Little Letters, July 2017

It’s mail day!

The day I write random snarky & sarcastic letters full of complete randomness. It’s a chance for me to clear the air and dust out the corners of my mind. Sometimes I confess, sometimes I crack jokes, and occasionally I decide to be a bit serious… but not today!

With my disclaimer in place, here we go!

Dear Inner Bookworm,

Hello old friend, it’s been so long. It’s nice to have you around again. I still find it funny that after YEARS of reading nothing, I am working on my 8th book in one month. 

Dear Grapes,

I like you, a lot.

I’ll confess. I haven’t really ever liked grapes, or I thought I didn’t so I never ate them  😳 . For some reason I ate a few the other day and they were pretty much the best thing ever. Why do we do that? Get it in our head that we don’t like something and carry on that ways for years. I should try more foods, not that I have a long list of stuff I won’t eat… anymore.

Dear Back to School Countdown,

24 days.

I still have nothing nice to say. 

Dear Hair,

Oh my goodness you are out of control. Why do I go nearly a year between hair cuts? It has been 11 months and my ends are shot! I said I wouldn’t wait so long this time. But I did, again. Only one week until Liz can work her magic and make my hair pretty.

Now to decide how much I should chop off?!

Dear Sam’s Club,

I spend $100 nearly every time I visit you. They really should call it the $100 club. I thought the point of you was to save money? Sometimes I wonder if it is just a trap. 

Dear Solo Parenting, 

The only part of you I immensely enjoy is not having to cook dinner 😆 . Cereal for dinner every night? Sure, why not!

Dear IPhone

You are by far my favorite phone, ever. I think I might even love you. Even better than that, I’ve had you for several days and haven’t dropped you (yet). It seems a smaller phone suits me well. 

Dear Summer Glow.

Not only do you make me feel more confident in shorts, I feel like wearing less make-up too.

However, I have been spending less time in the sun this year. I am always wearing sunblock and mostly just letting my legs dangle into the sun while the rest of me is in the shade with a book at the pool. But I still find myself with a very tan glow. I think some people just can’t avoid it #donthateme.

Dear Psycho Driver, 

It wasn’t very nice of you to nearly run me down in the parking lot the other day. The worst part was your nonchalant attitude and refusal to make eye contact with me. I almost kicked your car… seriously. But then I remembered I had sandals on and stopped myself. Had my babies been with me Mama Bear would’ve unleashed. Consider yourself lucky.

I have ALWAYS warned my girls that parking lots are dangerous places. People like you make me warn them even more.

Dear Dress Like a Cow Day,

I hereby declare you one of my favorite days of the year. Putting on a set of cow ears for some free Chick Fil-a isn’t even the slightest bit embarrassing.

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  • I’m sorry about the crazy driver! Last year the girls and I were playing our front yard with some neighbors. The neighbors (who were in high school) across the street where playing basketball. The basketball rolled into the street while a car was coming. That car sped up (!) and drove over the ball. We all just stared at each other like “did that really just happen?” I live at the beginning of our subdivision, so people often fly down our street. Part of me wishes I had magical power and could install spikes, that only activate when people are driving like jerks…..

    And, I feel like I need to get myself to a Chick Fil-a… I have never been since there have never been any by me… they opened one up about 30 minutes away, and I think I should take the girls on a field trip there. It’s my blogger duty right??

    • Oh my word! That is CRAZY! People need serious mental help.

      I do believe it is your duty friend. Chick fila is like crack though ( or so I hear baha ha ) so addicting.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Parking lots are definitely dangerous..dumb dumb driver…glad you’re ok. You crack my up about renaming Sam’s $100 club, I am with you, my bill is never under a $100 and my cart isn’t even full, lol!! Happy weekend beautiful babe!!

    • So true. I feel like I just go to get a few staples, I really don’t buy much there at all. But it is ALWAYS so expensive. I just remind myself that I may pay more up front, but I am saving in the long run.

  • Jessica

    I am always so fearful of things happening in a parking lot. People don’t pay attention. If one of the kids tried to let go of my hands I am not nice. So scary and thank goodness you are okay. Let’s not even talk about school. Boo!

    • BOO!!!!!

      Yes, I am nodding my head in serious agreement. I was really just so angry the whole thing happened.

  • You do have a pretty rockin’ tan! I was thinking that when you sent me a photo of you and the girls.

    • Thank you, thank you! My tan is sponsored by Ewert Aquatic Center.

  • I love that you have rekindled your love for reading! I’d never know that your hair was out of control. It always looks so pretty in your pictures! iPhones are the absolute best!! I don’t think I could ever switch to anything else. Parking lots are awful! I am always adamant to have Mason hold either mine or Nate’s hand. I have a small panic attack when Mason isn’t with us and I know he’s going to be in a parking lot. I’m always telling him how dangerous they are! But, 7 year old little boys are often in their own world and do not pay attention. Oh next year Mason and I are totally doing the dress like a cow day! How fun.

    • Cow day has been a tradition for a while now and I just adore it. My hair is BAD friend. The ends are so shot they are getting a bit knotted at times. I just need it freshened up. Happy Sunday!

  • Yay for reading! I like your hair long… We always say that parking lots are dangerous too!

    • The long hair won’t be going…. but the dead ends will I am just trimming it back to where it was last year, maybe a tiny shorter.

  • Ugh, people are always maniacs in parking lots. I’m so glad you’re okay.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your hair. I love it long, but I guess even if you cut off a few inches it’ll still be long. Haha.

    Happy weekend!

    • Thank you!

      Yes it will. I am just going to trim it back to where it was last fall and maybe go a teensy bit shorter.

  • OK, wait I got hung up on the first one. You didn’t like grapes…. Oh my gosh, now you need to grab them in all their varieties: black, red, green and just go to town!!

    • It’s completely insane, right?! I have no idea why I didn’t eat them.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I’m needing a haircut, too! You’ve got great hair so it’s easy to let it grow! Here’s to summer haircuts for both of us. $100 adds up fast at Sams if I do any browsing through the books, clothes or fun middle aisles. Their soft pretzels suck me in every time, too.

    • I don’t know if my hair is really that great or I just have an amazing stylist, lol! Wahoo though. Thursday can’t come soon enough. I keep wanting to get a pretzel there but every time we go it isnt a good snack time. We should get one anyways.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    OMG I hear ya on Sams Club! I’m the same way with Costco!!

    • By the looks of it Costco would be more dangerous. They have even better stuff!

  • OHHHH I hear you on Sams Club (although we have Costco). I swear I spend $100 there each time too and I sometimes wonder if it is a trap…I know it’s a trap and they work their magic on me every time. I LOVE that place though 🙂

    • Baha ha! I would LOVE to visit a Costco! They look even better than Sams!

  • Sams club….I never get out without spending a ton. Thankfully I usually stick to the food. I already told you how much I LOVE your tan! I got a little color sitting at the baseball park this past weekend…of course now I have shorts lines! haha

    • Oh I know those tan lines all too well. I refer to them as my ombre lines. Ombre is really fantastic…. unless it is your tan lines :P.