Dress-tember 2017

Over the month of September Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me hosted a clothing challenge called Dress-tember. The idea was to wear 10 dresses over the month of September. Easy enough, right? So I warned the husband that if I started wearing more dresses than normal he didn’t need to worry about me (It’s the sad truth) and I got started!

On day #1 I picked up a Dress-tember buddy. When Emily heard about the challenge she whole heartedly wanted to participate too. There was NO WAY I would, or could, say no to that. So she joined the fun with her messy hair, spunky spirit, mismatched sock and love for sneakers with dresses. 

September was a HOT month. We only had 4 days that even started out remotely fall like and nearly every one of those ended like summer. I guess all in all this worked to my advantage because my spring/summer dress selection is way better than my fall/winter one.

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