My Month In Numbers, April 2016

My favorite way to recap a month is with a ‘My Month In Numbers’ post. They have quickly became some of my favorite posts to write and read. It is the perfect way to recap all the little and big things that make up your months and the host Deena from Shoes To Shiraz is awesome. Do you need any other reasons to join? I think not.

Here is a peek into what our April looked like…

Joy Rides in the 37: 8 (at least)
It is everyone’s favorite car and the girls are always BEGGING me to take it anytime we leave.

Co-op Fair projects completed: 2
By some miracle the girls got their projects finished in record time.

Eye Appointment for Emily: 4
With more already scheduled for May.

Iced coffees drank: 11
Iced coffee with Almond Joy creamer is my favorite.

april selfies
Selfies taken on my phone: 16

Blog posts wrote: 21

Marissa School
Years of school Marissa completed: 4
It is clear to see my photography has greatly improved over the years.

Trips to the gym: 12
That number was disappointingly low for me but with some outdoor runs happening, it’s just going to go down a bit.

chalk april
Chalk boards doodled: 4

Air filters changed: 1
And it took me less than 5 minutes.

Rounds fired: 320
Pretty sure that is a new record. Pew, pew!

School days completed: 21
And that is a wrap until August.

Pairs of glasses ordered: 1
They are adorable.

Times I cried: 30+?
Not gonna pretend. This was a ROUGH month for this mama.

Medals won: 1
So proud of Marissa and her second place 5K finish.

April was definitely a month full of unexpected surprises.
We are naively & prayerfully optimistic that May will be much less eventful.

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How was your April?

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Currently, April 2016

Currently April
Listening to //
The sounds of nature! Beautiful spring weather means the windows are staying open and I am loving it.

Eating //
Everything…. okay maybe I’m slightly exaggerating. Lately I have been all about strawberries, avocados, and broccoli salad.

Drinking //
Iced coffee. I was so ready to change from hot to cold coffee and now that the warmer weather is finally showing its face I can.

Wishing //
That Emily’s eye problems would just magically go away. It’s so much for a little girl to have to go through. I see the frustrations it causes her and I just want to make it all better, but I can’t. I think that is the HARDEST part of being a mama, not being able to fix something. 

Looking Forward To //
Going to see my first ever Sprint Cup NASCAR race in a couple of weeks. Definitely the best surprise I have arranged for Russ so far.


Just took the #37 for a test drive. #HAMB #Ford #37Ford #hambfam #wahoo #soproud #bigday

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 Missing //
The days when I had more free time than I knew what to do with, so I did things like watch TV. Oh man sometimes I laugh thinking back at those days. Anyone else out there rarely watch TV? I feel lucky to sneak in a few episodes of Parks & Rec each week and the occasional movie is a treat.

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Counting //
The number of days left until we go on vacation. Unfortunately the number is disappointingly high. 

Praying //
For healing for Emily’s eyes and that God would give us wisdom to know the best steps to take as far as treatment goes. Praying for healing but knowing that healing may not be Gods will is a hard.

Learning //
To chill out more and boy oh boy have I had plenty of chances to practice lately. I can be pretty high-strung sometimes so learning to calm down is always good for me. 

Enjoying //
Having more day light in the evenings. It almost feels like summer some days, I can hardly wait.

Planning //
I need to be making our 2016/2017 home school lesson plans but with just a couple of days of school left this year, starting to think about next year just doesn’t seem like something I should have to worry about. 

Wearing //
I am finally starting to wear the Chacos I got after Christmas and I am loving them. I used to live in $1 flip-flops all summer long then I turned 30 and I just can’t.


Showing my ugly #runnersfeet in my new #chacos. Oh how I love them already. #greengrass #sandals #spring

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Watching //
When I do watch TV it is either Parks & Rec or an episode of Wild Kratts with the girls. They LOVE that show. Speaking of Parks & Rec I am trying to figure out a new half hour series to watch when we’re done. Any Netflix recommendations that aren’t Friends or The Office?

What have you been up to currently?

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Monthly Goals, April 2016

montly goals Banner
Another month of is gone and so is 1/4 of the year.

Thankfully it is the 1/4 that I couldn’t be happier to see gone. For me it seems like the year gets better and better as it goes along, each month bringing just a little more excitement than the one before. Today I’m going to take a look at how I am doing goal wise and make some new goals for the new month, which is nearly a week over already.
*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Celebrate the blogs 2nd birthday.

