Fall Family Fun List, 2017

With the official arrival of fall just over 2 weeks away, I thought now would be the perfect time to share our 2017 Fall Family Fun list. 

In the spirit of being honest I need to confess something… I almost didn’t make a fall list. I think a huge reason for that has been complete and utter failure with our spring and summer lists. I made them and then life just happened. But more than that, I discovered that we didn’t need them to fill in the gaps anymore. If all that I put on our summer list was attend VBS and go to the pool my girls would easily declare it the ‘Best Summer Ever’. 

However, fall and Christmas are more about tradition than the relaxation of spring & summer break. There are things that our family has done year, after year and making a list helps me to keep track of them. So even though I may never create another spring or summer bucket list, I think fall and Christmas ones are here to stay. 

Here is what we have planned for our fall.

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Winter Bucket List 2017

It’s a first around here, a winter bucket-list!

Typically we make one for the spring, summer, fall, and Christmas, but the season of winter gets overlooked. Now that the girls are older (and aren’t so easily entertained) I thought we would create a winter list to keep us busy. After all, there are 10 weeks of winter to go…  A little piece of my happiness just died.

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Christmas Bucket List 2016

With Thanksgiving officially over, I am MORE than ready to move into Christmas mode (not that I wasn’t already there). The month of December is my favorite! Within one week there is Christmas Eve (my favorite day of the year), Christmas, my birthday, and a whole new year. Christmas week is also vacation time at our house. We don’t have school (obviously) and we always plan for Russ to take the week off with us. We have far too much partying to have to worry about things like school and work. 

Today I want to share our Holiday Bucket List with you. This years list has 20 things and we have just over 25 days to mark them all off. It’s pretty much impossible, but goodness do we have fun trying.

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Fall Bucket List 2016, The Finale

I gave us until Thanksgiving to complete our fall bucket list. With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow, it seems we are out of time. But the good news is we don’t need any more time. We actually somehow managed to finish another list. At the end it was  sheer will power that got us through. A lot of the things we had left were really simple or already planned things. Have I ever mentioned that I am pretty stubborn? There was no way I w as about to let a couple of things keep us from finishing our list off. 


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2016 Fall Bucket List: Update #2

It’s been a few weeks since our first bucket list check in. In years past, I’ve always stopped working on our fall list after Halloween. In an attempt to “respect the bird” I thought we would stretch our list out until Thanksgiving. I think this approach is working, but I also feel pretty distracted by all things Christmas. I may or may not already have our Christmas bucket list made too. #ICantHelpMyself

Let’s take a look at what we’ve recently marked off.
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