Dress-tember 2017

Over the month of September Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me hosted a clothing challenge called Dress-tember. The idea was to wear 10 dresses over the month of September. Easy enough, right? So I warned the husband that if I started wearing more dresses than normal he didn’t need to worry about me (It’s the sad truth) and I got started!

On day #1 I picked up a Dress-tember buddy. When Emily heard about the challenge she whole heartedly wanted to participate too. There was NO WAY I would, or could, say no to that. So she joined the fun with her messy hair, spunky spirit, mismatched sock and love for sneakers with dresses. 

September was a HOT month. We only had 4 days that even started out remotely fall like and nearly every one of those ended like summer. I guess all in all this worked to my advantage because my spring/summer dress selection is way better than my fall/winter one.

Here are a few things I noticed through the month:

#1 I need to up my sandal game. I pretty much just have two pairs of casual ones and some brown dressier ones that I wear. Maybe something dressier in black would be nice to add in?

#2 Taking all of these photos made me feel really awkward especially purposefully trying to make sure they all didn’t look exactly the same. But Emily? She’s a natural with some VERY creative poses.

#3 I have WAY more color and pattern in my wardrobe than if I had done this challenge a few years back. I love seeing that. 

#4 My hair is down in nearly every photo but it is rarely down in real life. 

#5 A lot of my dresses and skirts are from Old Navy. I didn’t even realize that until I started working on this post. I guess I shop there more than I think. 

Dress One

Maxi from JCP, Tank from Target

Dress Two

Shirt & Skirt from Old Navy

Dress Three

Dress from Sams Club

Dress Four

Dress from Old Navy

Dress Five

Skirt from LuLaroe Shirt from Wild Trending

Dress Six

Dress from Old Navy

Dress Seven

Skirt from Old Navy, Shirt from Target

Dress Eight

Skirt from Lularoe, shirt from Old Navy

Dress Nine

Dress from Target

Dress Ten

Dress from Old Navy (this is a tall, btw)

We had the best time participating in Dress-tember with Stephanie. It was the perfect way to mix up my wardrobe and wear some pieces that I had neglected. We would love to make it a yearly tradition in the Newman house and maybe one year all 3 of us will participate!

Where is your favorite place to shop for dresses?

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  • So cute and how lovely that she joined you. Makes it even more fun! Dress #6 is my fave!

    • Dress 6 is so fun with the ever popular blush color. I love that is feels so vintage too.

  • Hannah M

    How did I miss out on this?! It makes me want to try this challenge! Maybe I could try it for November? I love skirts and dresses so I really don’t know why I don’t wear them every day. And I’m trying to up my winter dress/skirt collection, maybe this could be a fun way to do that? So fun! I love days 8 and 9 – so pretty!

    • Oh man if I tried for November I may freeze, lololol. I guess it is all about the layers though. I say go for it, any excuse to shop! My winter options are SO limited.

  • I love Emily’s poses. You both look great. I really like that dress from Sam’s Club. The Teva sandals are so comfy, I wear mine all the time.

    • I mean they don’t look THAT bad with dresses do they? I wore some flats today and when I finally switched to my Tevas my feet thanked me. They are seriously the best, EVER!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I LOVE that Emily did this with you! Dress “Nine” is my favorite of course! And that blush pink on you…stunning! You’re beautiful in everything you wear!

    • Isn’t is so much fun that she joined in, silly girl. Dress Nine is totally the best. How appropriate that I assigned it that number. Thank you so much sweet lady.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Oh Emily!! She just cracks me up! love her spirit!
    Love all your dresses but dress 9 is my FAVORITE!!

    • She is SO much fun and the spirit is abundant with her that is for sure. I think it is my favorite too.

  • I wish I could have remembered to do this…but man, I have a case of the bloglazies.

    • Baha ha! Yeah the less I do, the less I want to do. So I totally feel ya there.

  • You nailed this challenge and I love that Emily participated, too. She is too much fun!

    • Thank you, thank you! I love that she played along too. We had the best time “being fancy” together.

  • Oh my goodness I LOVE that Emily joined you. She is so stinking cute. And Dress #9 is still my favorite on you. As a matter of fact, that might be my favorite outfit on you EVER. You look so lovely in it.

    • It was so fun to have a dress wearing buddy. #9 is easily one of my favorites too. Thank you so much friend.

  • I think it is so cute that Emily joined you! That girl is something else. I have a feeling Annabelle would love her (Annabelle has quite the fashion sense too). I am also impressed that you took legit, non-selfie pictures. How on earth do you have time for that!!?? I love dress six so much! Also… in most of my pics… I’m barefoot… so there’s that.. πŸ˜‰

    • Annabelle would love her and Emily would LOVE playing with her. She is so sweet with the younger kids and they always love her because she is so silly.

      Okay, my secret is Marissa took them for me, lololol. Both of the back drops we used are within half a mile so we just made it work. I have no idea how in the world we pulled it off for every day.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Pretty girls!! Old Navy really does have some great dresses. I love that Lularoe skirt and your berry colored Old Navy skirt. So many pretty outfits πŸ™‚ Bring on the cooler Fall weather!

    • We had 3 glorious days of fall weather and we are going to warm back up tomorrow. These little teases have been so sweet, but so hard too. Thank you friend.

  • Jessica

    You girls rocked the dress-tember outfits!! I love them all! If I wasn’t teaching preschool I would have joined it, but the majority of my September days are spent at school. And I’m ready for cooler weather too. Ugh!

    • Yes! Girl I totally get that. There was one week that I didn’t wear one to church because we were in the nursery. Wearing dresses and taking care of kiddos just doesn’t mix well!

  • I love this! How cute are the both of you?!?! Great dresses and skirts and outfits. I love that maxi from Target. Old Navy is my jam! πŸ™‚

    • That maxi is seriously one of my favorite purchases ever! I bought another on the same trip but when I got it home and put it on again. I realized it was a teensy bit to short for me, such a bummer. I have been shopping from Old Navy a lot lately and loving it.

  • I love that Emily got in on it too! And you look fantastic!!!

    • It was so fun to do it together. Thanks Becky!

  • I lOVE that Emily did it too! Also outfit 6 is my favorite. Old Navy has been doing well in the styles lately. I think I need to add more skirts to my wardrobe.

    • I have just as many skirts as I do dresses. I just feel like they are easier for me to find and more versatile.

  • Well, aren’t you ladies just too cute! You have a lot of adorable dresses. I always love wearing them, so why do I get stuck in the same 3 outfits and forget my dresses and skirts?! alright, I need to do better!

    • So true! I do the same exact thing so this challenge was really good for me!

  • Thank you for joining me πŸ™‚
    And I’ll be mailing your camera girl and EE something for playing along with us!

    • It was SO much fun. Thanks for challenging us to do something different.

  • So precious! I absolutely love that you included your little sweetie!

    • She was just so sure that she wanted to join the fun. It definitely made things more fun for me too.