*Work harder towards 500 Facebook follower. It feels impossible but I have less than 50 to go! So if you want to help a girl out you can find my page HERE

Done, done, and done! I hit 500 like with just a couple of days to spare. I am SO excited to have finally made that milestone. It feels like I have been working toward that one forever.


*Family Game Night
*Family Movie Night
*Take a walk or family bike ride.

Family time this month was a bit less intentional than I planned for but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Plus I still feel like we did quite a bit together, just not the things on my list.


*Work out 4 days a week.
*Stop eating so many cookies. I mean it this time. Really, I do.
Thanks to some training runs with Marissa I still managed to hit my work out goal even with some lazy mornings and a cold. I was shocked that I some how pulled it off. As for eating better I’m still not doing amazing but if you are grading on a curve I did much better than last month, so I call it a win.

*Finish the She Reads Truth Lent study.
*Start keeping a prayer journal with Marissa

Prayer journal was a bomb, but we are praying more frequently together. I also barely finished the study. I need to pick something else up soon though. Maybe I can get back to that book I borrowed from MIL forever ago and have yet to really dive into.


Home School-
*Stay on track, we are so close now!
*Begin working on our project fair projects.
*Start Purchasing curriculum for next year.

One month from today we will officially be done with school, that feels AMAZING to say. I also have been gathering curriculum for next year, I even picked some up for the year after that too #overachiever. As for our project fair projects, procrastination won out. After we wrap up our testing this week we will dive into those.


*File our taxes
*Trip to the shooting range
*Prep stuff for the consignment sale
*Start some more seedlings
*Girls night

Taxes were filed, the consignment sale stuff was BARELY prepped in time and I threw a few seedlings in a pot on the last day of the month just so I could cross it off. I went on two girl nights this month which wasn’t nearly enough and my trip to the shooting range got delayed until this past weekend which was technically April. Sickness and exhaustion really had a huge impact on my March social life. Hopefully April proves to be more exciting.


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Work on my Pinterest strategy and growing followers to 1,000.

*Family movie night.
*Family outing (walk, donut date, something).
*Go to a car show.

*Run a 5K.
*Get serious about half-marathon training.
*4-5 workouts a week.
*Improve my diet more this month.

*Pray more as a family.
*Start reading something.
*Attend Sunday School at church.

Home School-
*Survive academic testing week.
*Begin wrapping up subjects at the end of the month.
*Complete project fair assignments.

*3-4 Girl nights.
*Trip to the shooting range.
*Finish and participate in the consignment sale.
*Date night.
*Take the 37 Ford Russ built for a drive.

April should prove to be a pretty busy and exciting month with lots going on as we wrap up the 2015/2016 school year. That will also be this months #1 priority. It should be a lot of fun too!

What goals are you working toward this month?

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Project Sunday 2015 {April}

Happy Sunday friends!

I think this might be the first time I have ever posted on a Sunday.
Typically I keep the blog on a Monday-Friday schedule but things have been busy and I have clearly neglected my Sunday photo project. I never shared our April photos and May is wrapping up today! 

Let’s do a little recap of the first three months.

Man this year is just flying by! Anyone else feeling this way?!

*As a side note I would just like to point out I will be putting up 5 Christmas trees in less than 6 months :).

Now for our April pictures

Week one was Easter. It was cold and windy and two little girls were NOT happy about a mom who wanted photos.

Pretty obvious to, huh?

With warmer weather they were much more cooperative.

Man I love these silly girls. I wish every week went this well.

The dress that Emily is wearing in this weeks photos was mine. Not only was it mine, my mama even made it. I just think it is the sweetest little dress. I am going to be very sad when she outgrows it. 

This was the week I was gone to OKC and Dad was in charge.
The sun is always shining when your cool.

That wraps up April and May will be coming soon.

Are you working on any photo projects this year?

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Currently {April 2015}

Making //  I haven’t been to creative lately but I did do a lot of baking over spring break. I also made a new pallet sign for the wall but it still is blank. I need some inspiration to stir up some creativity. 

Reading//  I bought this book over a year ago thinking I would start this training program, then I never did. I decided to run another half marathon in the fall and I put this on the shelf. With half marathon season right here I am trying to make plans for when it is over and I keep going back to this book. I’d really like to give this program a shot. 

Wishing //  I didn’t have so much candy in my house. It is crazy guys, just plain crazy! Would someone please come to my house and eat all of my kids candy so I don’t?!

Listening to//  I have still been listening to my All Sons & Daughters c.d. but I have also listened to this song more than once. It just doesn’t feel like Easter without this song.
Watching //  I haven’t really been watching anything other than the occasional episode of friends on Netflix and Wild Kratts with the girls. Random Beth fact, I am not a big t.v. watcher.  

