Five Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

Some of my best post ideas come to me when I’m not even trying to scheme up posts. Todays was no different. I was lying in bed, trying to sleep, when I had the overwhelming urge to share a little more info about where I am as a blogger. If you’ve been following me along, for the past year, I hope you’ve noticed some changes.

Changes like… 

#1 I do way less sponsored content. All of the content I do now is because it shows up in my inbox. I no longer look for work.

#2 I went from posting 5-6 days a week to 3 MAYBE 4.

#3 I no longer co-host 85 (kidding) link-ups. I’m less and less stretched and have taken a lot off my plate.

Changes like this came from having some pretty amazing realizations. Ones that I have intensely thought about, AKA wrestled with, for days and weeks on end. Some of the changes have been hard but the others have been really easy. In fact, some of the changes have made me want to change even more!

But the one thing that has been consistent through the whole process is the peace I have felt. I have been way less stressed out & way more content. Those two things make me a MUCH nicer person to be around. Let me share the details on what has worked for me. 

5 Things I've Learned About Blogging. Ways I've changed and learned to embrace a less is more mentality.

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2015 Blogger Year In Review Link-up

Let’s be honest there are certain things that bloggers want to talk about that the “outside world” just doesn’t quite get. Like how we can talk about someone we have never met like they are our sister, blog growth, monetization, and blog tricks that we’ve finally figured out. We love our friends and readers who aren’t bloggers and keeping coming back (Hi Anna & Cindy) but every once in a while they might just give us a your crazy or I don’t get it look. 

So blogger to blogger, I am inviting you to share those things and link-up for a 2015 Blogger Year In Review.

So much can change and happen in one year. We would love to hear about your big moments.

We want to hear about your year. What is it that we want you to share on those Fridays in December? It’s super simple. Here are some writing prompts to get your mind working and reflecting on your blog experience this year:

  • Share your top 5 posts – either most visited, most shared or ones that you just love and had an overwhelming amount of support on. 
  • Break up your posts from the year and share your best in any of the following categories – food, fitness, books, family, craft, health, parenting, how to, tips and trick, etc. 
  • Share five new blogs you’ve discovered – (I can’t possibly know of all the good bloggers) Share your newest discoveries from the year.
  • Share with us blog posts that you’ve read this year, loved and think we should read too. 
  • Blogging is a never-ending learning experience. Share with us five lessons you’ve learned this year about blogging.
  • Have you been blogging awhile and think you have tips or tutorials that others could benefit from? Share five tips to make blogging easier for yourself or others in the new year. 
  • Share your personal blog growth. Have you grown your social outlets. Share your success. This is your chance to brag about your numbers.
  • Friday 5 Lovers?!

    If you typically do a Friday 5 post you can still join the fun. My plan is to add this to my weekly Friday 5 for the month of December so my first pick will be my 2015 Blogger Year In Review top 5 of whatever topic I choose that week. You could also dedicate your entire 5 to the link-up!

    Our Pretty Little Girls
    Our Pretty Little Girls

    All we ask is that you include our button on your post and link back to one of our blogs. The linkup will open up on December 4th and will close December 21st. If you share your post on social media, please use the hashtag #2015BloggerReview so we can search, find and read your posts. 

    I am so excited to see what you share and reflect on 2015 with you! 

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    I am a terrible blogger

    I have came to the conclusion that I am a terrible blogger. Maybe I am being a bit harsh and should say I have been a terrible blogger. It seems the longest that I have lasted so far has been a few months. Then I became very unsatisfied with my blog host of choice and instead of going through the “painful” task of switching things I gave up and quit. I could blame it on a million things but nobody cares to hear excuses. I have missed blogging. I like the idea of putting myself out there. I like the idea of others stumbling across the mundane adventures of our life and relating to them. The idea of someone being inspired or ministered to. Maybe even just someone finding something we have done and thinking it is a clever idea. More than that I love the idea of my girls having something that they can look through 10, 15 or 20 years down the road. I have high hopes that what seems like ordinary every day life will one day be happy memories for those two precious girls of all the wonderful times we have.
    So, I finally made the switch. I got the blog “ready” and I am ready to start again. Here goes nothing….
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