DIY Headband Holder: Tuesday Talk 2016 V2

Hello my name is Beth and I love organization.

So you can imagine the horror, eye rolls, sighs and eye twitches that this drawer in my girls’ bathroom was causing me. Seriously, sometimes I couldn’t even get the drawer to open.

What started off as a clever idea to put the headbands in the basket morphed into a wicked tangled web of chaos. Because 8 pink headbands isn’t enough, obviously. My girls wear A LOT of headbands.

*Insert girl mom tip: The best place to buy headbands is Childrens Place. I can often pick them up on clearance for .80-2.00 and I get free shipping too!

There had to be a way to turn this disaster into something pretty and organized.

And it turns out there is. 

The best part is I crafted this simple headband holder in about 20 minutes out of things I already had laying around the house (after raiding my craft cabinet).

To make your own here is what you need!

Pedestal, I used a candle stick holder

Oatmeal container

Rope or ribbon

Burlap to cover

Plenty of hot glue


Brown construction paper

The first thing I did was cover the lid. To do this I traced a circle slightly larger than my lid, and glued it on securing the edges with more glue. I already had plans to go around the edge with the rope so I didn’t have to be too careful. 

Next I went to cover the container. However, I discovered the burlap was a bit sheer and I could still see the oatmeal design. So before covering I wrapped the container with brown construction paper.
Now I was ready! I cut the seam as straight as I could and glued it on calling the seam area the back of my project.
The top excess I shoved in the container and the lid fit snugly and securely on.
To finish the bottom I cut slits and glued them down individually as neatly and tightly as I could.

I added a piece of cardboard to the bottom for added stability and glued the pedestal on.
I found it to be a bit wobblier than I wanted so I wend around the base with the hot glue gun a couple of times trying to create more stability and security. It worked perfectly!
I added some more rope around the bottom and a piece of mustard burlap for decoration.
I later realized that doing this was kind of pointless since you can’t really see it but hey, I already had it lying around.
 My project was complete.
The finished project holds about 14 -15 headbands. 
I definitely think I will be making another one of these in the next year or two. 
I also love that the headbands are neatly displayed and easy to find.
No more rummaging through the drawers looking for a certain one.
Projects like this make the organizer in me smile and breathe a huge sigh of relief.
Have you organized anything lately?

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Tuesday Talk: DIY Camera Strap {Tutorial}

Welcome to week 2 of Tuesday Talk.
First off, we were thrilled with how many of you linked up for our first week.

Thank you! 
We hope you will keep coming back week after week.

Now as promised yesterday here is my latest DIY project

Recently I became tired of my camera strap. It was unattractive, uncomfortable and just plain boring. That combination was no fun at all. So after some creative thinking and a little research I came up with a great idea to make a new strap. This project is easy, inexpensive and requires no special tools or skills. 

Does it get any better than that? 

Supplies needed:
Infinity scarf measuring anywhere from 32-35″ folded in half
2 Packages of assorted split key rings (I found mine at Home Depot with the keys.)
Small spring snap clips (I found mine at Hobby Lobby.)
1. Open the assorted split key key rings packs and attache the smallest ring to your camera. I would have loved for them to be a tiny bit smaller, but I didn’t wan to sacrifice sturdiness so I went with these. 
2. Carefully attach the largest ring to your scarf. You may want to ask for help with this step to avoid snagging the material. 
I was able to start mine like this and slowly pull the material through.

This is the result.

You want to do this twice so you have two rings on your scarf.
3. Add your clips
You can add your clips two ways

The way in this picture allows for you to easily change the strap.

Or you can reverse them allowing you to only have the tiny rings on your camera if you decide to take the strap off. There is no right or wrong way to go here. I plan on making more straps soon so I wanted to be able to easily swap them out. 
4. Carefully attach the clips to the camera and you are done!
I am LOVING mine. It did take me a bit to get used to the feel of the clips on my hands but I don’t even notice them now. I could wear this thing on my neck for hours now, so comfortable and an added bonus, it’s super cute!!!


I am already planning to make another for the spring. I am thinking something fun and floral would be great.



What kind of print would you choose?

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Weekend Project: Plates In The Kitchen

Three day weekends always make me a bit optimistic that maybe we will get something extra done around the house. Maybe, just maybe we can cross something off the ever growing “honey-do” list.

I went into this weekend not holding my breath. Things have been busy lately and the summer always means lots of yard work. Not to mention recently we he dove head first into a very large project that has left me wondering if any of my smaller ones would be done within the next year. More on that project another day.

About a year ago I decided I wanted to do something behind the stove.

 I was thinking some sort of formal back splash maybe with tile.

The husband suggested something a little less traditional and I just happened to be crazy enough to go along with the idea.

It all started with a board he had laying around the garage. He cut it to size and painted it black. 

Next we went through his LARGE collection of license plates… yes, I said license plates.
I laid out a pattern and he cut them to fit.

Once that was done we locate the studs, hung the board and finished attaching the plates.
Total project cost $0.00!
Okay, so this is definitely not going the traditional route of home decor. And I am probably one of a small handful of women that would not only be okay with this but also love it. It is different, “us” and goes perfectly with the eclectic, vintage, car theme we are working on in the rest of our home. 
I couldn’t be happier that I went along with his crazy idea.
Random info:
Most of the plates were picked because they were unique: New York, Hawaii and that really cool old Illinois plate. The others were chose because of their colors and the fact that he would let me cut them up. There were Colorado and Florida ones that I wanted to use but he vetoed chopping them. Lastly the bottom left plate I chose because I was raised in Kansas and was born in 1983 :).

Finally a year later this project is done. Now if I can only convince him to finish up a project for the dining room. But I guess I should be happy with this handy work for now

What was your latest project you tackled?

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