Making The Holidays Magical

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I know people joke about the arrival of November bringing all things Christmas. Some people embrace it with open arms, others cringe in disbelief. I try to find balance somewhere in the middle.

For me the key to getting the most out of the holidays is the preparation that I do from November 1st until Thanksgiving day. If I am prepared, planned and ready to celebrate my favorite season of all, we thrive. If I procrastinate and don’t make preparations, chaos consumes us all December long.

At our house November isn’t about celebrating our favorite season as much as it is about preparing for it. Today I want to talk to you about a few ways we are preparing our hearts,and our home, for the upcoming Christmas season. 

SImple ways to prepare your heart and your home for the upcoming holiday season.

Make Plans

The holidays are infamous for endless activities. From parties, performances, celebrations and get togethers of every kind, families can stay busy all season long. Start filling in your calendar now. Plan out what you want to do, buy the tickets and set reminders. But most importantly, remember to schedule down time too.

Budgets & Gifts

Our list of presents to buy is usually very short, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Now is the time to set your holiday budget, write down gift ideas and begin your shopping (if you haven’t already.) Having these things set now will help you to avoid impulse buys and overspending later. Don’t forget to budget money to give back with too.


I love how each family seems to have their very own traditions. From tree farms to baking and everything in between. The best way we have found to make sure that we don’t miss any of our favorites is to create our very own bucket list. Every year we sit down together and compile a list of the things we want to do together as a family. We write it out and put it on the fridge, so we don’t forget something. 

Work ahead

Anything that you can do, order or prepare now, do it! Order your cards and address them, plan out your holiday baking and meals, make sure you have holiday clothes and pj’s bought, wrap some presents. I seldom regret any preparations I do when planning ahead. Spreading out the work over two whole months makes you less likely to become overwhelmed when the holiday season is in full swing.

Ready Your Heart

Now is the time to ready the hearts in your home, big and little, for what the holiday season is truly about, celebrating the birth of Christ. Reading scriptures, getting Advent plans ready and talking to our girls about the real reason we are preparing to celebrate does our hearts, and theirs, so much good.

This year we are so excited to add a new tradition to our home, Little Lamb from Bethlehem. Little Lamb is the perfect tool to use to teach your family about the Savior’s life and share ways to follow His example and serve others throughout the Christmas season.

The Little Lamb from Bethlehem website is loaded with activities, ideas, printables and multiple Advent calendars to choose from. Including a good deed calendar that would be perfect for spreading kindness this holiday season. I am so excited to start this tradition in our family this year.

Purchase a little lamb for your family here.

What are you doing now to prepare for the holiday season?

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  • What an awesome new tradition to remind us of the spirit of the season! So much to look forward to

    • There really is. I can’t believe things are getting so close, so fast!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Such great ideas! Our calendar is already filling up!

  • I love this so much! We’re leaving the country for the holidays this year, but that was our conscious decision to gift eachother a getaway. We keep our list of gifts short and our list of visits long.

    Happy weekend!

    • What an amazing gift to give to each other. I hope you have the best trip!

  • Great advice, and the lamb is adorable!

    • Thanks Dara. The girls are pretty crazy about it.

  • Working ahead is KEY!! I’m already almost done shopping for Olivia for Christmas and Jacob won’t be too far behind!

    • That is amazing. I always find myself waiting for the sales black Friday, which probably doesn’t really save me, but I am almost always done that weekend too.

  • Working ahead, slowing down and remembering the reason for it all is so important! Great post, and I want that lamb 🙂 So sweet!

    • Remembering the reason is HUGE! My girls are swooning over that sweet lamb. I can’t wait to use it to make the holidays happier soon.

  • Love this- and it kinda made me want to start decorating. That lamb would be a perfect addition to our traditions.

    • Baha ha ha! I wouldn’t judge you one bit if you did :*.

  • We’ve been rocking out to Christmas music since November 1st (much to my husbands dismay). That little lamb is so cute! It would be great for our girls too!

    • That is AMAZING. I may play some for us today too…. because why not?!

  • Ashley Nguyen Newell

    That little lamb is so darn cute! We used to do an advent calendar but it got SO hard with the kids in school. I might try a bucket list instead this year.

    • Yeah anything that confines you to doing certain things on certain days is SO hard. WIth a bucket list you could mark off half of it in one weekend if you wanted to.

  • Oh my goodness, that lamb is ADORABLE!

  • Whitney Jordan

    So many things to look forward to with the holidays coming!! I love starting our Christmas fun right after Thanksgiving so we can spread it out through all of December. Can’t wait to make our Christmas to do list. That little lamb is so cute. I’m sure Olive would love that combo of a cute book and cute animal to tell the Christmas story.

    • I bet Olive would love it too. There is SO much to look forward to. I can’t believe the house stuff is all starting now too.

  • What a cute little lamb! I love the more Christ-focused things that are coming to the scene like this!

    • Oh me too. Honestly looking back I kind of wish I had never got an elf. But we were WAY early to the game before they were huge… which is why ours is one of the creepy looking ones. Baha ha!

  • I love this so much. That lantern with the bulbs…LOVE! Might have to go copy that…stat! I know exactly where I want it…

    • I just love my IKEA lantern. I need like 10 more of them I am almost certain.