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Have you ever stumbled across an item so perfectly suited for you, that you simply had to have it. Something that is so you, that it seems crazy for it not to be yours? That is exactly how I ended up here today, sharing this with you.

After giggling over one of my sayings with a friend, the idea popped into my head that it would make a hilarious and oh so accurate shirt. I put that thought on my mental back burner and carried on. Days or week later, the thought recurred to me while sitting at my computer. I quickly plugged it in to Google, pushed search, and the rest is history. 

What did I Google you’re wondering?! 5 very simple and true words…

Donuts are my love language

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The Great Donut Quest Continues

This will be the third part of a small series we have been working on.

The quest to find the ULTIMATE DONUT!

Just so you know, in my head I hear a grand echoing voice bellowing that out. .

A couple months ago the girls and I took in upon ourselves to locate the best donut shop in the Joplin area. So far we have posted about 3 shops, you can read about them in our first and second donut posts. After we visited College Station we had plans of making one final stop. But plans changed when we sporadically added another contender to the list with an unplanned donut stop on Saturday morning.

Before we get “all serious” talking about our donut stop I thought it would be fun to share a little donut humor.


Hope you found those as funny as I did. That Brian Regan bit has kept me snickering at donut shops for YEARS now.

The Donut Hole

First off let say the word hole being in the name is completely appropriate. This place was quite a “hole in the wall” It wasn’t fancy, or well decorated. But it was full of locals picking up their regular orders, sitting around drinking coffee and catching up on all the new gossip.

This was the display (pardon the blurry thumb picture). That’s it! That was all they had. It was about 9:00 and the inventory was pretty low. We placed our order for some cake donuts and a couple glazed that were in the process of being made at the time. 

Marissa would not stop raving about how delicious her strawberry donut was. She said it was the best donut she had ever had. 
After some waiting, these came.

They were still so warm I could barely hold it to take this picture. Words can’t even say how delicious it was, UH-mazing. 

So now the donut shop that was the least pleasant to hang out at, had the lowest selection and inventory some how magically has the tastiest donuts we have had so far. And, I haven’t even brought up the fact that they are the cheapest to!

How will we ever pick a favorite? Good thing we still have at least one more stop before we have to choose a winner.

What is your hands down favorite kind of donut to eat?

I am a maple bar gal. Leave me a comment and let me know what you like.

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Our Quest For Donut Perfection

A few weeks back the girls and I set out on a mission.

 Our objective is to find the tastiest donut shop in the Joplin area. 

I mean c’mon. Doesn’t one “NEED” to know the best place to go when one has a donut craving?! Plus it promised to be a tasty and fun adventure.

The rules of our search are as follows:

1. We purchase 3 types of donuts: cake, maple bar and a glazed.

2. We eat and “discuss” the donuts comparing them to the others we have previously tried.

3. We closely check out the shop for variety of both flavors and toppings as well as the atmosphere

4. We have FUN!

We started our quest at Sweet Spot.

If I am being brutally honest here, this place was a HUGE disappointment. It is Joplin’s newest donut shop and I will be shocked if it is still there in 6 months. Variety was awful, freshness was questionable and the set up of the building was just plain weird.

But the girls loved it. That is the best part about doing this with the girls, they are easily pleased. I wasn’t impressed but they sure were. Hopefully this process will “refine their palates a bit”.

This weekend we went to our second stop, Heavenly Donuts.

The selection here was MUCH better. They had at least twice the amount of donuts to choose from, if not more. They even had these adorable little gingerbread man shaped donuts that made the girls giggle. The donuts tasted a lot fresher and were much better. We also liked the way the store was laid out. Only down fall here was they weren’t the “friendliest” bunch of people, but the service wasn’t really bad either. 

We definitely enjoyed Heavenly Donuts better. The girls

said “The donuts here are much yummier than the last place”. I couldn’t have agreed more. 

We still have a few more stops to make before we choose a winner and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Stay tuned!

Do you have a go to donut shop?

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