Ten Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

A few weeks ago several of my blogging besties did this post and it left me wondering one thing (or maybe 10.) What would be on my list?!?! If you know me well you know two things. #1 I love to make list. I am one of those girls who writes down something she already did on a to do list, just so she can cross it off. #2 I love making and setting goals. 

Honestly I think that is what scared me off a bit from this post. I don’t like to let myself think to hard about this kind of stuff. I am afraid of growing attached to the idea and then finding myself invested, committed, and feeling like a failure when I read this in 10 years. Hello future Beth. You are stinking awesome even if you can’t cross a single one of these things off, capeesh?

So with no further delays… ( Did you notice it feels like I am stalling as I write this? That’s because I am.) here is my list.

#1 Run a marathon.

Is it insane to think that this may be the most realistic thing on my entire list. Since when did running 26.2 miles become a realistic possibility?

#2 Drive Route 66.

I would love to drive the entire thing, end to end, but unless we wait til retirement, the odds of doing that seem unlikely. Even if we could drive it from Chicago back to Missouri I would be completely thrilled. Russ and I can both be complete vintage history nerds so this would be so much fun for us to do together.

#3 Take a class or course.

On what, I don’t know! Baking or Photography maybe? I never went to college and my high school was rather… nontraditional. So taking a class as a grown up when I can really appreciate the experience would be so much fun. Yes, I am apparently a nerd.

#4 Go on a trip with my girls.

I see so many girls taking trips with their mama’s and it seems like such a fun thing to do. I would love to grab my girls and go somewhere for the weekend just for fun. This would be such a neat tradition to start-up in a couple more years and keep it going as long as we can. 

#5 Rock dread locks.

Did I for real just type that? Yes? Oh my word… well… it’s out there now. I know, I know they can’t be so, homely? (And that’s putting it nicely.) But man they can be pretty cool too. Could I just have them for like a day, maybe two or three tops. Please tell me I am not the only one. I blame Angelina Jolie’s roll in Gone In 60 Seconds. Yes, I love that movie. #dontjudge

#6 Meet up with a blogging friend.

Over the past several years I have made some pretty amazing friends via the blog. The idea of never meeting any of them just makes me so stinking sad. So I am not so patiently waiting for the opportunity to meet someone(s). It will happen eventually, I just know it. 

#7 Be debt free.

Any Dave Ramsey fans out there? Russ and I read his book forever ago and we have really taken a lot of what he has to say into consideration. The one thing we have yet to tackle is the house. Well, we kind of are debt free right now, but we’re “homeless” too  😆 . Being able to own our home and not have a mortgage is something we have been talking about for YEARS now. It is definitely something we are working towards.

#8 Learn to autocross race.

Two months ago this wouldn’t have made the list but y’all I am obsessed! I want to … need to learn how to drive a car like that. 

#9 See a Giant Panda in person.

This one may sound silly to most but I lived a good chunk of my younger years completely obsessed with panda bears. However, I have yet to see a Giant Panda in real life. This one really needs fixed. I am pretty certain when I do get to see one I’d gladly stand and watch it for hours. 

#10 Lear to play the piano.

I know just enough about music to get me in trouble, nothing more. I have always wanted to play the piano but never had the discipline to really learn.

Tell me one thing you have always wanted to do?

I also wanted to mention that in honor of the 4th of July, we WILL NOT be having Tuesday Talk next week. Enjoy your families and join us again on the 11th!

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