Chalk Board Love, 2017

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When we added a schoolroom to our house a couple of years ago, we added a pretty large chalk board (my board is about 2’x3′). In my head I imagined it would be used as a teaching tool, something the girls would work math problems on, but it ended up being something VERY different. One day I decided to doodle on it and before I knew it I was hooked. I had a serious case of chalk-art fever and making new creations every week became something I looked forward to. 

After the first year I slowed way down and doodled less frequently, but it is still something that I love to do and something that brings me so much joy. Today I want to recap some of the chalkboard designs I have doodled so far in 2017!

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Chalk Board Love

It all started  a few months ago…

I always knew that when we had a home school room a chalkboard would be a must have addition. I didn’t even want it for the expected classroom reasons. I wanted a chalkboard for doodling and just having fun. I don’t think I ever imagined that I would be the artist. 

A couple weeks later I did my first chalkboard.

 I was instantly hooked. I knew my plan of changing the chalkboard every month would not be enough.
Since August I have been creating a new piece every week.
Here is a look back at a few of my favorites.






It has been so awesome to watch my skills improve over the past few months.

Every week I post my chalkboards on Instagram and I have received a lot of questions.
I thought it would be fun to answer them today.

The question I get asked the most is what kind of chalk do I use?
I use .47 a box plain white chalk that I pick up at Wal-Mart

Do I grid out my design?
Sometimes I use a ruler to figure out where the center is or as an edge for a straight line but I do not grid or trace. It is 95% free hand.
How does it look so clean?
I really wipe down my board good before starting and try to keep my work space clean.
I use wet q-tips to refine any details that need extra attention. 
How do I get good details with plain chalk?

Did you know that you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpener ;)?!

Where did I get my chalkboard?
I made it with MDF trim boards, a free piece of thin backer board that I picked up from the hubby’s work and a staple gun. Chalkboards are SO easy to make. Be creative and save your money.

Some day I may share a few more details or a how too when I feel like I have refined the chalkboard skills. But until then I’ll keep on doodling and sharing my boards on IG.

Happy Sunday friends!

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