When Plans Change, Recapping My 2017 Goals

It seems like just the other day I wrote this post outlining my goals for 2017. Things I wanted to do over the year, things I wanted to accomplish and things I thought I wanted. All in all, this list didn’t take a couple of things into account.

#1 I would have a huge heart change and my whole approach to blogging would change.

#2 We would sell our house, buy a piece of land and begin building a home, again.

I don’t want to make excuses for not crossing more things off this list. So please, don’t think that is what I am doing. However, I did feel like I needed to put #1 & #2 out there… mostly for my own sake. Sometimes we can make plans and even begin to execute them well, but somewhere along the course plans change.

Let’s take a closer look…

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My Top 10 Favorite Photos of 2017

2017 is just a few short weeks away from being over, WOW!

Parts of me feels like the past year went by faster than ever, others feel like SO much happened and things moved slow. But I’m not here to recap the past year, yet.

Today I wanted to link up with Erin from Perfectly Port to share my 10 favorite photos of 2017! (I had hoped to share a house post today, but I decided if I waited just a few more days there would be a lot more to share.)

At first the idea  of sharing my top 10 photos sounded like a super fun and super easy post idea… then I quickly realized just how hard it was going to be to only pick 10. I opted to narrow things down a bit and chose 10 photos from my Instagram account.

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Our Summer, 2017

With Labor Day weekend less than a week away, and being back to school for nearly a month now, I feel like I can call our summer over. #allthetears  😥

Summer is my jam. I love it more than any other season, even more than the one magical month that is Christmas. I never used to feel this way. Honestly, I spent most of my adult years despising summer. It wasn’t until I had “older” kids that I realized just how amazing it is. It’s a break from life, a break from text books, a break from monotony. It’s long days at the pool, tan lines, books read, late night ice cream, and abundant sunshine.

Life is better in the summer!

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Weekend Recap: A Baby, Family, Friends

I find it funny that last week I planned to put together a weekend recap, but I couldn’t because we were too boring. Then this weekend I didn’t expect to write one up, but the weekend was so eventful that I felt like I had to.

If I had to pick three words to summarize this weekend they would be… a baby, friends, and family. I feel like those three things are what our weekend was completely wrapped around. And the way that those three words blurred together as one thing is nothing short of beautiful. I am so very thankful for the friends we have in our life and the friends that our friends have, that have become our friends too.

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My Plans for 2017!

Here we are nearly two weeks into 2017 and I have yet to document anything that I want to accomplish in the new year!

Honestly this isn’t completely abnormal. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I really don’t care for New Years resolutions. In my opinion they just seem like a way to set yourself up for failure. If you want to do something, just do it! But on the other hand I do LOVE goals and January is a great time to figure out where you would like to set your focus for the next 12 months.

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