The Kids Behind The Blog, April 2017

It’s the second Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time for The Kids Behind the Blog. Every month I take a few minutes to interview my girls. I love that it guarantees me a few minutes of one on one conversation with them and it has been a really fun way to document their personalities over the past year. 

This months interview is about all things spring from flowers to Easter!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Our Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a weekend for the girls. The husband went to Arkansas on Friday morning for a work related fishing trip. That meant that the girls an I had nearly the entire weekend (and the start of our spring break) to ourselves. So what are the girls to do when left without a Mr. to keep them in line? PLAY! And that is exactly what we did. 

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Friday Highlights 4.7.16

It’s officially here, our very first spring break ever!!! Spirits are definitely brighter in the Newman house today friends. I absolutely can not wait to spend the next week enjoying my girls and taking some guilt free time away from the computer. We have been waiting so very patiently for our spring break to get here and now that it is am realizing our next countdown will be to the end of our school year. This year has really flown by!

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Curb Appeal

As the day grows closer and closer to putting a for sale sign in our front yard I have started noticing a few things. Like the siding that really needs power washed, our dirty windows that should probably be cleaned, and the landscaping that you might say I have slightly neglected. Lately the phrase curb-appeal has been going through my brain on repeat. I know we need to make every effort to set us apart and enhance the charm & character that our home has.

One of the biggest eye-sores in our front yard is a flower bed. About 4 years ago I built some beautiful, curvy, stone beds in the front of the yard. It was a labor of love that took an entire weekend but after I planted them… I let them go 😳 . A few of the plants didn’t survive the first couple of years and I never bothered to replace them. I knew a simple way to add more curb appeal to our home would be bringing new life to this very sad flower bed. 

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Monthly Goals, April 2017


Let’s take a look at what I completed…

*Celebrate my 3rd ‘blogiversary’ (March 5th)
*Host a box swap.
* Have 1 family game night.
* Average 4 workouts a week or 18 for the month
* Go on one “adventure” together.
* Start training Marissa for her 2nd 5K (April 1st)
* Stay on top of our schoolwork.
* Have Emily read more.
* Have Marissa work on multiplication facts more.
* Get bids on having part of our land cleared.
* Purge more items and participate in consignment sale.
* Buy something floral to wear.
* Care less about stupid things that have no eternal value. 

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Friday Highlights 3.31.17

Hello Friday!

Hello weekend! This week was all about trying to get back into the normal swing of life and feeling better. I think we have finally moved on past the sickness and yuck and can put all of this behind us now, thank God. The other parts of this week felt like a whole lot of waiting. We are currently waiting on SO many phone calls to move forward with house stuff. I have a feeling we might as well get used to that though 😐 . 

This weekend we are hoping to have some fun and smile again. We have a movie night, a race, and some family and friend time planned. It should be a great way to kick off the month!

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