October Currently, 2017

Hello Friday!

As of today we are 25% of the way done with our school year. WOW! The first quarter has really flown by. We have always started back to school a bit on the early side, but this past year it was done with more intention than ever before. After all, I would be foolish to think that building a home won’t require us to adjust our expectations and calendar a bit.

Today I am breaking away a bit from the typical Friday Five and sharing a bit about what is going on currently. I’ve recently realized that just because I post on a Friday, it doesn’t mean I have to share a “Friday Five” style post. I know it sounds like a “duh” thing to say, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in what the majority is doing, or what I have always done, that I forget that I don’t have to do the same thing.


Fall outfits and photos.

The weather has been in a constant limbo and ultimately we’ve only had about 4 fall like days. Other than that, it still feels like summer. But that hasn’t stopped me from switching things around in my closet around and dreaming up some fun fall outfits. I’m also starting to think about photo outfits for this year too. I need to look at what we wore last year and make sure I go a different direction. 

I’ve also been taking some styled recipe photos, which reminded me that I really enjoy taking photos of food #nerdalert. I have several props and a collection of place-mats and such… most of which are packed away #fail. But I am making what I have on hand work and wondering why I don’t share recipes more often.


Money… well I am trying to at least. 

Isn’t that always the case. With a very tight building budget, and us wondering if we’ll live in a house that is mostly finished or still very rustic by the time we move in, we are saving every penny we can. It isn’t always easy or fun but we are praying that it will pay off in a big way.


Fireplace options, cheap pj’s for Marissa and for all of the items I misplace ALL of the time.

Lately we’ve been searching fireplace options. From wood burning inserts to wood stoves, we just can’t seem to decide. Every time I search for more info, I feel even more confused. Good thing we have plenty of time to figure this out. Any fireplace experts out there?

I am also searching for some inexpensive PJ’s for Marissa. Girlfriend only has one pair of fuzzy pants and her Christmas pj’s from last year. Everything else is way too small. Any cheap PJ experts out there?

Outside of those I am just left searching for the things I lose constantly. My phone, my keys, my wallet, my purse. You know, every thing that I really don’t want to lose.


Photo locations & running routes.

Anna and I have schemed up a plan to swap family photos this year as an attempt to be frugal (see currently saving) so we’ve been trying to scout out some good locations. I think we have found a couple of options that might work. 

We have also been picking and discussing long run routes together too. When you start running distances over 10 miles, laying out routes gets to be a bit tricky. We’ve been doing loops and trying to vary things as much as we can. But at a certain point it starts to feel like you are just running in circles and pounding the same exact pavement week after week. The good news is we only have 6 long training runs left. We can do this!


All the pumpkin things!

I somehow doubt that you are surprised over this one #BasicBeth. I announced earlier this week that I plan to  share 5 pumpkin inspired recipes over the month of October. The first one is already up and I am currently working on 4 more. It is my favorite time of the year to bake and I am so excited to come up with some great recipes to share with you. 

This week on the blog I shared…

A simple and delicious pumpkin cake that is perfect for breakfast or dessert.

New England Pumpkin Cake (Recipe)

My Monthly Goals, October 2017

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here next week.

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  • I haven’t been baking enough at all!! And if you get a good sale in Carter’s their stuff can be as low as $10-12 dollars or less and they wash very well so they last– I say this two kids later.

    • I have never gone in the actual Carters store. It didn’t exist when my girls wore TONS of Carters stuff. I should totally check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I’m over the moon for your delicious pumpkin goods!!! Yes, the weather has made style photos so challenging,. My two are home from college this weekend and I asked them to take two style session photos for me but it is pouring down rain and looks like rain all weekend!! The school years fly faster and faster. Can little miss in her doughnut tee be any cuter? LOVE!! You’re doing a good job mama!!

    • I hope the rain cleared up for you friend. We were supposed to get a bunch yesterday morning, but it didn’t end up being too bad. Isn’t that tee the best?! We found that at Walmart on clearance and snatched it up super fast. Thank you so much.

  • You do you girl! I’ve posted different things on the 5 on Friday sometimes too. 😉 In terms of fireplaces? My parents have a wood burning one, and we have a gas. We use the gas one muuuuch more often than if we would have a wood one. It’s great just to turn on the fireplace. While it does lose some of the nostalgia, more practical for us. Could you make PJ pants? JoAnns usually has some pretty great sales on fleece and flannel…

    • See I don’t want another gas one, so that hasn’t even been in the options for us. We have one now and I have found that we don’t use it very much at all. Plus out in the woods it seems like we will be on propane, so that would be way more expensive for us than burning the wood that we have. We’ll have wood for YEARS. UGH! So much to think about.

      I probably could… I’ll keep it in mind if I get desperate!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I’m currently on the hunt for Family Photo outfits and locations!
    Does Target or Walmart have any pj pants on clearance yet? We are in the same boat with Ella! She has decided to get taller and not wider! HA so I can’t find any to fit her in length and waist!!

