First Day of School Memories 2017 Link-Up

After three months of pure bliss, our summer break is officially over.

We officially went back to school on Monday August 7th. I know some of you can’t believe how early that is but, thanks to blogging, I’ve learned that back to school season greatly varies. As a home-school family we have the option to start whenever we’d like and this year we opted to hit the books early. Because let’s face it, building a house and moving a couple of times is going to wreak havoc on our schedule. I knew we’d need plenty of cushion built into our year if I wanted to make sure we are done before Memorial Day.

So like it or not, school started. I think the consensus in our house was that 2 of 3 were ready. Marissa was excited to get back to work, I was ready for the return of routine, and Emily was completely crushed that her summer freedom was over #OhEmily. 

The start of the school year was the start of our 5th year of home-school, crazy! If you have read any of my past thoughts on home-school, you’d know it was NEVER anything I planned or even wanted to do. But God has a sense of humor and here we still are 5 years later. Home-school has definitely had highs and lows, but all in all we can’t imagine doing anything else. Well, some days I can #keepingitreal. I recently read an article where she confessed to quitting once a week and I couldn’t help but feel relieved that it wasn’t just me. 


Marissa is a fourth grader this year.

She is learning about animal science, ecology & world geography. She’s in a 5th grade math curriculum and an “advanced” language arts book that is loaded sentence diagramming. For literature she will be working on reading classic books such as Charlotte’s Webb and Little Women. Other subjects she has are spelling, cursive, & creative writing. She will also keep a journal from our weekly nature walks. Good thing we have the perfect spot to go for those πŸ˜‰ . She was so excited to start the school year and has yet to complain about anything.

I asked her…

What are you most excited about this school year? // 
Doing my new math curriculum and science. I’m also excited to go on weekly nature walks. 

What are you least excited about? //

Is there anything you want to learn more about this school year? //
I’d love to learn more about animal science.

Emily started first grade this year. 

She will be joining Marissa and I for animal science, world geography, and ecology. Her independent studies will continue working on her phonics & reading as well as handwriting. This will be her first year to have math tests, language arts, and spelling.

I feel this photo needs clarification. At first she said a baker or a pop star. Then she said “What is a pop star?!  Do they sing? I just really want to sing mommy.” Oh my goodness, this girl. She keeps me on my toes. I blame pop star Minnie. 

I asked her…

What are you most excited about this school year? //

Well, I love math and I am really excited about co-op.

What are you least excited about? //

Oh! I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for that.

Is there anything you want to learn how to do that you can’t do now?

A cartwheel. *I ask her what about something school related* I don’t know.

Another school year, another chance to learn, play, & grow with my girls. 
I am so thankful to not only be their mom, but their teacher too!

When do you head back to school?

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Back To School Link-Up!

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Who Should Participate

Moms to little ones starting school or pre-k! We would love to celebrate this exciting time with you and the only way we can do that is if you share your posts and pictures with us. Are you a teacher with insight to how the first day of school really goes? Or have tips for parents? Share those posts and photos, too. Feel free to link-up your craft ideas and your tips and tricks on teaching little ones as well. 

Important Dates & Details

You have from today until September 15 to linkup any all back to school posts. If you aren’t a blogger and want to join in, use #2017B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic “back to school”.
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34 thoughts on “First Day of School Memories 2017 Link-Up

  1. cute growny girls!!! I can’t believe ya’ll have started back already. We don’t go back until sept 5th, but thats just preschool haha

    1. Pre-K around here is the same way, but all of the public school kids will be back as of tomorrow. We just took a head start and dove in early. I think I am ready for a break already.

  2. Awww. Love their back to school photos and interviews. There’s something special about kicking off the school year. They are both going to have such a great year even with the move, etc. You ladies have got this.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Jess! I know it is going to be a crazy year with A LOT of work, but we are so excited and hey, we’re almost done with two weeks already!

  3. I love this! Not only are these girls growing up smart, stylish and compassionate like their mom, but why do I have this feeling that they may grow up to be bloggers! πŸ™‚

  4. Ive always admired you for the homeschooling- your kids are simply thriving with yoj as their teacher. In other news for the most part the canadian curriculum doesn’t include cursive anymore πŸ˜”

    1. Thank you so very much friend. That is so sweet of you to say. WHAT? No way. I guess you could order her a book and teach her from home. So sad that they cut that out. Most little girls want to learn.

  5. I love how different the girls are but yet they seem so close! What adorable answers! I’m super impressed with you by the way for homeschooling! I don’t think I could ever do it

    1. YES! Our life would be so boring and serious without our Emily. They bring such amazing balance to each other, I love it. Thank you friend. Some days are so much easier than others.

  6. I always love reading start of the year surveys! πŸ™‚ And for a while there, Annabelle wanted to be Rapunzel when she grew up…. She would go around saying “when I’m older and have long hair and am Rapunzel…”

  7. I would be such a fan girl for that pop-star.
    M blows my mind with how smart she is. You know… you get to take some of the credit for that! You work so hard at giving them the tools and resources they need to flourish.

  8. I love their answers! I love that Emily wants to be a Pop Star! Way to go Marissa with all the advanced studies and good job Teacher!!! Way to go!

    1. Thank you. And thank you for saying good job, that really means so much. I feel like my mom hat is forever on and I often take no credit as a teacher.

    1. They really are so close. I would love to see how US compares to Canada as far as schooling goes, but we are “weird” and don’t play the rules so that doesn’t exactly work. I have a feeling Canada probably has the better education system of the two.

  9. SO CUTE!! I praise you for being a homeschool mama! The girls are adorable! I know y’all will enjoy your weekly nature walks!

  10. Haha that littlest is s hoot!!! After lots of thought and prayer and life changes we had to opt against homeschool. I am secretly happy about it and my daughter is thrilled to return to her school on 8/28.

  11. Gosh your girls are sweet!! I love how serious Marissa is about school and her new hair cut. And Emily… Pop Star Minnie in training with pink from head to toe. What a spunky girl! I laughed when she said she wanted to learn to do a cartwheel. My students would always give me answers like that at back to school conferences. I had to assure them that I had no cartwheel teaching skills so we had to focus on other things in the classroom πŸ™‚

    1. Oh it sounds like you have their personalities all figured out. Polar opposites, that is for sure! If Emily is going to nail that cartwheel, she’ll need a new teacher for sure!

  12. A pop star and a vet, huh?! Go girls! Happy first day, boo πŸ™ I kind of wish summer could last forever! P.S. I cannot do cartwheels, too tall, too long. Hope she gets it though!

    1. Oh my word Jen. You and I are practically like sisters. I can’t either for the exact same reasons. If little girls are going to learn they are going to have to find someone more skillled than I. And let’s be honest, it is probably for the good of my own safety that I lack that skill :P.

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