Fall Family Fun List 2017, October

It’s crazy to think that I shared our Fall Family Fun list well over 6 weeks ago and it just now feels like the fall weather has arrived. So much of our fall felt like summer and we struggled to mark anything off of our list for the first month. But regardless of that, our list is about halfway done. Today I wanted to share our progress and a few fall photos we’ve taken along the way too. 

What we’ve done so far…

Go on a hayride
Date night
Halloween Movie Night (we’ve had 2)
Attend a Fall Party (we attended 3)
Get lost in a corn maze
Bake a pumpkin treat (One, Two, Three, Four and counting…)
Hot Rod Reunion at MoKan
Bonfire & S’mores (I think the bonfire night count is at 3)
Try a new soup recipe

I don’t have photos of everything *insert gasp here*. I used to live by the motto that if you don’t take a picture, it didn’t happen. But I have really gotten away from that mentality lately. Sometimes it’s just nice to just be and live in the moment. However, I did snap photo of most of the “festivities” and I have some fun fall photos from the mini photo challenge I recently co hosted too. Here are a few of my favorites.

Just like that, our fall list is half way complete. I know with Halloween just around the corner, we will cross some more things off and come November we should finish off the rest.

With the build FINALLY beginning in a couple of weeks, a move in sight and the upcoming arrival of my favorite time of the year… life is about to get hectic. I never would have guessed those things would collide, but it looks like they will. Until then, you can find us eating all the pumpkin things & working on finishing our list. 

What has been your favorite part of fall so far?

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32 thoughts on “Fall Family Fun List 2017, October

  1. So many “yays” today! Yay for the build starting, yay for crossing off so much goodness, yay to the awesome photos and yay to your pumpkin spice shirt! You are one cutie patootie with sweet style and grace!

  2. You guys are rocking the family fun list! And yes, life is about to get stressful but with the holidays mixed in there hopefully that helps! 🙂

  3. You are slayin’ your list! I need to reference ours and see where we stand. I know we are way behind on making the crafts we were going to make.

  4. Yay!! I love your fall list and everything you’ve done so far. That’s awesome!! Russ’ face in that photo cracks me up. That’s exactly what Drew does.

  5. I cant believe fall is winding down! I feel like I just joined the party haha. When the weather is wonky it throws everything off. Heres to eating all the pumpkin things!!

  6. We just went on a hayride this week and it was chilly! Fall weather seems to have finally arrived. I love all of your outdoorsy pictures and am excited to hear that building is happening soon. What a busy time for your family. Sending prayers to your family that things go smoothly with all of the upcoming projects.

    1. Fall and then we went straight into winter! I can’t believe how cool it is today! Thank you so much for the prayers. I have a feeling we are going to need them.

    1. I want one now too…. and I just had one yesterday… again. It IS so good. I love the memories, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking photos that nothing is enjoyable.

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