My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist {2015}

Once again I had so much fun making wish lists for the girls that I decided to make one for myself. Last year I put some pretty insane items on my wish list and God amazingly provided all of them. Through presents, Christmas money and a few really great sales and coupons, it was awesome. I don’t expect to receive everything on this years list, but I also decided to scale it back quite a bit. 

So, without further explanation here is this years Christmas/Birthday wishlist:

1) A Lens hood. I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up for quite some time.

2) An essential oil diffuser. It is long past time to take the plunge.

3) Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. In teal, it is just SO pretty.

4) A Lens Pen. This little tool is SO handy.

5) A wireless blue tooth adapter, so I can easily play music in the house from my phone.

6) A vest. It doesn’t have to be this one, but I do really like it.

7) A speedlite flash, my indoor photography wish come true.

8) A new wallet. Mine is falling apart, literally.

And there you have it my 2015 Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to me list!

What’s on your list?

Did I miss anything good?

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Tuesday Talk: Our Girls’ Wish Lists {2015}

Happy first day of December.
Christmas is coming and that means two little girls start wishing and hoping that Santa will come. We aren’t big into the presents around here, but it is always fun to pick out a few things that would make two little girls VERY happy. 
Marissa’s Wish List
Marissa is getting to an awkward stage, she still plays with toys just not as much as she used to. However, she REALLY loves Lego Friends. The main problem with this is they are pretty pricey (and all the Lego loving kids mothers say AMEN!) But she really wants this set that she spied at Walmart a few weeks back and despite my trying to sway her, she is holding strong. She thinks Cinderella is currently the BEST movie ever and she always enjoys and new DS game or something crafty or cozy.
Emily’s Wish List
Emily is still head over heels in love with Minnie and MUCH easier (and cheaper) to shop for than her sister. Minnie Mouse clothes are always her favorite, you just can’t go wrong with those. I put the magnetic doll on her list last year and plan to make sure and pick it up this time around. Home is her favorite movie right now (but it just came out on Netflix so this may not be needed). I know she’d love a sleeping bag and Mickey books, games and stuffed animals are always a hit. 

1) Minnie Mouse Clothing

2) Magnetic Dress-up Minnie

3) Home on DVD

4) Minnie Mouse Sleeping Bag

5) 5 Minute Minnie Tales

6) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mobi-go Game

7) Plush Donald Duck

What’s on your kid’s Christmas list?

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