Pumpkin Turnovers with Cream Cheese Glaze

Last Tuesday I said that with the beginning of October meant the beginning of baking pumpkin treats. I shared my very first pumpkin recipe of the 2017 fall season, New England Pumpkin Cake, and promised that I would be sharing 4 more over the next four weeks! Some of you may think it is a genius plan, others may think I am a little crazy. I probably wouldn’t argue with you either way.
Week #2 is a super easy pumpkin pastry that will have people thinking you worked way harder than you actually did. 
Today’s recipe was a first for me, it was the first time I have ever used puff pastry. If I am being honest, puff pastry has always seemed kind of intimidating. I felt like it would be finicky and difficult to work with, goodness was I wrong, so I have never bothered with it.
But the idea of pumpkin turnovers with a cream cheese glaze was just too good to pass up. I mean, it’s pretty much an acceptable way to eat pie for breakfast! If that doesn’t convince you to give it a try yourself, I don’t know what will.

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October Currently, 2017

Hello Friday!

As of today we are 25% of the way done with our school year. WOW! The first quarter has really flown by. We have always started back to school a bit on the early side, but this past year it was done with more intention than ever before. After all, I would be foolish to think that building a home won’t require us to adjust our expectations and calendar a bit.

Today I am breaking away a bit from the typical Friday Five and sharing a bit about what is going on currently. I’ve recently realized that just because I post on a Friday, it doesn’t mean I have to share a “Friday Five” style post. I know it sounds like a “duh” thing to say, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in what the majority is doing, or what I have always done, that I forget that I don’t have to do the same thing.


Fall outfits and photos.

The weather has been in a constant limbo and ultimately we’ve only had about 4 fall like days. Other than that, it still feels like summer. But that hasn’t stopped me from switching things around in my closet around and dreaming up some fun fall outfits. I’m also starting to think about photo outfits for this year too. I need to look at what we wore last year and make sure I go a different direction. 

I’ve also been taking some styled recipe photos, which reminded me that I really enjoy taking photos of food #nerdalert. I have several props and a collection of place-mats and such… most of which are packed away #fail. But I am making what I have on hand work and wondering why I don’t share recipes more often.

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My Monthly Goals, October 2017


Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Join Stephanie for Dresstember and photograph 10 dresses.
* Plan and announce a mini fall photo challenge.
* Participate in a mug swap & giveaway.
* Create a fall fun list and start working on it together.
*Have a movie or a game night, twice.
* Workout 14 times.
* Complete weekly long runs. (This months long runs will all be 9+ miles!)
* Complete ‘The Big Red Shoe 15K’.
* Begin official marathon training. 
* Start attending Rooted Church on their first Sunday, September 10th.
* Work on making some connections in the new church.
* Finalize lessons before my co-op class starts.
* Get out of the house with our work 4 times.
* Be patient while waiting on the build to FINALLY get started 😉 . 
* Take stock of the girls closets, what they have and they need.
* Buy all of the pumpkin things. #butreally #reallifegoals
* Read 1 book.
* Participate in the fall consignment sale.

And what I didn’t …

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New England Pumpkin Cake

It’s officially October which means it’s officially “All Things Pumpkin” season. Not that I haven’t been embracing pumpkin everything since Labor Day weekend ended…. errr, or a couple of weeks before that. But that is besides the point! September may be all about getting excited for the pumpkin fun, but October means business.

Last year I shared 5 pumpkin inspired recipes in 5 weeks. I had so much fun doing it that I decided to repeat the fun this year, despite the husband protesting. Over the next 5 weeks I plan to share a pumpkin inspired treat with you once a week. From cakes, to cookies & breakfast items, there will be a little bit of everything.

Week #1 starts with one of my new favorites, New England Pumpkin Cake.

I love how simple this recipe is, but that it doesn’t lack the flavor and quality of something made from scratch. I have tried A LOT of pumpkin breads and cakes, most of which use cake mix bases, but this one by far surpasses all of them. It is so good and so easy.

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Friday Favorites 9.29.17

Hello Friday, Hello October!

Another week is over and with it comes the end of another month. The last quarter of the year is starting and October 1st always feels like the end has just begun. We’ll blink 3 times and 2018 will arrive. It happens every single year and I can’t believe we are too this point again already. So long 2017! Anyone else feeling this way?

Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Favorites.

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2017 Mug Exchange Reveal, Starbucks Giveaway & Fall Questions

Today’s post is packed full of fall fun and the word pumpkin. You may laugh now, but when you’ve read the word pumpkin for the 30th time, you’ll either love me more, or want to shank me. There are 3 parts in today’s post. First, I am revealing my goodies from the 2017 mug exchange, then I am linking up for ‘TBB Asks’ October questions and finally I am giving you a chance to win a $50 Starbucks gift card.

Let’s get started.

My Mug Reveal

I am pretty sure when it came to mug love partners, I got the best one. I was paired up with Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine and I couldn’t have asked for a better match. Andrea is a kindred spirit and I feel fairly certain that she loves all things pumpkin spice even more than I do. Shocking, right?

The box she sent me was over the top amazing and full of all things pumpkin from start to finish.

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