My Monthly Goals, November 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

* Successfully complete my mini fall photo challenge.
* Share 3 or 4 fall recipes on the blog.
Continue to show myself grace when it comes to blogging. Really embrace that for me less is more & bigger isn’t always better. 
* Work on our fall fun list together. See my list update here!
* Take some fall family photos.
* Weekly long runs starting with 12 mile runs and building off of that. 
* Work out at least 14 times.
* Take care of my body to hopefully stay injury free during the craziness of marathon training. More water, stretching & a good post run recovery routine.
* Start using the First 5 app. 
* Plan a girls night with the ladies from church.
* Get out of the house with our school work 5 times.
* Continue working on brush piles mountains out at the land.
* Finalize costume plans by the middle of the month!
* Be more diligent and organized about working on our budget multiple times a week.
* Send some fall snail mail.

And what I didn’t …

* Take a field trip of some sort.
* Host a work day out at the land.

A few thoughts I have about last months goals.

I am so done with weekly long runs. It isn’t that they haven’t been good & enjoyable, but I am still just feeling over them. They suck up a huge amount of time and they mentally exhaust me for most of the day too. Only ONE more big one on Monday and then our last taper week run will be here. I never thought running “only” 8 or 9 miles would sound so appealing.

As for what I didn’t do, I am not surprised. I totally forgot a field trip was even on here. I am not sure why I put that on there to start with too. We tried to host a work day but people were just busy. I hope we can get some help out there soon because 1, we need it and 2, it would be a huge motivator for us. 

All in all October went pretty well. I was REALLY hoping to see construction begin this month, but it’s okay.

Any. Day. Now. 

Plans for November…

November is the beginning of the holiday season, the month our build starts and marathon month. There is A LOT going on this November. I tried to keep goals realistic for the season of life. It is so easy to get carried away, writing all of the things down, that we forget the idea is to actually be able to accomplish them. 

* Share some holiday related posts.

* Plan out a short blog sabbatical over the holiday season/ when we move.

* Finish our fall fun list by Thanksgiving
* Have at least 2 designated family nights.

* Complete my final 16 mile training run.
* Run a marathon
* Log my necessary 12 gym visits, getting as many as I can before the marathon.
* Give myself lots of grace while I recover.

* Continue using the First 5 app. 
* Plan a girls night with the ladies from church.
* Look for opportunities to show love to others. 

Home School-
* Get ahead as much as we can so we can relax over Thanksgiving Break.

* Continue working on brush piles mountains out at the land.
* FINALLY start construction.
* Order Christmas Cards.
* Nail down a move out date. 
* Decorate for Christmas, the best I can.
* Make a new soup recipe.
* Plan some holiday fun.

What is a goal you have for November?

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31 thoughts on “My Monthly Goals, November 2017

  1. What fantastic goals~ I think I may need to add some of yours to my list!
    You rocked October! I can’t wait to see construction on the house! So exciting!

  2. Oh wow, you did so well on your October goals. That’s fantastic! Best of luck with everything you want to do in November. I’d love to lose a few pounds this month – *fingers crossed* It’s officially that time of the year where eating healthy becomes REALLY difficult. haha


  3. See, I knew you’d cross off most of October’s! And if I never told you, I love your cute graphics you make. Final run of the year…woohoo!

        1. Lololol. We’ll just seeing it all that way made me realize I am. Of course whenI signed up for the race I had no idea where we would be with all of this house stuff too 😂.

          Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful friend!!!

  4. I am so impressed with how much you accomplished in October! I feel like the month was a blur for me and I struggled to keep up. You are awesome!
    I think the reason I keep my runs short (only 5 miles max) is because they are a huge time suck for me. I just can’t give up any more time than I already do!
    Good luck with your November goals. I have no doubt you will rock them!

    1. Girl I hear you on that and that is EXACTLY why I am so ready for this marathon to be over. We only have one more evening LONG training run and I can hardly wait for the time suck part to be done with. It has been a sacrifice for everyone while I have been training for this. I can’t imagine this being a routine thing.

  5. Ahh any day now construction will start?! I know you cannot wait! A girls night with the church ladies sounds realloy fun!

  6. You are miles ahead of me in the running department (he-he). If i am not home when Liese wakes up each morning then there is going to be a meltdown, and then by 8 after everyone is gone, it’s too hot still. Goals for someday, right?

  7. You got so much done! Your running is amazing. Can’t believe it’s almost marathon time. So many exciting things going on at your house. Thanks for the reminder to get busy and write out my goals for the rest of the year.

    1. I can’t believe it either. Two weeks from today and I should be in the home stretch. SO excited and nervous. Our life is getting ready to be VERY busy. we’ve waited so long for all of this to finally happen.

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