Fall Family Fun List, 2017

With the official arrival of fall just over 2 weeks away, I thought now would be the perfect time to share our 2017 Fall Family Fun list. 

In the spirit of being honest I need to confess something… I almost didn’t make a fall list. I think a huge reason for that has been complete and utter failure with our spring and summer lists. I made them and then life just happened. But more than that, I discovered that we didn’t need them to fill in the gaps anymore. If all that I put on our summer list was attend VBS and go to the pool my girls would easily declare it the ‘Best Summer Ever’. 

However, fall and Christmas are more about tradition than the relaxation of spring & summer break. There are things that our family has done year, after year and making a list helps me to keep track of them. So even though I may never create another spring or summer bucket list, I think fall and Christmas ones are here to stay. 

Here is what we have planned for our fall.

*Go on a hayride
*Date night
*Carve pumpkins
*Bake an apple treat
*Halloween movie night
*Bob for apples
*Go trick or treating
*Attend a fall party
*Halloween craft
*Get lost in a corn maze
*Bake a pumpkin treat
*Fall craft
*Hot Rod Reunion at MoKan
*Make a thankful tree
*Bake a pie
*Drink apple cider
*Bonfire & S’mores
*Try a new soup

We plan to spend from now until Thanksgiving working hard on our list, crossing off as many things as we can, and making as many memories as possible.

What’s on your fall fun list?

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41 thoughts on “Fall Family Fun List, 2017

  1. I think I set my list to post out next week…?!?! I need to add Corn Maze. My son would enjoy that this year as well as my daughter. Have a great Wednesday!!!!

  2. Well heck, you are off to great start for September goals already!! I totally want to try a new soup recipe too!

  3. I have a feeling this list is going to be way more successful! I know how much you love all things pumpkin and fall so I think you’re going to cross a lot of these off! Have a beautiful day you beautiful lady!

  4. This list is so good! You know what I love? How much tradition is involved in this list. I agree with you, fall and winter is heavy on the traditions. I have never done a list like this for fall or winter but we do talk about our upcoming plans. I love that my kids remember all of our traditions and are already talking about the upcoming fun we are going to have. I LOVE your list!

    1. YES! That is going to be what I roll with more in the coming months too. Spring and summer lists are too much work. Fall is just so easy because honestly we’d do all of this with or without a list.

    1. Russ has been looking at tractors and I was just telling him “OMG, we could host a hay ride.” lololol!!!! We cooled down earlier this week but now it is warm again.

  5. What a great list!! I am on the fence about doing one this year… I think I might just ask my family to list their favorite Fall things and stick to those traditions without trying to do all the things. I’m hoping they’ll say things like go apple picking, decorate our house for Fall, smores, bonfires and a road trip 🙂

    1. I thought about too. Honestly I feel like this list is more to keep track of things anyways. All of the things I put on here, we would have done with or without the list being made. I bet you guys have a lot of fun this fall.

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