Looking Forward To //  The OKC memorial half marathon at the end of the month. Road trip, quick over night get away and a race with one of my favorite gal pals Anna. I can not wait!

Wanting //  A little bit more warm sunshine and a few less April showers. Is that really to much to ask?

Wearing //  Yesterday I wore my Easter dress! I bought this dress for $4 on a JCP clearance in October and have been saving it for Easter weekend ever since. To bad it was pretty cold. 

Planning //  The rest of our school year. Only 5 more weeks and things will be over. Then I can start planning our next school year. There truly is always something to plan. 

Praying //  That God would help guide us to a new church to call home. In my heart I was hoping that we would know exactly where we were going to be by Easter and we just don’t. Continued prayers for our family are very appreciated.

Missing //  Spring break…already. Last week was so refreshing. Can we just go back to that please?

How about you?

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Monthly Goals {April 2015}

I started posting my monthly goals at the beginning of the year. At first it started out as an experiment, but I found that the motivation from publicly proclaiming my “to do’s” has been a great source of motivation for me to keep going.

March Goal Recap:


*Continue blogging about 4-5 days a week.

*Grow my Instagram account to at least 400 followers.

*Host a giveaway to celebrate my one year blogiversary (spoiler alert, it’s tomorrow).

Done, Done and DONE!


*Do more crafts and art projects with the girls.
*Family game nights have at least 2 this month.

*Have one movie night with the girls.

We honestly didn’t do any big art projects. Marissa was hard at work on her project fair board most of the month and that sucked up a lot of craft time. Emily did do LOADS of schoolwork this month. The one month I didn’t make it a goal. 

No official board game nights but we did work on pages and have computer game nights.

Movie night, check! Dad squeezed in two movie nights with the girls. I missed out but I know they had a blast.


*Exercise at least 5 days a week including my 3 runs. Let’s try this again… no promises. 

The knee is still not 100% yet.
*Drink more water. I think I may try labeling a bottle by the hour.

*Half training is in full swing now. This months long runs include some 9 & 10 mile runs. 

My goal for that, survive.

*Get the hubby running! His first 5K with me is in less than 5 weeks.

I crushed my fitness goals this month, drank my water and Russ is more than ready for our 5K on Saturday!


*Pray more.

*Start reading again.

*Continue to listen to more Christ centered music.

Reading and praying… still not doing anything consistent or scheduled. Worship music I have listened to a lot this month, mostly my All Sons & Daughters c.d.

Home School-

*Continue preparing for placement testing at the end of the month.

*Celebrate only having one quarter (9 weeks) of school left.

* Take a field trip or at least plan one.

Testing was prepped and is now over. We celebrated the last quarter of school with cupcakes and a field trip is on our radar for next Wednesday!


*Finish my first photography course.

*Continue garden planning and prep.

*Make a new pallet sign.

*Complete The Blogger Life Photo challenge on Instagram #BLphotochallenge

Still not finished. Things have just been “to busy”.

The garden planning is going great.
The pallet sign is assembled and hung but still blank. I need some inspiration. I also happened to finish our gallery wall!

FAIL, total epic fail. I am really bummed about that too. I love a good photo challenge. 

So I missed the mark on some of my goals and others didn’t end up looking exactly the way I thought they would. Overall I really feel like I accomplished a lot this month. Definitely a lot to be happy with. 


*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.

*Grow my Instagram account to at least 500 followers. I feel this one isn’t really possible… but who knows, I might as well try!

*Write a Q&A post on homeschooling & my gallery wall, that is finally “complete.”


*Work on completing our spring bucket list.
*Have at least 2 Family evening walks/bike rides.

*Have one movie night with the girls.


*Exercise at least 5 days a week including my 3 runs.

*Finish my half training and complete my first of 2 half marathons this summer.

*Run the Amazing Grace with Russell.
*Do a one mile fun run with Marissa and Emily.

*Keep logging calories on My Fitness Pal


*Pray more. For my girls, my husband and that God would help us to find a new church home.

*Start reading again, again. Praying I would hunger for words of truth.

*Listen to more worship music. Find some “kids” worship music for the girls. 

Home School-

*Enjoy the rest of spring break!

*Finish strong, May 7th is coming fast.

*Have more fun.


*Finish my first photography course… this IS the month

*Continue garden planning and prep.

*Make Finish a new pallet sign.

*Have a girls night out with my BFF

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What is a goal that you have for this month? 

Leave me a comment and tell me about it

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