Bucket List Check-In #2

Today I am linking up late for the Countdown to Halloween week #2. Other posts kept me busy earlier in the week but that’s probably for the best since we were kinda lazy in the bucket list department last week. At least this way I was able to cross one more thing off our list before writing this post. 

Here is what we crossed off since our last check-in.

Family Photos


I shared my favorites in the “official photo post” but I thought I would share a few more here.

Sweet sisters

 Fun vintage feel to this one… except I shouldn’t be smiling. 
Have you ever noticed they never smiled in old pictures?
Typical care free Emily.

I am pretty sure he had just licked me. You may laugh but I’m completely serious.
How we roll.

Backyard Camp Out

I laughed as I put it on our list but I knew the girls would LOVE it if we could make it happen. I planned it and cancelled because it was too cold. Then I picked another day that would work “better” and forgot to double check the forecast. Yup, it was COLD.

It was warm early in the evening.


But it cooled off enough for a fire and s’mores of course!

They were “ready” to go to bed at 7:40.

We did some relaxing and reading.

Around 9:00 I drew the line and said we needed to fall asleep and they finally did. I woke up around 3:30 half frozen then took a quick glance at my phone to see 44 degrees, WHAT?! I should have double checked the forecast! I went inside got extra blankets and dozed back of until around 6:30 when Marissa woke up.
We finally were all up and out around 7:00 so we built a fire and hung out with our hot cocoa (coffee for me) until time to go in for school.

I hope they always remember this night.
I never imagined myself sleeping in the backyard with the girls but making those memories with them is so worth it. 

Fall fun that wasn’t on our list…

2015 Pumpkin Run

I could probably cross the fall craft off the list but I’m keeping it on there just in case I do something more impressive.

Speaking of art, check out my latest Halloween chalkboard!

As of October 13th this is where we are on our list, 6/15 done.

We didn’t manage to cross much off our list this week, but we did cross off a couple of big ones. I’m happy and optimistic that we will be able to finish off our list with no problem.

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

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Family Photos 2015

They are done!!!

Last Tuesday was picture day and today I am officially unveiling the new blog design and sharing our 2015 family photos with you guys. Maybe today won’t be the typical Monday that I usually dread.

We are so lucky to have a great friend who also happens to take amazing pictures.

Here are some of my favorites from our recent photo session with Aaron Wilcox Photography. Local friends, if you need some family photos done please check this guy out! He has skills, is a super great guy and is affordable. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Monday Friends!

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Count Down to Halloween, Bucket List Check-In #1

Hello Monday!
Today kicks off week one of the “official” Countdown to Halloween and we are so excited to join in the fun again this year. I hope to use these posts to keep you updated on our Halloween adventures and to share the details as we mark things off our Fall Bucket List
So far this is what we have done:

Visit a Corn Maze

This weekend we went out to Pathways Corn maze. Pathways has became an annual tradition for our family and this year was just as fun as the years before (you can check out last years trip here).
We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Sunny 60 something degrees and a crisp fall breeze in the air.
They played in the hay maze.

We took a hayride. Of course we couldn’t forget the obligatory family hayride selfie.

Taking a barrel train ride is always a favorite!

Selfie with my guy.

Plenty of photo ops

Lastly there was the corn maze. We keep waiting for the year the girls want to go through the whole entire thing instead of taking the early exit but once again we lucked out and only had to do about 1/5 of it. 

Have a Bonfire and S’mores
Friday night I bribed the girls #noshame. It was something like “if you help clean up the house and your rooms maybe we can make s’mores later”. Little did they know I had already planned to make s’mores regardless. The weather was just to perfect not too.

This is how we do s’mores.

Once you use Nutella you just never want to use anything else ever again.

Sitting out there in the cold by the fire watching Russ chase the girls around the yard *sigh*.
My heart was overwhelmed with how very, very blessed we are. 
Pick Apples
Last Wednesday I dished up the details of the first time I took the girls apple/pear picking and how very “helpful” they were.
This was a new item on this years bucket list and it was so nice to load up on apple goodies for months to come for free. 
Attend a Fall Festival
I don’t know if it was really a “fall festival” but it was a festival in the fall so I say the hot air balloon festival counts.

I already shared several photos but here are a few new ones!

We also had a spooky story time with our new friend Bones and worked on some crafts this week too.
As of October 5th this is where we are on our list, 4/15 done.
I know at least one thing is going to get crossed off that list tomorrow and hopefully we’ll wrap up a few more so we have lots to share with you next week!

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

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