Friday Favorites 9.29.17

Hello Friday, Hello October!

Another week is over and with it comes the end of another month. The last quarter of the year is starting and October 1st always feels like the end has just begun. We’ll blink 3 times and 2018 will arrive. It happens every single year and I can’t believe we are too this point again already. So long 2017! Anyone else feeling this way?

Let’s take a look at this weeks Friday Favorites.

SLOW September

Things on the house have been slow, really slow. I know lots of you have been curious about what is going on, but honestly there just hasn’t been anything to share. I think October being here is especially hard because for SO long I feel like we’ve been living a life in limbo. And truthfully, I want to completely deny that the limbo has been going on for over 4 months.

I expected to see more progress and for life to look much different from the way it does at this moment. But I guess, once again, God is reminding me to be patient and wait on him. Still, even with the frustrations and upsets, I can see Gods goodness. I mean he sold our house in less than a month to a family who didn’t need it at the current time and have allowed us to rent it back? How can I deny his goodness in that. He has truly worked things out for our good and I choose to look at this season of waiting as a blessing.

Things are getting closer now and soon I’ll have all kinds of progress to share. But for now know that we are excited and feeling immensely thankful to even be starting this journey.

Coffee Day

Did you know that today is a VERY important day?

That’s right, it is National Coffee Day!

I hope you are able to celebrate. If you live in a bigger city you may have lots of opportunities to celebrate for free or cheap. #jealous

So pour yourself a cup, or four, to celebrate!

Chick fil-A Mom

I was excited to be selected as a member of the Chick fil-A mom panel this year. I have never been on the panel before, so ultimately I have no idea exactly what it means. But hopefully it will give me some exciting news to share with you over the course of 2017-2018

Like this…

Baha ha! Okay this is clearly a joke.

But seriously, would you try it?

Every Year On This Day…

I think of this song on September 30th every year and try to listen to it at least once, preferably some time late in the evening. 

If that isn’t a random and quirky thing to share, I don’t know what is. 

Mini Fall Photo Challenge

Sunday kicks off the 4th photo challenge of 2017 for Stephanie and I to host together.

I have big plans over the next few days to take as many photos as I can to prepare and set a few alarms so I don’t forget. Because let’s be real, it’s the only way I am going to get this challenge done.

Have you made plans to join us?

This week on the blog I shared about…

A fun fall mini photo challenge.

My 2017 Mug Love Reveal.

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-ups

  • Heather Bramlett

    I had no idea today was national coffee day. what kind of coffee drinker am i?? So exciting about the CFA panel!

    • Baha ha! Well, I wouldn’t of known either but I read about it in our co-op news letter. They tend to have a food theme every week.

  • Happy friday! And everything in due time with the house… soon it will be go, go, go!

    • Yes! And then I’ll be wishing it would all slow down. I just need to find peace with the process.

  • I hate living in limbo, so I feel bad for you! Happy national coffee day!

    • Thanks friend. It is such an awkward place to be. But at least it isn’t forever.

  • Ugh the limbo must stink!! But Yay national coffee day!! I’m headed to Dunkin’ Donuts later!

    • You lucky, lucky lady. I really wish my closest one wasn’t an hour away.

  • That is awesome that you are on the CFA Mom panel. When and how do you apply? I have to do this next year! I’ve been eating there basically since I was born and have frequented it ever since. Ha! Oh, and is it weird that I was just sad when I realized that the pumpkin spice CFA sauce was a joke?! Lol. I would totally try that!

    • The application comes out some time in August or so… I can’t remember honestly I was sent the link by a friend who was on the panel last year. Lololol. I would totally put it on a chicken biscuit :P.

  • Yay CFA pannel! That’s awesome!

    • It is fun! We are ALL about the CFA around here.

  • I feel like I want to do a house update but also, we don’t have much to share …then all of a sudden it will explode and you’ll have so much to tell!

    • Yup. I just need to find peace with the process. It is really hard to do that sometimes though. Wine, lots and lots of wine.

  • How is it October already?!?! I am not ready for all that the new month brings with it. A 40 and 5 year old followed by the holidays… it’s all coming at me way too fast.

    • I guess I didn’t realize that Mr was turning the big 40!!! Russ is getting closer and closer, but he still has a couple of years.

  • Jessica

    Wahoo for the CFA panel!!! So jealous! How do I get on that happy train? 🙂 I’m so pumped for the photo challenge. Whoop!

    • They have an application once a year usually at the end of summer. I’ll try and let you know when it comes around. Thanks for being pumped. That makes ME pumped!

  • Green Day used to be one of my all time favorite bands…I still love them and now have that song in my head. Also, I have never been to a CFA…this being a northerner thing is ridiculous…we just got a Panera that is 2.5 hours away 🙂 We are so far behind the times I feel like a Pilgrim sometimes. Lol!

    • Oh my word friend, that makes me so sad for you. I would take you to CFA in a heartbeat if only I could. It is crazy to me how different places have different chains. Like I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts nearby… but that is probably for the best.

  • Have you gotten your welcome packet yet? Mine came on Saturday AND get this; our brand new Chick-fil-a opens up down the street from us in 3 days!!!! I am going to be ridiculous with that place 🙂

    • That is SO exciting. You should go stand in line to win free chicken, lololol. Because you totally have time for that, right?

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun opportunity being a Chick-Fil-A Mom!! I bet you’re going to get to do some fun stuff and hopefully some delicious taste testing. Thanks for the house update. Slowly, but surely you’ll be living on that land that you love!

    • Land that I love. SO true. I have never wanted to call some place home so dearly. It is CRAZY to think that we decided to move out there a year ago, yet here we still are waiting. Soon though.

  • Congrats on being a Chick-Fil-A Mom! I really need to get there to try it out. Maybe that should be a goal for October…. 😉 . And I hope that things with the house start moving.

    • That sounds like an AMAZING goal for October. Me too friend, me too!