Book Love, August 2017

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What began as a goal to read one book became me rediscovering my love for reading. When I think of the summer of 2017, I will remember it as the one that I had my nose stuck in a book. It has been amazing.

I’m at such a sweet age with my girls to read books, while they read books. But with home school now in session I will have a lot less time to do recreational reading. I’m hoping that I don’t completely give it up again, until next summer that is. Even if I just read one or two books a month, my goal is to keep reading.

Over the month of July I read 4 books. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t read more, but one of them was very long and another seemed hopelessly slow at first. Here’s a look at what I read.

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Book Love, July 2017

This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase an item through the link, it will cost no extra to you, but I will make a small commission. Thanks for your support.

About a month ago my I was challenged by Stephanie to read one book this summer, just one book. I grimaced, I groaned, I tried to get her to let me read a kids chapter book… she refused. So I sucked it up and went to the library grabbing a book that I thought I could make it through, some how. When I sat down to read something magical happened. The book-worm that has been resting dormant for over 20 years (whom I thought had died) sprung back to life.

I read one book, followed by another and then another. Something I had assumed I no longer enjoyed became the perfect past time. In less than a month, I had read several books and today I want to share them with you!

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The Gift Giver

If you know even the least bit about me you likely know that my love for Christmas is strong and runs deep. If you don’t believe me, just ask around or swing on by the house in about a month when I begin putting up our 5 Christmas trees. My husband wishes I was just kidding about that.

Christmas at the Newman house has always came with the challenge of finding a balance. But more importantly instilling Gospel truth about Christmas into our children’s hearts. We believe that Christmas is not for us or about us. Christmas is all about Jesus, sharing His story and love with others. Teaching our children truth while the world around us is screaming its “be selfish agenda” at them has always been hard.

Then there is the big question of where Santa fits into the picture?
Since we’re talking about Santa, let me tell you a little secret…
 I think somewhere in my heart I still believe in Santa.
Santa is magical, he has enchanted my mind and thoughts ever since I was a little girl. I knew he wasn’t real long before I ever admitted it, I just couldn’t let go. It would bring joy to my heart if my girls could someday be 31 year old women that say the same thing. 
Recently I had the chance to review a new holiday children’s book, The Gift Giver. 
The Gift Giver is a beautiful story that tells the story of how Santa is tied to and shared as part of the true meaning of Christmas.
The book cleverly tells a story of a boy who wakes up to discover Santa delivering presents. He is a bit upset that he is only left three and asks for more. Santa confronts him with the question “What do you believe Christmas is?” and goes on to explain that gifts are only meant to remind us of something greater. When the boy asks him to explain Santa tells the story of how he came to exist. This story explains Santa in a way I have never heard before, in a way that children can understand and be excited about. It ties Santa to the Gospel message in a beautiful and creative way.
It is a story of love, hope, miracles and joy, exactly what Christmas is really all about.
I wanted to share it with my girls immediately but decided to save it just a little while longer. The holidays are soon coming and once again the worldly views of Christmas will soon be everywhere. The Gift Giver is an excellent tool to help refocus our hearts, both young and old, on what Christmas is really all about. I can’t wait to read this book with my girls.

Head over to Amazon to pick up your copy of The Gift Giver today.

It would make a great addition to a holiday book collection or an early Christmas gift.
You can watch this short trailer to learn more about this fantastic book.
 I received this product free in exchange for my review. 
For more info you can see my disclosure statement. 
Exciting  Tuesday Talk News!
In the spirit of all things Christmas let’s talk about cookies!
On Tuesday November 3rd the hosts of Tuesday Talk are also having a blog hop cookie swap.

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Book Review “The Waterlady” & Giveaway

I was recently asked if I would like to review a book. My first initial reaction was, “Who, me?!” I still consider myself a baby blogger and let’s face it, I am. But I quickly dismissed my surprise and jumped at the opportunity. 

I couldn’t pass it up.

The Waterlady
An Ozark Tale

Seeing this is a children’s book, I thought who better to help me with this review than a child?
“The Waterlady” is an enchanting tale of a mystical mermaid like creature who lives in a pond. She often finds herself lonely wishing for company. One day she just happens to get her wish.

After reading the book I asked Marissa what she thought. She smiled and said “I like it a lot”. I then asked her what she enjoyed most about the story. She told me she really liked the waterlady because she reminded her of a mermaid. She also enjoyed the water ladies visitor, that was her favorite part.
This is definitely a book that a child with a whimsical imagination can get swept away in. That said, I believe my copy of the book was kidnapped by a certain little girl. It is safe to say that she loves this story and I am sure plenty of other children will to. 
Catherine’s book is available for sale on Amazon you can also check out her blog along or find her on Facebook as well. 
Just last week now she asked me if I would like to add a giveaway to this review. Of course I would! I mean what good is a review without a giveaway, right?! 
This time of the year when I think about sitting down to read a book I imagine something warm to drink in my other hand. If that cup is red, that is even more exciting. She is supplying the book, I’ll buy your cup of coffee all you have to do to win is enter!

See you tomorrow for my Friday 5!

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