    • I haven’t even given a thought to what people are going to wear in our photo, UGH!!! I really need to do that. No luck at either place so far. The little clearance I have found has all been in the wrong size, boo!!!! And YES!!!! I have very tall, skinny girls. Marissa is almost 5′ and the size of a bean pole. I actually tried some 00 pants on her the other day and they almost fit. Maybe I should try XS in womens for the kid?

  • I lose my phone no less than 7 times a day. And it’s often on silent so that is just no good.

    • Oh dear Lord, YES! Me too friend, me too.

  • I do photo swap with my sister- it works like a charm. Also- my answer for pjs would be no pjs. My kids always just end up in their underwear. Oy. Have a great weekend!

    • It’s a genius idea really. Photographers can charge SO much. Baha ha! My BFF’s boys are like that. That would never work with my girls though. They want all the warm & fuzzy things.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I love all of your current events. We are big fans of Walmart pjs. They’re cheaper than most and are soft. Olive loves their nightgowns. And I also love taking pictures of food… it stays still, doesn’t fuss and it makes me feel good when my food looks pretty.

    • YES! That is exactly why I love food photos too. I really need to get back to posting more recipes. They are some of my favorite posts ever to do. I’ll take a look at Walmart to see what I find!

  • Check out TJ Maxx for pjs. I get a lot of Lexie’s there because they are so cheap! I can’t wait to see your photos. That’s a great idea! I need to ask my friend if she wants to do that!

    • Thanks for the tip! I looked in there last week but they really didn’t have much at all. Maybe I need to go again. You totally should. It is the perfect way to get photos and save a ton of $!

  • Isn’t that always the way with house/decor decisions? So many options out there, it’s so hard to land on one. And I usually have good luck with finding Old Navy PJs for my little guy – just wait till there’s a good sale online, which seems to happen practically every other day.

    Thanks for joining the Currently linkup!

    • I have been checking my email for sales almost every day. Sooner or later one has to pop up. I just hope I don’t miss it, lol.

      Thanks for hosting!

  • How fun to be thinking of all these house things! I am sure it is a little overwhelming as well, but what a blessing and such fun! I am able to find Maddi some of her favorite PJ pants from Justice (she likes them fuzzy) or Old Navy. You can also score some at Costco too 🙂

    • I’ll keep those places in mind. I found some from Justice at a consignment sale, but the waist didn’t actually tie and the size I needed to get for length just wouldn’t work. I should look in-store though. She is all about the fuzzy stuff too! Thanks for the tips.

  • I have been able to find my boys pajamas at crazy 8. Gabbie is outgrown the regular kids pajama sizes, but I found some at a consignment sale from target, cat and jack brand, that are large enough!

    • That is awesome! Marissa is at an awkward stage too. She s wearing 14’s but not every brand has those…. I just got some pants at Kohls for $5 and bought XS in womens. They are a little big, but they work.

  • Hey girl hey! I’m sorry I’m so late getting to read your post from, eeeekkkkk FRIDAY. So you know what? I love that we can call the house a “possible rustic” we can also call it “modern industrial” if we need to add some time to the completion post move in. Whatever you do stay away from pot belly stoves. They are cool in workshops but not houses, shew weee and you will never breathe again! Carters was running a HUGE sale on pajamas last week see if they still are! I know she’s little enough to be covered in their sizing. You can always go to Wally World! Bake on mama….bake.on.and.send.this.way! XO

    • I love these positive terms to call it. All in all we can say when we run out of money, it will be our “fixer upper” HA! I am just hoping we can get the basic necessities #eyeroll.

      We will totally stay away from those. If we go with a wood stove, it will be a much more modern approach to it. They pretty much look like free standing fireplaces now days which blows my mind.

      Thanks for the tips friend. Happy Monday!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    That’s such a great idea to swap family photos! After Disney I need to really get myself back on a strict budget! Especially with the holidays coming up! I can’t believe you’re running over 10 miles at a time, like that’s crazy haha!

    • Right?! I am supposed to run a half marathon tonight…. for no good reason at all. I have no clue what on earth I was thinking. Saving can be so darn hard.

  • 25% already? Wahoo! That’s awesomesauce. Can I say that it’s pretty refreshing to see something other than a Friday Five on a Friday? I am too guilty of feeling like I have to post a Five on Friday…so way to go, friend for breaking that norm. I like it. I mean, I love Friday Five posts too. It’s just fun to break it up. Anyhow…haha! Today is our first fall like day, temperature wise. It was in the 50s this morning and rainy. We’re supposed to hit 72 today for a short while and then back to the 50s. I am loving it. All of that saving will be more than worth it when you’re in your new home! I’m excited for you!! I love that you guys are swapping family photos. I need to find a friend to do that with. I want someone to come tag along and photograph us at the Christmas tree farm this year. Lots of candids and us just being us!

    • YES! I think I used to use them as gap fillers. But since I am doing more intentional blogging now, I don’t feel like I need to fill in any gaps! I may only do one a month here on out.

    • Ugh! I hit reply too soon. Oh man that is such a fun idea. I wish I was closer and could help y’all out with that. I bet we’d get some really great shots. The weather here has been SO cool today. Yay fall!